Dairy Free Orange Julius

This dairy free orange julius is made with soy milk so you can enjoy all the deliciousness of the classic sweet orange drink without any allergy worries.

I feel like I’m missing the girl gene that has fear of spiders/snakes/bees/all things creepy crawly (except roaches, those freak the hell out of me) and the desire to shop/spend time in malls/actually care what I wear outside of workout clothes. In our house, I am the spider killer and my husband buys more clothes than I do. Granted, he does it on eBay (yes, don’t even get me started how his site of choice for clothing is eBay) not in a mall, but the amount of clothes that get delivered to our house for him far exceeds the amount I get (not from eBay).

Dairy Free Orange Julius

That said, I have a few select memories of mall hangouts as a teenager trying to fit in with girlfriends (even though walking around the mall for hours on end for “fun” was anything but that to me) and just as high up on the memory ladder as hanging out with boys in the quiet corner wing where Sears was is the many Orange Julius’ that were consumed. Because even at 15, food trumped most things in life. Even boys at times.


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