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Dip, baby, dip! Dip recipes are the best, aren’t they? They perfect food for a party and the possibilities are endless!

Dips can be decadent like this butternut squash goat cheese dip or on the healthier side like roasted eggplant dip but there’s no denying that everyone loves something to sink a cracker into at a party and those are two great options.

Can’t forget about all the amazing spreads too like jalapeño mango jam or pear apple butter both would make amazing additions to any charcuterie board.

Looking for the easiest but oh, so delicious homemade dressing? Try this creamy kefir honey mustard dressing, you’ll even get a boost of probiotics with that one.

And let’s not forget butters and nut butters to round out this category. Cognac cranberry orange compound butter is one that needs to be on your holiday table and don’t even make me choose a favorite between maple roasted vanilla cashew butter or maple cinnamon almond butter!

These dip recipes and dressings and spreads are all the fun things that complete a meal don’t miss out!