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The main dish is important but I would argue the side dish even more so! These side dish recipes have you covered for all sorts of meals. From vegetables to starches and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect accompaniment to that perfectly rare beef tenderloin or easy glazed salmon dinner here.

Potatoes are always a classic and hard to go wrong with. From perfectly roasted peri peri potatoes to crispy rosemary baked fries or a healthier spin on mashed potatoes a potato side dish is always a good idea.

Keeping things lighter? Try a simple vegetable side like a green bean cherry salad or grilled broccoli unlike any other you’ve ever tried.

There’s stuffed heirloom tomatoes for the peak of summer, cozy comforting cauliflower bacon gratin for a cold winter night and plenty of other side dish recipes for everything in between.

Don’t forget to check out the full recipe index for more ideas – like finding the perfect dessert for after dinner!