Turkey and sage stuffed apples

These turkey and sage stuffed apples are like a little bite of fall.
Turkey and sage stuffed apples

When we were planning our trip to Europe earlier this year, I really didn’t want to go in the beginning of September. I knew I would hate leaving at the end of the summer, missing all my perfectly ripe tomatoes, the end of peach season and the first few crisp, fall-like mornings. But, that’s exactly when we ended up going and that’s exactly what I ended up missing when we arrived back in NY on September 15 smack in the middle of the apple craze.

Apples are a big deal in NY. Every you-pick orchard is like a mad house every single weekend from Labor Day until Halloween packed with people from the city trying to be all “country” for one day a year. So in the irony of all ironies, anyone actually from “the country” knows better than to try and get local apples from the orchard during peak season and instead just goes to the grocery store.

Turkey sage stuffed apples

So while I would’ve preferred savoring the last two weeks of peach season, finding honey crisps back in the store and local apples for $0.99/lb wasn’t the worst thing in the world to come back to.


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