Turkey Cheddar Apple Butter Panini

This turkey cheddar apple butter panini is the perfect fall lunch. Pressed until the cheese is super melty with crisp apples, sage and fresh turkey, it’s like fall in a bite.

A couple of months ago, I drove down to Asheville, NC and back straight through with Brandy for a conference. When we bought the tickets, I envisioned it as a fun road trip. When it came to down to it though, a 12 hour trip took almost 15 due to road closures, traffic and obviously, bathroom and food breaks. My back was spasming, I was literally losing my mind by the time we pulled into the hotel and I swore I’d never do it again.

Guess where I’m headed today? (and thankfully missing out on the flocks of small children ringing my doorbell and selectively choosing their candy with their grubby little hands without even saying “trick or treat”)

Turkey cheddar apple butter panini

Asheville, NC.

This time though, there are four of us and I don’t plan on driving the full 12-15 hours myself. However, four people in a car packed with a week’s worth of clothes and food, towing a trailer with two dirtbikes and mountain bikes is not going to make for a very luxurious trip down. Trailer tires don’t appreciate speeds of 85+ mph so between that and the fact that any time we’ve ever road tripped with “boy accessories” like this something has broken (trailer lights, tie downs, flat tires, etc.) and caused a nice little delay at some middle of nowhere rest stop/gas station.

Turkey cheddar and apple butter panini

All I’m asking for is that when (yes, when, because I’m mentally preparing myself so I don’t get all pissy when it does occur) it happens, there’s a Chick-fil-A nearby.


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