Sticky Thai Chicken

These sticky Thai chicken thighs are the perfect weeknight dinner. Ready in just 30 minutes, full of delicious flavor and better than takeout!

If I had to pick one food genre (ethnicity? I can’t figure out quite the right word here but you get the point) to live off the rest of my life, it’d be Thai.

Sticky Thai Chicken

I realize that’s a bold statement and it’s weird to me that I can pick it so decisively because when asked the “what’s your favorite food?” question I literally sit there stunned into silence thinking about, incapable of providing an answer.  One food? How anyone can have a ONE favorite meal is beyond me, but I can definitely pick a whole category/genre/ethnicity.

Thai is just the best. It’s got noodles for those starchy pasta cravings, fresh bright flavors thanks to ginger, lemongrass and cilantro, comfort in the form of creamy coconut milk and still plenty of meat and seafood. It’s a relatively healthy cuisine (omg, cuisine! That’s the word I was looking for!) but one that still leaves you satisfied.


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