Vanilla Pumpkin Skillet Cornbread

Vanilla pumpkin skillet cornbread will make you SO glad it’s after October 1st. The addition of Nielsen-Massey Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla bean paste makes this delicious side dish elegant too.

I have some basic rules in life…

-Never go to bed without washing my face (shockingly, I follow this one religiously even if I’m far too many drinks past the acceptable point)

-Always say “I love you” to Ulysses before he goes to work. As the wife of a police officer, I’m unwavering on this one too.

-Never do anything work related before having at least 1 cup of coffee.

-Do not, I repeat, do not give into the pumpkin craze before October 1 on any given year.

Vanilla pumpkin skillet cornbread
*I was compensated by Nielsen-Massey Vanillas for my time in developing this recipe and post. All opinions are my own.

You’d think the first few would be the hardest to follow given laziness and typical marital arguments but let me tell you, the internet makes the pumpkin rule the absolute hardest of them all.

With pumpkin spice lattes showing up in August, bloggers shouting “pumpkin everything!” from the rooftops and Pinterest feeds turning into a sea of orange, the struggle is real when it comes to setting seasonal pumpkin boundaries.


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