A guide to spring vegetables – radishes

I’m starting to think this spring vegetable series is jinxing spring from actually coming. A week into March and it still feels like January over here. At this rate, the leaves on the trees might come out in June. Thankfully, we’re going to Florida in 3 weeks so I can forget about the misery that is NY this time of year for a good 6 days. Let’s dive into radishes this week!

A guide to radishes

A Guide to Spring Vegetables – Radishes

I think radishes are a pretty under-appreciated vegetable. Many people think of them as sliced on top of a salad and that’s all they’re good for. Not the case as you can see from the recipes below. Here’s the scoop on these spring time root veggies.

Peak season: March-June
Varieties: There are a TON of varieties of radishes but the most commonly seen one is the Cherry Belle with it’s red round bulb and white interior.
What to look for: The bulbs should be firm, not wrinkled or soft. Look for bunches with the leaves still attached as the greens are edible!
How to store it: Radishes will keep at room temperature for a few days. If refrigerated, they’ll usually last up to a month.
How to prepare it: The obvious and most common use is eating them raw after a quick wash. However, roasting them is my absolute favorite. They become almost potato-like and that very distinctive peppery bite diminishes quite a bit. Pickling is another option as well. The radish greens can be treated like any other leafy green and used in a quick saute to take full advantage of the plant.
Nutritional benefits: Radishes have a ton of ascorbic acid, folic acid, potassium and a good dose of vitamin B6.

Radish recipes from Running to the Kitchen

A guide to radishes

Salted Rosemary Roasted Radishes
Pea & Radish Risotto

Radish recipes from around the web

Blue Corn Blini with Avocado Salad and Fried Radishes – What Jew Wanna Eat
Spring Radish Tart – Noble Pig
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Watermelon Radish Carpaccio – Gourmande in the Kitchen
Easy Red Radish Kimchi – Jeanette’s Healthy Living
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Apple Radish Slaw with Honey Lime Jalapeno Vinaigrette – The Lemon Bowl
Warm Mexican Chopped Salad – Bran Appetit

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  1. Sherrie | With Food + Love

    I really do LOVE radishes, especially when roasted. I feel like they’re soooo underrated.
    This series awesome Gina, looking forward to all the veggie love. And thanks for sharing my Roasted Radishes with Fresh Chives + Roasted Root Vegetable Fajitas!


  2. Tess @ Tips on Healthy Living

    Yes, I can’t help feeling the same way. I feel like spring is never going to hit New York (though, it’s supposed to be in the 50s and 60s next week, yay!)

    Anyway, this post was really helpful! I will have to take it with me the next time I go to the farmer’s market.

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  4. denisse @ Le Petit Chef

    Ooooh, I have some radishes in the fridge right now, I used a couple as a topping for some flank steak tacos and was wondering what to do with the rest. I have never thought to roast them, I’m definitely doing to give it a try! Thanks!

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