Chopped Carrot Citrus Salad {Crisp Cooking Giveaway}

This chopped carrot citrus salad has roasted rainbow carrots, blood oranges and Meyer lemons tossed in a citrus mustard vinaigrette to showcase the best of winter produce.

It’s February in two days and as I walking around the grocery store I realized I hadn’t bought a single blood orange all season yet. Moderation not really being in my grocery shopping vocabulary when it comes to fun ingredients, 10 of them went in my cart along with the prettiest pack of organic rainbow carrots for $2. Yes, $2. I think some poor high school employee probably got an earful for that mis-marking.

Chopped Carrot Citrus Salad

For the past couple of months, I’ve gotten the chance to play around with some Crisp™ kitchen tools. They make a bunch of fruit and vegetable gadgets that make eating healthy fun and the preparation possibilities endless. My absolute favorite though is the 4 in 1 zester. You know those fun zest strips? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to make them but refused to buy a gadget just for that. This zester lets you make the strips, the traditional zest and even has a knife blade for scoring citrus so there’s no need for any other zester taking up residence in that packed gadget drawer we all have.

I also used the lettuce knife to finely chop some green leaf lettuce for this salad. It may be called a lettuce knife but it definitely works on more than just lettuce, I’ve used it on strawberries, mushrooms and a bunch of other greens too.


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