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You guys remember this chocolate chili stuffed squash? Remember how I called myself a cheater since the chili recipe wasn’t mine and I basically gave you a recipe on how to cook squash and a link to the chili recipe and called it a day? Well, cheating was a good idea because Melissa, who created the delicious chili recipe, happened to read that post (see…good things come to those who link to the original source! sorry-huge pet peeve there) and got in touch with me about a potential review & giveaway of her cookbook, Well Fed. Without trying to sound like soooo cool (because I’m not), I get emails every day from companies, PR firms and random other spammy sounding sources constantly trying to get a blogger on the hook to do a review of whatever they’re pushing. My most recent was sunglasses. Because obviously, that’s what this blog is about. Um, delete. So it was nice to finally say “yes!” without hesitation. Well Fed had actually been on my list of cookbooks to buy anyway after hearing rave upon rave review of the paleo recipes in it.

I totally get that this is like the worst giveaway timing. It’s too late to be considered a Christmas present and I’m posting this on the weekend leading up to Christmas when there’s probably all of 3 people reading this while the rest are schlepping through the mall. At least I know the winner will get to keep it for themselves and be a dedicated reader I guess? Ha.

If you follow me on instagram then you’ve seen that I’ve made quite a few of the recipes from this book already. I actually took the time to read it from front to back before cooking anything because there’s quite a bit of good information up front before Melissa even gets into the recipes. From basics on the paleo way of eating to guidance on food shopping and meal prep in order to be successful eating this way to paleo pantry essentials and even some basic “hot plate” ideas which aren’t really recipes as much as they are pairing ideas for those nights you don’t want to follow a “recipe” and would rather just throw something together real quick. It’s a great balance between a paleo reference book and a cookbook.

I’ve made all the recipes in those photographs (as well as others) and I kid you not when I say two of them were life changing (the others were stellar too).

1. Citrus Carnitas. You guys know my very well documented love of carnitas. I think it might actually be my “last meal” dish of choice. So I was psyched to try this version out and even more excited when I realized I had 3.65 pounds of pork butt in my freezer just waiting to be carnita-fied. The method and directions will totally have you second guessing the outcome (she likens the process to watery meat soup and it’s spot on) but in the end all I can say is OMFG. Yes, the F is necessary. They will rock your world. And then you’ll end up eating 3.65 pounds of pork butt in the span of 6 days and be totally disgusted with yourself. It’s fine, it’s worth it. I promise.

2. Mashed Cauliflower. Sounds basic right? It is, but up until this recipe I’ve never been a fan of the faux-potato approach with cauliflower. This is the recipe that changed that. It’s simple, it’s ready in a matter of minutes and it’s got an awesome flavor profile that manages to give mashed cauliflower it’s own identity instead of standing in the shadows of the big bad white potato.

I think a lot of people hear the term “paleo” and think “boring”. Like they’re going to be forced to eat steamed vegetables and lean proteins with no flavor or something for every meal. But it totally doesn’t have to be that way. I love that every recipe in this book is relatively simple but the flavor combinations take whatever the main ingredient is over the top. Whether you eat paleo or not, the recipes are delicious and approachable and everyone can use a cookbook like that on their shelves!

So you want a copy now?


The Giveaway:

US & Canada residents only. The giveaway will be open until Monday, December 24th at midnight (just call me Santa). One winner will be chosen randomly and emailed. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment telling me what paleo food you most want to try.

Additional entries (leave a comment for each):


*Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Well Fed for review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. 1

    I would love to try the cauliflower mash that you talk about. I haven’t been a big fan of the faux potatoes to this point!

  2. 2

    I am a fan of yours on facebook!

  3. 3

    I need to try paleo pancakes. I can do paleo lunch and dinner but I am always craving arbs in the morning.

  4. 4

    I like you on Facebook.

  5. 5

    I would love to try cauliflower mashed potatoes or cauliflower rice. I have heard both are great!

  6. 6

    Ooooo the carnitas sound delicious!

  7. 7

    To be honest, I don’t really know much about paleo cooking, but I cook healthy food so I think I would like it and want to learn more about it in this cool looking book. I would try the shepherds pie and the cauliflower for sure. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  8. 8

    I’m already a fan of you on Facebook!

  9. 9

    I already follow you on Twitter!

  10. 10

    I actually want to try a Paleo bread! I am not Paleo but I like what it stands for and I always try to eat as healthy as I can and I love learning new concepts of different types of foods and life styles.

  11. 11

    I have been following a pale/primal diet for the last year and I have been following you about the same amount of time. I have been wanting to get this book! i have already made a few recipes out of it and they have been delicious. I would love to try the carnitas, but honestly I am curious about trying bone marrow. I keep hearing how wonderful it is and how healthy it is.

  12. 12

    Oooh oooh! I’ve had this one on my Christmas list for awhile. With a husband and kid who need to be STRICTly gluten free due to celiac disease, paleo is quickly becoming our best friend. I’ve never tried carnitas (paleo or non), so I’d love to try those. And, you know, every other recipe in the book!

  13. 13

    I just followed you on Facebook (no idea why I hadn’t done that before).

    • 14

      I really want to try Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread but don’t know where to find it. I have come across it in recipes for Paleo French Toast and it sounds like it is a good grain free bread. I am really loving cauliflower rice and make a really yummy Paleo Arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken). I also love Spaghetti Squash in place of pasta and have actually been wanting to make Melissa’s Paleo Pad Thai. I bought all the stuff to make it and just haven’t gotten around to trying it. I will have to make it this weekend!

    • 15

      Don’t know how I managed to post my comment in reply to your post! I guess I am really tired and not use to using my Kindle Fire. Sorry!

  14. 16

    And I already follow you on Twitter!

  15. 17

    The carnitas are making my mouth water, but I see there is also a Shepherd’s Pie. I LOVE Shepherd’s Pie!

  16. 18

    I already follow you on Twitter. :)

  17. 19

    I shared this post on Twitter.

  18. 20

    I’m proud to say that I’m not one of the mall schleppers! Christmas shopping is all done. I eat a relatively paleo diet, just have to have at least 1/2 cup of beans per day, other than that, I’m primal… But still haven’t had mashed cauliflower… Not even cauliflower pizza! Ah! So, I’d definitely give mashed cauliflower a try if I won this. Heck, I should give it a try regardless.

  19. 21

    The cauliflower mash sounds interesting. I would share this with my brother – who is trying to eat this way. thanks!

  20. 22

    You had me at carnita. That’s what I want to try!

  21. 23

    I already follow you on twitter

  22. 24

    LIKED! :)

  23. 25

    I agree with a bunch if people, I’m interested in the cauliflower variations.

  24. 26

    Just started following you on Facebook

  25. 27

    Shared this link on Facebook.

  26. 28

    Ok I want to try the mashed cauliflower too. I liked the one I made, somewhat anyway, but my husband hated it!

  27. 29

    I follow you on twitter!

  28. 30
  29. 31

    Any and all vegetables! I am just learning to love veggies and looking for new ways to cook them.

  30. 32

    Not sure why I hadn’t “liked” you on Facebook yet, but now I have!

  31. 33

    I am not at all familiar with Paleo recipes or cooking, so I would love to win this book as I would like the knowledge and would find it very interesting. After this post I will do a little studying on this. Thank you for the giveaway, I am so glad I’m not out shopping.

  32. 34

    I’ve been a fan of Running to the Kitchen on Facebook

  33. 35

    I have Shared this post on Facebook

  34. 36

    I Follow Running to the Kitchen on Twitter

  35. 37

    I Shared this post on Twitter

  36. 38

    I have been wanting to try to do something with cauliflower for months! I am a huge broccoli fan but I love its pale cousin, and I have been dying to try something like a cauliflower pizza crust, the mashed cauliflower, or maybe something in the crock pot! I even went as far as to get a head, and then ended up bailing out a friend that had a party and needed some more veggies for dipping. Grr, the trials of having a roommate! I’m also hoping there may be a food processor under the Christmas tree for me this year so the pizza crust would be a more attainable feat! Anyway, love the blog, and love the exercises…please keep it up!

  37. 39

    I would love a paleo recipe for some sort of warm porridge for these cold winter mornings (I wonder if you could start with something like nuts and chia seeds and top it with blueberries!).

  38. 40

    The carnitas, for sure. My mouth is already watering!

  39. 41

    The chocolate chili stuffed squash looks delicious. I’m starting the Paleo journey and am searching for good recipes. This is the ticket!

  40. 42
    Yolanda Pasillas says:

    I treat to eat as healthy as possible but have yet to try anything Paleo. It interests me very much and I would love to try the carnitas! I think I could feed that to my family and they wouldn’t complain like they do the other healthy things I give them…lol

  41. 43
    Samantha C. says:

    Those sweet potato fries in the picture look amazing! I love anything and everything sweet potato!

  42. 44
    Yolanda Pasillas says:

    I follow you on Facebook! I would love to try the Carnitas!

  43. 45
    Yolanda Pasillas says:

    I follow you on Twitter. The Carnitas sound amazing!

  44. 46

    My husband and I have considered going paleo– we have seen friends do it with incredible success. But a life without dairy? Or grains?! I love meat and just about anything that grows out of the ground, but am also super skeptical of people who say they don’t miss cheese and bread (I’m Italian! Ack!).
    That being said, the recipes in this book look fabulous! I’m particularly interested in the BBQ Pork Fried Rice (without rice? What sorcery is this?!)

  45. 47

    I’d love a new paleo cauliflower recipe!

  46. 48
    Julie Gerien says:

    That stuffed squash looks amazing! I would love to try that!

  47. 49
    Julie Gerien says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  48. 50

    Mashed cauliflower that tastes good? Sign me up!
    Actually, I don’t eat much meat so am very far from paleo, but I have a meat-loving hubby so I’m always on the lookout for recipes for yummy veggies that I can either add meat to for him or serve meat with (or leave meat out of one portion for me!) The carnitas look like something he would love!

  49. 51

    Carnitas! that sounds so good

  50. 52

    The mashed cauliflower…I’ve never liked it either, so I’m interested to see how its better!

  51. 53

    I love trying new paleo/low car recipes, but especially all things mashed cauliflower!!

  52. 54

    I love trying new paleo/low carb recipes, but especially all things mashed cauliflower!!

  53. 55

    The mashed cauliflower sounds great! I’d love to try it!

  54. 56

    I really want to learn more creative ways to fix chicken and beef – paleo friendly!

  55. 57

    I’m a fan on FB!

  56. 58

    I am a Twitter follower!

  57. 59

    I just started following you on twitter!

  58. 60

    I love sweet potato fries. They are so good baked in the oven. I’d love to have this book.

  59. 61

    Some of the sweet potato recipes look amazing and simple!

  60. 62

    I have been cooking Paleo for my family for months and a new recipe cookbook is always welcome. I would like to try Moroccan meatballs.

  61. 63

    I have been following on FB for a while :)

  62. 64

    I see a photo above of shepherd’s pie–that’d be my go to!

    I followed you on twitter and retweeted your post.

    I liked your FB page and posted the giveaway on FB!

    I also noticed your a FitFluential ambassador, me too. Yay for food and fitness.

  63. 65

    The stuffed squash looks very interesting!

  64. 66

    I want to try the chocolate chili. I’ve put cocoa in my chili, but never allspice!

  65. 67

    I want to try the carnitas

  66. 68

    I follow you on Facebook

  67. 69

    I follow you on Twitter @NattieRuns

  68. 70

    The mashed cauliflower looks right up my alley!

  69. 71

    I am following you on twitter

  70. 72

    I like you on facebook

  71. 73

    I want to try that carnitas recipe. So. Badly. I go crazy for carnitas.

  72. 74

    yum! this recipe looks great– i would love to try out some paleo recipes!

  73. 75

    I would love to learn how to use cauliflower in more ways! The cauliflower mash sounds delicious!

  74. 76

    Ooo have wanted to check this cookbook out! I can’t pick one paleo thing I want to try….any meat recipe. Not so interested in paleo versions of non-paleo food!

  75. 77

    Followed/liked on Twitter + Facebook too!

  76. 78

    I’m all about the carnitas!

  77. 79

    ummmm can I just say I want to try it all?! I need a few paleo recipes in my line-up. Badly!

  78. 80

    following on facebook!

  79. 81

    and twitter!

  80. 82

    and I’ve already re-tweeted ya silly! duh

  81. 83

    Ummm, I want to try those carnitas!! And I just have to say, I’ve been pretty anti the whole paleo thing, but your recipes are starting to make me a believer!

  82. 84

    I have not heard of this before, but I am all for healthy eating if it’s tasty, so this book sounds fab.

  83. 85

    Carnitas? Would like to try that for sure. Sounds very intriguing. I am going to start a 30 day paleo challenge on January 1st so would love to have these recipes! Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. 86

    I am already a fan on FB

  85. 87

    I shared your FB post on my timeline

  86. 88

    I follow you on Twitter

  87. 89

    And I tweeted! Whew.

  88. 90

    I would love to try no oats oats

  89. 91

    I really want to experiment with Paleo baking!

  90. 92

    the chili stuffed squash sounds delicious! i’ve had the velvety squash and it is AMAZING. basically, would love to try every recipe in this book!!

  91. 93

    followed on Facebook!

  92. 94

    and shared on Facebook!

  93. 95

    After a review like that how could I not want to try the citrus carnitas?!?? Yum!

  94. 96
    Amanda Thompson says:

    I found a recipe for a Paleo Crab Cake that I would love to try!

  95. 97

    I would love to try mashed cauliflower and a few paleo desserts!

  96. 98

    I am following you on twitter!

  97. 99

    I liked your page on Facebook!

  98. 100

    I shared this on twitter!

  99. 101
    Deanna Millhouse says:

    I used to have a great mashed cauliflower recipe but lost it through the years. I was intrigued when I saw your blog that day. I haven’t had time to make it yet, but hope the new year will bring better time management to start trying many of the great things you make.

    i also follow you on facebook.

  100. 102

    I am also a FB fan!

  101. 103

    I am definitely a fan of Running to the Kitchen on fb!

  102. 104

    I shared via @running with the girls fb page!

  103. 105

    I follow Running to the Kitchen on twitter!

  104. 106

    I tweeted via @runningwtg

    and those Carnitas looks absolutely to DIE for!!!

  105. 107

    Ooops – forgot the mandatory comment –
    the mashed cauliflower sounds awesome but so do the carnitas!!!

  106. 108

    Thank you for the lovely review — great to know you like my version of Mashed Cauliflower. I think the coconut milk and oil really help with the texture, right?! Anyway… happy cooking! Happy eating! Happy holidays! Happy New Year!

  107. 109

    I would love to try some Paleo meatballs and pasta sauce.

  108. 110

    Citrus carnitas sounds delicious!

  109. 111

    I follow on twitter

  110. 112

    I would like to try the cauliflower mash Merry Christmas

  111. 113

    I would love to make the citrus carnitas!

    I’m also following you on twitter!

  112. 114

    My family loves carnitas. I’ve never had citrus, it sound great!

  113. 115

    I followed on FB. Ms Miscellany Designs.

  114. 116

    Shared on FB.

  115. 117

    Followed on Twitter. @msmiscellany

  116. 118

    Shared on Twitter!!

  117. 119

    I have been Paleo for about a month, and I am in a rut lately with dinner, so I would like more dinner ideas!!!:-)

  118. 120

    I also just liked you on FB!!! I should have already done that, silly me!!!:-)

  119. 121

    I think I’ve tried almost EVERY paleo food, except liver! Das next. ;)

  120. 122

    I really want to try Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread but don’t know where to find it. I have come across it in recipes for Paleo French Toast and it sounds like it is a good grain free bread. I am really loving cauliflower rice and make a really yummy Paleo Arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken). I also love Spaghetti Squash in place of pasta and have actually been wanting to make Melissa’s Paleo Pad Thai. I bought all the stuff to make it and just haven’t gotten around to trying it. I will have to make it this weekend!

  121. 123

    I’d like to try paleo meatballs! But really I’d love this book to help me transform veggies into something my fiancé will eat!!

  122. 124

    I liked you on Facebook! I’m super excited about this cause I don’t think I realized you were on fb!

  123. 125

    I’m getting curiouser and curiouser! about Paleo so this would be a cool way to see it in action.

  124. 126

    I’m interested in learning more about Paleo and the carnitas sound devine!

  125. 127

    I would love to try the 3.65 pounds of carnitas.

  126. 128

    I want to dive face first into whatever you have pictured right there at the top.

  127. 129

    I am still waiting to try Mel’s chocolate chili I have had the recipe for a while and am really looking forward to making a double batch and eating some and freezing some. It will be enjoyed for a while.

  128. 130

    I follow you on twitter.

  129. 131

    I tweeted a link to this article.

  130. 132

    i want i want! after all the crap i’ve been eating pre-holidays I’m thinking a paleo fest is def needed to lose that extra bloat. I’ve tried that carnitas recipe you posted and yes, the F is needed – cauliflower is next!

  131. 133

    Ooohh, the cauliflower recipe defs caught my attention. I attempted something similar before, but with not-so-good results. Would love to try again!

  132. 134

    I already like your FB page! Posted your link on my FB page.

  133. 135

    I am honestly quite new to your email list but find it intriguing. This cookbook would the “push” I need to really get going.

  134. 136

    I already follow you on twitter. I tweeted about the contest!

  135. 137

    I would love to try the paleo carnitas!!! I currently don’t follow a paleo diet, so this book would get me going in the right direction. Fingers crossed:)

  136. 138

    Hands down I would make the mashed cauliflower first. Why? Because it would be totally out of my comfort zone and I’m a believer of practicing what you preach (my sermon : Try it, you may just like it). As for the Citrus Carnitas, I already know I will love every minute I am inhaling that. I mean really, what’s NOT to love .
    BTW-had no idea I could follow you on facebook. This is great since I have been on your email list for quite a while and enjoy your blog immensely.

  137. 139

    I would love to try the Mashed Cauliflower! I have been really wanting to get into paleo cooking for a while, but it seems a little daunting to me. Well Fed looks to be like a good starting point! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  138. 140

    I also liked you on Facebook!

  139. 141

    I really want to try the mayo!

  140. 142

    I liked you on FB!

  141. 143

    I’m a huge carnitas fan as well so those citrus carnitas sound amazing!

  142. 144

    I liked you on Facebook!

  143. 145

    Definitely the scotch eggs! I haven’t had those in 10 years!

  144. 146

    I liked you on Facebook!

  145. 147

    I followed you on Twitter!

  146. 148

    I shared this on Twitter wehee!

  147. 149

    I shared this on Facebook!

  148. 150

    I haven’t really ventured much into Paleo baking, I want to do more of that. I miss waffles!

    Additional entries done! twitter @bodhihenna. Facebook/aquilejia

  149. 151

    I’ve been avoiding red meat for several years, but after all this hype over the paleo diet, I’ve done my research and would love to try ANYTHING out of this cook book! Im thinking a juicy steak… something that I havn’t had in sooo long!!

  150. 152
    grace womack says:

    Bacon & spinach breakfast frittata muffins sounds really good.
    i printed the recipe and will try it soon.

  151. 153
    Michele Locke says:

    Czech MEATBALLS!
    The picture on Mel’s page looks amaz-zing!
    Aaand because picking just one thing is very hard… I’m going to have to also request anything for breakfast!!!

  152. 154

    I love desserts and breads so I’d really like to try a recipe along those lines. I’ve found an interesting paleo banana bread recipe that I should try soon!

  153. 155

    I’m a fan on FB!

  154. 156

    I love chocolate chilli Gina, and the squash boats. Feel free to steal any of my recipes with a link back.

    Merry Christmas


  155. 157
    Tasha Hardeman says:

    The paleo foods I would like to try are pancakes, waffles, and granola that can also be used as cereal. I miss all of those things. I love my eggs for breafast but need variety.

  156. 158

    I have been thinking about switching to the paleo diet (maybe after the holidays). It just sounds so complicated but these recipes don’t look so bad!!

  157. 159

    I really want to try the chocolate chilli…sounds so different but so delicious!!

  158. 160

    Now I want to try that cauliflower!

  159. 161
    Stephanie M says:

    I’ve tried the cauliflower mash. It was AMAZING! If I win this book, I’d try the Shepherds Pie using cauliflower mash… or maybe switch it out and use sweet potato mash. Now I’m starving. Thanks a lot.

  160. 162

    Cauliflower mash sounds amazing!

  161. 163

    I liked your fb page!

  162. 164
    Carilynette says:

    I’m excited to see a new Paleo cookbook. I’ve just started cooking Paleo. I want to try the Shephard’s Pie from this delicious-sounding cookbook!

    I have tried your Paleo Chocolate Chunk cookies and can’t get enough of them!

  163. 165

    mm cauliflower! i’d definitely want to try the mashed cauliflower!

  164. 166

    I’ve been meaning to make cauliflower rice forever, it looks great!

  165. 167

    I don’t even know what paleo diet is about, so I guess, I’d like to try any paleo food… :)

  166. 168

    Those citrus carnitas sound really, really intriguing! I want to give them a shot. :)

  167. 169

    The carnitas around great!

  168. 170

    To be honest, I know nearly nothing about paleo cooking, so I’m not sure what I’d make. The mashed cauliflower sounds good, though.

  169. 171
    Jessica T. Jones says:

    I would love to try some paleo desserts they always look do good and easy to make!

  170. 172

    I would love to try paleo pad thai using spaghetti squash.

  171. 173

    I’d love to try paleo bread…I have such a hard time not eating something carby

  172. 174

    Would love to have this book. Love. Unfortunately, I’m not on twitter or FB, so I only have one entry…but better than no entry at all!
    Lots of stuff I’d like to try I think…currently trying out ome paleo banana breads and looking for a low-cal one that is really really good and not too expensive!
    Curious if you eat ONLy organic, etc…the place where I live has ZERO of that stuff and i’m financially strapped. Thoughts?

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