Chocolate coconut popcorn

This chocolate coconut popcorn is a simple snack taken to the next level with dark chocolate, coconut oil and shredded coconut.
Chocolate coconut popcorn

Did you all have a good love filled day yesterday? Honestly, it felt like any other day around here except we opened overpriced cards during breakfast. Mine had pop up dogs on it. #winning

Here’s the rundown of the Valentine’s Day eats.


Chocolate coconut popcorn

Similar to last week, we have the fruit bowl that’s hiding a yogurt/cottage cheese mixture with two eggs and an english muffin. Again, looks like a lot, I thought it was a decent breakfast and yet I almost passed out during my lunch time workout from hunger. I just don’t get my stomach.


Chocolate coconut popcorn

This was a two part meal because after a 2 mile HIIT run and a bodyrock workout, (<–I liked that one a lot) I literally felt like I was going to pass out from low blood sugar but at the same time, “real” lunch foods sounded totally unappetizing. This was a cherry vanilla protein smoothie that I poured in a bowl because I wanted some toppings on it.

Part 2 about an hour later:

Chocolate coconut popcorn

The last bit of cranberry quinoa salad and a cheddar/avocado melt.


After seeing all the posts from the Food Matter’s Project, I’ve had popcorn on my brain this week which is where this snack comes into play.

Chocolate coconut popcorn

Dark chocolate coconut popcorn. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a bit obsessed with this chocolate coconut combination. It’s been in almond butter, brownies and now popcorn.

At first, I only poured half the bag into my bowl but when that was gone in about 2 minutes, I went back for more.

I just popped a bag of plain popcorn, poured melted coconut oil over it while still hot and then sprinkled with chopped dark chocolate & shredded coconut and tossed it all together. When the popcorn cools, the coconut oil hardens and makes some of the chocolate stick to the popcorn. I justified eating almost the entire bag by telling myself it was better than eating a brownie!

Chocolate coconut popcorn


Chocolate coconut popcorn

I had thoughts about making something fancy and Valentine’s-esque like a filet, but when it came down to it, I was just too lazy to leave the house. Back up plan was this cajun shrimp soup I saw on Heidi’s blog the other day that looked simple, comforting and delicious which is exactly what it was. I made it as is except sans basil (none on hand) and I added some chopped kale at the end for some extra veggies (in the spirit of this month’s WIAW theme).

An unpictured brownie was also consumed while watching Downton Abbey. Thank you to all who recommended it last week, it’s now my newest obsession. I only wish there were more seasons! This is going to make me sound like a huge dork, but the music in the beginning gives me chills. I love it and it makes me wish I still played clarinet in full orchestra. I feel this way when seeing musicals too. I just want to jump in the orchestra pit and start playing!

Little random tidbit…in high school, I was first clarinet and Ulysses was first cello (although he never learned how to read sheet music, he memorized it all!). We played in full orchestra together but didn’t start dating until after he had graduated (he’s 2 years older) and had never spoken to each other while he was in high school. Two years later after a few months of dating, he asked me if I still had those “Jesus sandals” (remember the leather, strappy things from the mid-late 90s? You know you had a pair). I used to wear them all the time. I was basically like “wtf? How did you know what SHOES I wore?” and that’s when he said he remembered them from orchestra practice. Fuh-reaky! All I remember about him is making out with his ex-girlfriend in the hallways before the bell would ring and he remembers what shoes I wore. Weird.


  1. says

    HAHA jesus sandals …so funny that he remembered LMAO..that is kinda creepy but clearly he had his eyes on you from the very beginning ;) that cajun shrimp soup looks so delicious and comforting and sounds like its got great flavor! i wish i had time in the mornings to make a great breakfast like you did…just not enough time! plus, at 530am, I don’t want to be frying’s probably a hazard anyway.

  2. says

    Jesus sandals- haha. Yup, totally owned a pair! I must try your coconut and popcorn concoction. Funny thing is that I’m not a big coconut fan, but I’m really anxious to try the oil.
    PS- do you have a post somewhere on your food photography? Can you send me the link? It’s gorgeous.

  3. says

    mmm love the opened face avo sandwich with cheese. A little sea salt goes a long way with avocado too. And I always forget about how good popcorn is until its sitting in front of me already popped (and preferably drizzled in chocolate of course).

  4. says

    Ha, cute story there at the end. :)

    I too have been eating a lot of popcorn, but I’ve been having trouble finding just the right toppings. I’m totally going to steal a couple ideas from the seasoned popcorn link you provided.

  5. says

    I must have a funny tummy too because sometimes the more I eat, the hungrier I am by lunchtime. Other times, I am totally fine just eating a bowl of oatmeal. Weird.

    Your cranberry quinoa salad looks fabulous – am bookmarking it to make soon! Thanks :)

  6. says

    That is the most awesomeness random high school memory. Soo weird how paths cross and you don’t even know it. And the things we remember….and that avocado melt is being consumed in the next few days. So simple yet I would never think of it. What is wrong with my brain?

  7. says

    Ahhh, I can’t stop thinking about popcorn this week either, haha. Love the chocolate and coconut idea :) We really don’t make a big deal over Valentines day at our house but I’m still excited that you made my soup for V-day dinner :D Love that you added some greens!
    Jesus sandals, LOL. Such a funny story.

  8. says

    Haha…funny about the shoes. My sister and her husband went to high school together, but didn’t date and marry until well after college, and he still remembers her wearing white leggings under gym shorts during soccer practice. It must have been a good look for her :-)

    Glad you had a good Valentine’s Day!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      Wow, that’s kind of crazy to think about. I had a bf at one point that was 4 years older and that seemed like a HUGE difference at the time. Funny how age gaps don’t matter after a certain age.

  9. Noelle says

    Oh, please. I am hungry literally a half hour after eating breakfast. For reals. It’s kinda ridiculous. I spend 98.99999% of my day thinking about food.

    So pumped you’re a Downton Abbey fan! That show is soo freakin’ good. Costumes are incredible and the characters are just so…they all just play exactly who they are so well! I don’t care what the haters say, it is just the perfect show to get totally lost in, Best hour ever.

    Ok, wow, I need to stop talking about this show. I just sound crazy.

  10. says

    Everything you ate looks delicious, but that chocolate coconut popcorn is calling out my name!!! I have Downtown Abbey on my Netflix Instant Queue-sounds like I really need to start watching it {in between my Mad Men, Sherlock, and Merlin episodes!}

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