WIAW: Vacation style!

Not only is this my first WIAW post but, I got to meet the lovely lady who started it all yesterday, Jenn!

IMG_1796 (565x377)

Jenn happens to live close by to Topsail so when I knew I’d be down here for vacation we planned a little lunch rendezvous.

Let’s start with breakfast first though…

IMG_1800 (565x377)

Muffins! Who makes muffins when they are on vacation? I do! Chocolate chip, banana, walnut ones to be exact. With a Fage 0% and some fresh fruit they make a delicious breakfast. Smile 12 muffins for 3 people with 3 days left though might be problematic…

For lunch, Jenn suggested an awesome Mediterranean place called Marrakesh in Jacksonville. Or, J-Vegas as she called it which totally made me laugh. If you’ve never been to Jacksonville, NC think strip-mall, all that’s wrong with America, kind of feel. In fact turning onto the road this place was located I saw Texas Roadhouse, Outback, Wendy’s, Golden Corral and Walmart all within walking distance of each other. S-C-A-R-Y.

IMG_1789 (565x377)

This place was great though. Falafel anyone?

2 (565x424)

Glorious bites of fried deliciousness with hummus. Smile

In true blogger meet up form guess what we found after lunch?


IMG_1794 (565x377)

When I pulled into the parking lot and saw this place next to our lunch spot I almost screamed in excitement (in the car by myself…awkward).

IMG_1790 (565x377)

Hi Jenn!

IMG_1791 (565x377)

IMG_1793 (565x377)

I have a strict no-mix fruit + creamy flavors policy when it comes to frozen yogurt so it was a tough choice but we both ended up going with cake batter + red velvet. Soooo friggin good!

We spent a bunch of time chatting away at the frozen yogurt place because as it turns out, we’re both pretty friend deprived living in the oh so happening towns of Jacksonville and Hopewell Junction. Winking smile

Eventually though we called it a day and back to the beach I went to help out with dinner.

IMG_1797 (377x565)

If you don’t suck the mango pit thing too, you’re missing out. Just sayin’.

IMG_1798 (565x377)

Mango, black bean, corn salad. Very similar to this one.

IMG_1806 (565x377)

All together now with grilled shrimp, brown rice, green salad and crappy lighting. When you spend the last minutes of sunlight enjoying happy hour, your pictures turn out crappy. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Always.

IMG_1812 (565x377)

Pretty good day of eats (and company!) if you ask me!


What was the best thing you ate recently? Um, fro-yo for me. No brainer.

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  1. 1

    Love that you bake on vacation! Appears as if you are getting lots of sun! YAY!

    How fun to have met up with Jenn!!!

  2. 2

    love it! :) I might join in sometime

  3. 3

    SoOoOOoOo jealous! I want everything in this post! (including your vacation!)

  4. 4

    Soo.. this is completely random. I just came across your page, and wondering if your living in Jacksonville, NC? First I saw the mannakesh than the brrberry!! haha

  5. 8

    I <3 falafel :)

  6. 9

    Yum, your food looks bomb!

  7. 10

    definately great shrimp! my favorite!

  8. 11

    ummm maybe i’m biased but best WIAW evahhh!!!! =) J-vegas is sketball city and DEF wrong on so many levels! Hooray for moving away from it!!!!!!! and my beloved corn fields! This is not Iowa NC… get your own idenity! =)

    Wait why didn’t I get dinner and muffins? =) Happy WIAW old bloggy friend and new actual friend! <3 haha! MWAH!

    • 12
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      I should’ve brought you some muffins, I’m so stupid! I’m that person that bakes and then never shares..hahaha
      Happy WIAW! :)

  9. 13

    How fun that you got to meet up with Jenn!

    And I would have squealed by myself in the car about yogurt too :-)

  10. 14

    I would have shrieked with delight as well! No shame at all :)
    That’s so fun you were able to meet up with Jenn!
    Happy WIAW!

  11. 15

    I’m pretty sure what you eat on vacation is better than anything I eat in real life. That felafel looks amazing.

  12. 16

    Looks like a fun day! I love Jenn! I’ve never done a blogger meet up! I’m a bit scared too haha were you nervous? Anyway, yummy looking fro-yo!

  13. 19

    I love Greek food, it’s so delicious. I just tried falafels for the first time this year and love them.
    Totally with you on the fruit and creamy flavors. Not a fan!

  14. 20

    Oh heck yeah I use my 0% Fage like butter sometimes on muffins. You know, when the really creamy stuff sticks to the sides of the tub when it’s getting empty? NOM.

  15. 21

    Muffins for breakfast? I’m loving it :D

  16. 22

    I’ve been really wanting to try falafel- everything at the Mediterranean restaurant looks great. Oh and I’m so jealous of the fro-yo. I wish a fro-yo place would just open up around here already!

  17. 23

    I love the pics of you! The food is great, but love the shots of you and that yellow sundress is adorable!

  18. 24

    best thing i ate recently: the square of dark chocolate that i literally just put in my mouth! mmm. perfect bedtime snack!

  19. 25

    happy WIAW! Looks like you had a good one!

  20. 26

    Oooo, what good eats! That’s cool you two were able to meet up. Looks like fun.

  21. 27

    I can’t decide which i’m more jealous of… your eats, or your company!

    Oh, who am I kidding. My pantry is well stocked. I’m just jealous you got to hang out with the WIAW Celebrity host!!!! Haha I love it :)

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