Turkey Avgolemono Soup

This classic lemon orzo Greek soup traditionally made with chicken is a great option for leftover Thanksgiving turkey. It’s creamy, light and bursting with lemon and dill for freshness.

I feel very un-American saying this but usually white, creamy soups freak me out. Pretty sure it all traces back to a long ago run in with a can of cream of mushroom soup that I thought you just ate as is not realizing you’re supposed to add water. I gag a little just thinking about that.

Turkey Avgolemono Soup

A few years after that experience I went to Greece right after my high school graduation. Among moussaka, patstisio and what seemed like a million Greek salads over the course of 10 days, I had a single bowl of avgolemono soup that completely changed my tune about creamy white soups. It was creamy, but not overly so, bright and fresh thanks to lemon and dill but hearty and filling thanks to the orzo. In short, perfection.


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