Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Bites

These gingerbread chocolate chip bites are a great no-bake, festive and healthy snack that come together in just 10 minutes.

I used to make a lot of balls/bites/snacks rolled into circular form…whatever you want to call them. My favorite, however, is ballz.

I would pop them throughout the day whenever I was (ironically) too busy cooking, styling. photographing other food to eat, before a workout, after a workout, while making dinner and starving, before bed as dessert, seriously…all the time.

And then I just randomly stopped for no particular reason.

But, I missed my balls.

Gingerbread chocolate chip bites

So earlier this fall I made pumpkin spice chocolate chip bites which seemed to be a big hit (and definitely were in my house as about 5 batches were made) and now, we’re doing gingerbread chocolate chip bites.

If I thought I loved the pumpkin ones, these are even better.

Chocolate chip gingerbread bites

Gingery, spicy, chocolaty, chewy and (relatively) healthy!


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