Camelback Mountain

Climbing camelback mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

This wasn’t the best week on the books. There was a lot of putting myself out there for one thing or another, not having any of it work out and being left feeling completely defeated. Not really the best feeling.

Want to know what was though?

Climbing this biatch, Camelback Mountain.

As my coworker and I sat at a social hour that never really materialized for the conference we were at we were trying to decide between being lame and pretty much going back to our rooms or doing something in the area for our last night in Phoenix.

Camelback Mountain

Why not climb the mountain that was 2 miles from our hotel?

Camelback MountainCamelback Mountain

Don’t mind my “oh, shit I have to climb this thing” face. The picture doesn’t do the incline justice. At all. When railings are needed, you know it’s steep.

Camelback Mountain incline

View from Camelback Mountain

Camelback MountainTop of Camelback Mountain

We made it about 10 minutes from the top when the sun set and figured rather than risk getting stuck on the side of this thing in the dark we should probably head down.

The views from the “almost top” were still amazing.

Camelback Mountain views

Equally as amazing was this blood orange spritzer type drink from True Food Kitchen to end the day.

True Food Kitchen

Kind of sad I’m on my way home to 50 degree temps and rain. Really, why DO people live in the northeast? It just doesn’t make sense.


  1. says

    What a gorgeous hike! My friend was in Phoenix not too long ago and went on a hike while she was there – could have been the very same trail. I love AZ…so nice in the winter time, although I have to admit the 90-degree weather at night there is a big much. :) Hope you enjoyed your trip and just remember it will be summer on the east coast soon enough ;)

  2. says

    glad you got to hike camelback! it is certainly quite the bitch to climb! i grew up in AZ, and my volleyball team would have to hike/run up camelback for conditioning practices. it pretty much sucked. it sure is a pretty view when you get to the top though!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      We saw people running it and I was like “WTH?! how is that even possible” Although, I had so much energy coming down at the end I kinda wanted to run too!

  3. Jill says

    I recently moved to Phoenix and hiked Camelback this week for the first time! Love your pictures – my phone/camera was in someone else’s backpack so I didn’t get any and can’t wait to show these to my hubby! P.S. Love your Butterfinger Dough Balls. They are my go-to pre and post-run snack!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      I almost didn’t bring my phone b/c I had no pockets but then I just decided to stick it in my sports bra and roll with it. So glad I did! Although, the phone was slightly sweaty and disgusting by the end :) Enjoy that area, I’m kinda jealous. Wish I had time to do some other hikes!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      If that area had water, I’d move in a heartbeat. All that hiking and scenery is just gorgeous.

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      I know, as much as I want to move back to Florida, the lack of elevation can definitely make things boring! Although, I just saw your instagram pic on the beach so I don’t have much sympathy for you right now! ;)

  4. says

    That was smart to not go all the way to the top when it’s almost dark, unless you want some ankle sprains or something like that. Going on that hike was a great choice, it looks fun! If I climbed that though, I would constantly be looking down to keep my footing and watch for snakes?

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      Yeah, we both really wanted to get to the top but too risky. Although, there were people still ascending when we were going down. I hope they had head lamps or something b/c it was dark when we reached the bottom!

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