It’s beach time!

If my dad was successful in waking us up at 2:30am to hit the road, we should be somewhere in Virginia on our way to Topsail Island, NC for the week! I should also be mere hours away from delicious Chick fil-A waffle fries and a grilled chicken sandwich with polynesian sauce for lunch. It’s been 10 months since my last Chick fil-A meal and I have been thinking about it for weeks now. I know exactly which exit off 95 in Virginia we will be stopping at. Why oh why are there no Chick fil-A’s in NY? Can someone seriously get on that? Please!

For the past 3 years we’ve gone to Topsail every summer, brought the herd of dogs and spent a week at the beach. The first year was great weather-wise, I think we had 1 overcast day but we used it to go crabbing and still had a fun time.

doreen crabs

Doreen diligently picking out crab meat. We only needed 30 crabs to make 1 little crab cake for everyone in the house. NBD.

topsail 08 1

The first year was also the year Ginger found a dead seagull on the beach, channeled her inner bird dog and decided to “soft mouth” the thing and prance around the beach for 20 minutes before we could get her to drop it. She obviously didn’t realize she comes from show dog lines, not field trial breeding. Gross and amusing at the same time.

topsail 08 2

topsail 08 3

This was the first summer we were back in NY, having moved back from FL only 2 months before this trip. One year from this was when I’d have my “tipping point” with my weight gain and decide to make a change before we even left vacation.

The second year we had about 4 days of rain which was somewhat upsetting. There is not much to do on Topsail when the weather is bad. At all.

topsail 09 1

Ginger rolling in the sand and Ulysses’ hairy foot.

topsail 09 2

I’m reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle here. Awesome book if you haven’t read it. It’s kind of ironic in retrospect how my weight loss journey began at the same time my mind was being filled with all this new information of local, sustainable foods.

topsail 09 4

Seeing this picture makes me cringe and smile at the same time. Cringe at the fact that I let myself get like that and smile at the fact that I did something about it and am a happier, stronger person now for it.

topsail 09 3

Last night, the sun came out right at happy hour after days of rain.

The third year, last year, it rained It was horrific. It wasn’t even light rain, we’re talking tropical depression hugging the east coast for the entire time we were there kind of rain. There’s only so much shopping at TJMaxx in the sprawling metropolis of Jacksonville, NC that one can do in a week.

Topsail 2010

topsail 2010 2

Unfortunately, last year put the nail in the coffin for Ulysses, Adrian & Doreen. So, this year it’s just me and the parents for the week without the dogs. I have vacation time that I need to use or lose by the end of the year so I figured I might as well give the island one more shot. If it does this rain bs again, it’s over. We will have officially broken up. But for now, the bikes are hitched on the car, the bags are packed and I’m soon going to be reunited with my second love, Chick fil-A. All is good, I just hope we get some sunshine!

Does your family do an annual beach vacation?

Tell me your favorite fast food joint. You can already guess mine. 


  1. says

    Cute white swimsuit in one of those first photos!

    Our family used to do an annual beach vacation when I lived at home. I miss them!

    My favorite fast food joint would probably be “Five Guys”. I don’t know if you have them where you are, but they have the most amazing hamburgers and fries!!

  2. Andrea @ Andrea Out Loud! says

    I seriously love your dog- too cute, I am a Weimaraner/German Shorthair/Viszla fan in general but Ginger looks like a sweetie!

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