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Sunday 9th of June 2013

Where did you play your college soccer? My daughter just finished her freshman high school year and is starting to look around. She hopes to play in college as well.

Wanda Ciochetto

Thursday 28th of March 2013

Hi Gina, I saw the picture of your Thai Chicken Zucchini Noodles on my Zite app from the popsugar blog. I belong to a closed Facebook group called the Dash Diet Group run by Maria Heller, author of The DASH Diet for Weight Loss book. Your recipe looks very DASH friendly and I was wondering if you would allow me to repost it on our site. We are a very active and supportive community and often share recipes. Just found your blog today and love it! Thank You!

Gina Matsoukas

Thursday 28th of March 2013

Hi Wanda- thanks for reaching out! I'd be happy for you to share the recipe with the facebook group. If you could do so by linking to the recipe/site I'd appreciate it rather than copying and pasting the full ingredient list with directions.

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Saturday 23rd of March 2013

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Tuesday 8th of January 2013

You have posted before turkey burger for lunch. I assume you have a recipe on here somewhere, but I don't see it on the recipage. I love your recipes, so please share. Thanks.

Running to the Kitchen

Tuesday 8th of January 2013

If you mean the turkey burger I recently posted as part of the paleo challenge I'm doing, there is no recipe for it on here. I'm just posting my food daily for the month of January while I do this paleo challenge so not everything I'm eating has a recipe on the blog. I just made that turkey burger up on the fly. It had sauteed apples and onions in it with some fresh thyme and other seasonings.


Thursday 13th of December 2012

Hi there! I just read your review for phase 1 of live fit trainer. I am seriously considering starting it. Like you were, I am already in great shape I'm not so much as doing it to lose weight but to jump start gains. I'm underweight and have been trying to gain muscle. This is the first reason I thought the program would be good I think my body could use a 4 week break from cardio. (I love cardio and do it too much)... But anyways I was looking over the nutrition plan and thought that the calories seemed a little low for gaining muscle. I was hoping to get your opinion on this and whether you think I could make it work. Thank you!!!!

Running to the Kitchen

Thursday 13th of December 2012

Hi Kyra- I didn't follow the nutrition plan while doing Livefit and that was one of the reasons. I eat pretty well as is and I'm not a fan of the incredibly low cal, protein powder filled stuff Jamie Eason has on the bodybuilding site. From what I read and saw online, it seems like the one area the nutrition plan seems to be key is in the carb cycling later on when you're trying to lean out from all the building you did in phase 1 & 2. Honestly, I would've never survived carb cycling so I'm glad I never got to that point (I stopped Livefit around week 8 b/c it just got way too long and boring for me). If you're already in great shape and not trying to lose weight, I personally wouldn't follow that plan. But that's just my opinion. :) good luck!