Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo chocolate chip cookies that are gluten, grain and dairy free but taste just like the real thing! Just a small amount of easy ingredients and you can be eating these in minutes!

It’s been a week.

Like one of those that despite your best intentions, all you can eat think of is chocolate, dessert, pasta, cheese… Basically, all the bad stuff.

Paleo chocolate chip cookies that are gluten, grain and dairy free but taste just like the real thing! Just a small amount of easy ingredients and you can be eating these in minutes!

I blame the stupid weather which, according to, was supposed to be sunny and 60s every day when I checked on Sunday and then somehow ended up a cloudy, drizzly mess for 3 of those days.

My cousin just graduated with a degree in meteorology and took his first job which is accompanied by a disgustingly low salary. I now understand why. I’m convinced they all just sit around throwing darts at a selection of weather patterns and pick whichever one they hit for the forecast. (Chris- I’m kidding)

This is why I hate winter. It makes me crave bad things.

And before someone gets all sassy in the comments, no, I’m not calling cheese and pasta inherently bad, but when you crave copious amounts of each every day because it looks like armageddon outside, it’s not the healthiest choice.

I can usually hold myself off for the first half of the day but that 2-3pm blah time gets me.

Every. Single. Time.

It’s about the time I want a nap, lose all motivation to work and want to eat every single piece of chocolate and/or carby goodness in my house. This doesn’t happen in the summer.

Reason #345987456 why we should’ve never moved back to NY from Florida.

The BEST paleo chocolate chip cookies that come together with just a few simple ingredients.

So since we have approximately 6 more months of this craptastic weather coming our way, I decided I needed a go to 2-3pm fix.


  1. Chocolate
  2. Tastes legit
  3. I can eat like 5 of them without feeling bad.

Let’s expand upon #2 for a second – when I say “tastes legit” I mean I don’t want some “health-ified” or “high protein-ified” version of a classic that uses prunes or dates or protein powder. Although, I’m kinda making fun of myself when I say that because these raw brownie bites fit that description but are SO delicious at the same time.

Guys- there’s some crazy ass shit out there in the form of “recipes” for stuff like that.

I just so happened to have picked about 5 of them for recent breakfasts. Wednesday’s ended up in a batter explosion and a black waffle with great flavor but the texture of an air puff. Um, wtf? Do people not taste their creations before posting for the world? 

I digress.

Soft and gooey paleo chocolate chip cookies are so easy to make and taste absolutely delicious!

I’m giving myself an A on this assignment.

These paleo chocolate chip cookies have chocolate chunks, legit chocolate chip cookie flavor and most importantly for me when it comes to a chocolate chip cookie, they have the soft gooey chocolate center. Soft batch cookies are where it’s at. Life’s too short for crispy, hard cookies, at least when it comes to chocolate chip.

Somehow they’re also miraculously dairy-free, grain-free and paleo.


These paleo chocolate chunk cookies have a soft gooey center for a totally indulgent grain-free treat!

Also, I somehow only ate 3 straight out of the oven. So make that an A+ on this cookie assignment.

If you want to take these paleo chocolate chip cookies to the next level, check out these paleo bacon chocolate chip cookies!

Same recipe just with the addition of some crispy crumbled bacon to the batter for that delicious salty sweet combination.

Love these paleo chocolate chip cookies?

Try these other paleo cookie recipes like this Paleo Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet <– so gooey and insanely delicious!, these Paleo Blueberry Thumbprints or these Paleo Blueberry Chocolate Macaroons.

Yield: 10 servings

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo chocolate chip cookies that are gluten, grain and dairy free but taste just like the real thing! Just a small amount of easy ingredients and you can be eating these in minutes!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 11 minutes
Total Time 16 minutes


  • 1 cup almond meal
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons melted coconut oil (*update: make sure to measure oil after melting so that youâ??re not inadvertently using too much. This can cause cookies to flatten)
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon almond milk
  • 1/4 cup chopped dark chocolate pieces Enjoy Life chocolate chips are a great option.


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silpat
  2. Combine dry ingredients in a medium bowl.
  3. Whisk together wet ingredients in a small bowl.
  4. Add wet to dry and mix together.
  5. Fill a tablespoon measure with batter and press down to form a half-circle. Tap batter out onto baking sheet and lightly press down in the center. *Optional - freeze cookies on baking sheet for about 10 minutes before baking. This helps keep them from spreading.
  6. Bake for 10-11 minutes until bottoms just start to turn brown.
  7. Remove from oven and let cool 3-5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack. They will be soft when removed from oven but firm up in a couple of minutes.

Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 35Carbohydrates: 9g
filed in: Dessert


  1. Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers

    I get you about the weather! It rained and thunder and lightening two days ago here in N. CA. Last week 100’s this week 60’s. Then I heard 89 by Wednesday!! I hate winter too!!! Hate it!!

    Your cookies look delicious and I love guilt-free. I”m making these this weekend!! I need a healthy cookie in my life!

  2. Amanda

    I’ve also been craving carbs this week. I even bought some white potatoes (the horror!) and have eaten them almost every day. Your cookies sound great – love the short ingredient list!

  3. katie @KatieDid

    This looks like a good go-to chocolate chip recipe for me to have on hand. I did paleo cookies last week ate 4 and decided to call it a month with paleo cookies. Dont like to bake too much because I just eat everything in site!

  4. Gabi

    It is TOTALLY the weather’s fault! Same kind here in Quebec city and I have suddenly been wanting to sleep and bake (but mostly eat!) cookies, muffins and pies all week! I miraculously managed not to until I came across your article and recipe. I like things simple and those cookies sure are. I just ate three and they are very good but… they came out of the oven super flat. One large crepe of paleo cookies. :) Still yummy, but less pretty. Any idea what went wrong?

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      that’s super weird b/c mine didn’t spread at all. Did you use all the same ingredients, no substitutions? And did you spoon the batter into a tablespoon form and then just tap that out onto the baking sheet without flattening? If so, I really have no idea why they would’ve spread like that for you.

      1. Gabi

        I used almond meal instead of almond flour, maple syrup in place of the honey and I used milk, not soy milk… They are substitutions I normally make without any consequences, but maybe it was just too many changes this time. Oh well, it’s still really good!

        1. Hilary

          Mine flattened too, but I think this made them even better. These are AMAZING! I have tried making several paleo cookie recipes and have been disappointed with all of them til now. I Love this recipe. Thank you!

    2. Rose

      Did you use an American tablespoon measure (15ml)? I’ve been caught out in the past with my UK tbsp measure of 20ml.

      BTW – made the cookies and they were delish. Very moist and soft on the inside. I added a tbsp of coconut flour which, in my experience, adds a touch of crispness.

    3. Sadie

      I’ve made this recipie twice this last week. (Once with chocolate and once without). Yummy!!
      The note about “making sure the coconut oil is melted” is legit. If you put a bit too much oil in, they will be super flat.

  5. Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

    bahaha get out of my head!!!! I’ve got a drawer full of ghiradelli and i’ve been making choc chunk and choc chip cookies like a madman [to make up for all the beets i’ve been blogging… ppl are ready to throw beets AT ME!] – these look amaze and I heart that they’re paleo!!!! brillz!

  6. Lee

    Yum. Is almond flour the same as almond meal? I mean, I know it’s not the same, but can they be substituted for one another? I just have almond meal.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I think they’re pretty interchangeable. The only difference is the course-ness. In fact, I think I technically used almond meal this time around. Sometimes I use Trader Joe’s almond meal, sometimes I grind my own and other times I use actual flour. All result in pretty similar results for the stuff I bake. I think you’re good :)

  7. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I want to try one of these – they look so thick and wonderful!

    Winter…I cannot even deal with it. Although people think SoCal is always nice, it’s not. But it’s alot nicer than MN or Chicago where I grew up, but still, if I could never have to put on long pants or remove my flip flops, that’d be great!

  8. heidi kokborg

    Those cookies look delish! Have to try them :) And I know how you feel about the weather – in Denmark it almost always rains!

  9. Cookie and Kate

    Sounds like we’ve both been in a cool-weather funk. I hear you on the recipe front, too—the world already has enough subpar recipes. These cookies look mighty tasty. I really need to get my hands on some almond flour.

  10. beverly lucas

    wow. i think you need to give up running and paleo and take a yoga class or something to CHILL OUT. How much more negative can you get? The language chat makes it tough to share this with my 12 year old daughter, and let’s see,…..”bad stuff, stupid weather, hate winter, carbs are bad, armageddon, craptastic weather, ….”
    I like your website and i think your recipes are really good. Your write up today just passed on your negative feelings in general to everyone who read them. What is the point when you’re trying to send out a feel good recipe?

    1. Gina

      Haha, I think you might need the yoga class if you’re so uptight to not recognize the humor/sarcasm in my “negativity”.

      1. Jodi

        Some people don’t understand humor and get their panties in a bunch when they read things that are meant to be fun. Not everything should be Martha Stewart (who also has a wild side if you’ve ever heard her as a guest on Howard Stern). I loved the post and the humor with which it was written. Too much is serious these days and too many people get offended by stuff.

        And I’m making these tomorrow. I am using a bar of 100% cacao, melted with a little butter and sweetened with maple syrup then rehardened in the fridge overnight. I can’t have any cane sugar. :(

        Thanks so much for the recipe.

        1. Susan Hanley

          Wow — huge thanks to Jodi for her idea on dealing with the chocolate! GAPS diet here, no sugar allowed except raw honey, feeling VERY bereft … you just made my evening!!

    2. Cheryl

      Really? Then don’t show her this post! She’s probably heard worse than that in school! How come you didn’t mention where she said, “… crazy ass shit out there…” If you raised her right, she’ll know what to do. I’m guessing she doesn’t get to watch The Simpsons!

    3. B_hunt

      I have made this recipe a handful of times now. I use agave instead of honey and put a scoop of my protein powder in them (I have a super hard time getting my daily needs in through food alone). They’re awesome! And Beverly…you’re a nutcase. Kids grow up with a better head on their shoulders when they aren’t cottled in to oblivion like I am sure, sadly, your child is.

      1. beverly lucas

        dear b_hunt,

        thank you for your personal accusations. Why would you call me a nutcase? why would you feel it necessary to put down my child? You really hurt my feelings with your reply. I’m so sorry I ever posted my reply to the person who created this website, and seem to have attracted personal accusations from her readers. You don’t know my child, or me or my family or how we raise her. I wish you well and hope that you somehow feel better by writing what you did. I did not feel better when i wrote my comments originally and wish I had never written them. Thank you for reminding me of that.
        Oh, and if being a nutcase makes me somehow different than you, then perhaps I’ll take pride in being a nut.

        1. kat

          Hope that taught you not to be rude to other people’s posts. Like somehow it’s ok to be rude to the blogger (who is, as are all of us, a person) yet you get offended when people defend said blogger?

          I also totally agree – your kid’s 12 years old…censor what she reads if you’re concerned about the negativity affecting her.

    1. Charity

      I was wondering the same thing. Almond meal is so much more expensive. We just had twins and our budget is TIGHT :) I have ordered some coconut flour and will try it out when it comes in.

      1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

        Coconut flour is not interchangeable with almond. It absorbs a TON of liquid so the ratios would be quite different as well as the texture. Coconut flour tends to be chalky when used by itself so I would not suggest switching it out in this case. Also, I find coconut flour to be way more expensive than almond flour. You can make your own almond flour/meal if you don’t want to buy it and save $ that way. Just process almonds in a food processor until flour-like.

        1. Audra

          I know this is a little late for a reply but my 6 year old and I just made these tonight and they were delicious! I used a half cup of almond flour and a half cup of coconut, plus added an egg to this recipe. They turned out great and kid-approved by my picky little boy! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    holy moley. that is all the words I have for these.
    I wish I could trade weathers with you. Its all sunny and 75 here and all I want to do is wear hoodies and skinny jeans with boots and maybe a scarf. Not happening any time soon. What is wrong with me?

  12. Ginger Smith

    I’m new to this paleo thing, but isn’t sugar a no-no? I mean the sugar in the dark chocolate you use? Just curious! Tx!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      technically, yes. But dark chocolate is very low in sugar (the higher the cacao content, the less sugar) and is used in “paleo” recipes quite often.

  13. Kathryn

    These definitely look like the real deal too. Think I have all these ingredients on hand, definitely going to give these a go.

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  17. Lauren

    I just made these not even 20 minutes ago and they were DELICIOUS. It’s the first time I have ever baked paleo cookies and they came out great. I had to bake them a little longer because instead of putting them on parchment I put them in mini cupcake tins to make them into little portable bite sized snacks I added unsweetened coconut flakes to it because I love coconut flakes. All in all, great and super easy recipe!

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  20. MIchelle M.

    These cookies are awesome. Made one batch to try them and immediately made a second batch. They’re like almond joys!

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  23. Sara

    I don’t know whether to thank you or be mad at you ;) because these are so good I can’t stop eating them when I make them!

    Seriously, thank you for the awesome and easy recipe! They are delicious!!

  24. Elle

    Hello hello!! I like your humor… But on to my review. :)
    I happened to be desperately seeking to bake a cookie/sweet-thing for my unsubsiding sweet tooth since I’ve recently adopted the paleo lifestyle and making a goodie that would taste delish AND look delish was no small feat.
    In this day and age of the web and all the offerings of recipes it brings, finding one that really works is tough….. and unlike some reviewers that hadn’t posted a review I made these cookies and I will now post my “review”. :)
    Sooooooo…. Here goes. This cookie took me, like, 5 seconds to make. Okay, more like 5 min, but really? 5 min? Why the hell not?! And let me tell you… These are the closest to the real thing that I’ve ever tried!! So yum!! These are perfection!! Chewy on the inside, lightly crispy on the outside, with a hint of almondy goodness from the almond meal and perfectly sweet with only 2tbsp of honey. I could cry for joy because you are right my sweet Gina, I would, and did eat the whole batch right away without guilt!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Ps. I did bake them for a bit longer, 12 minutes because I prefer more crispness. And, I added toasted chopped pecans as my original recipe (that I will no longer miss) had them and they add a nice crunch and flavor.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Thank you for such a nice comment :) Glad you like the cookies so much! I haven’t made a batch in awhile, now you have me craving them again ;)

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  26. Alexis @ Hummusapien

    I had been meaning to make these ever since they were posted. I finally made them yesterday and they were one of the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipes I’ve ever tried, paleo or not! So moist and delicious…cookie perfection!! My roommates couldn’t believe how good they were and each ate 3!! Can’t wait to make these again soon!

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  28. Austin Young

    Hello Gina! Just wanted to let you know that last night my friend had a cookie baking contest and I made your Paleo Chocolate Chunk cookie. Keep in note it was my first time ever baking a cookie, let alone it being a special kind of cookie, being Paleo and all. But, the cookies came in 2nd place in the competition. I was proud of my accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe. They are very delicious cookies!!

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  31. Christy

    Thank you! These were awesome. I think the secret to the great, real-cookie texture must be the lack of eggs? I even substituted butter for coconut oil and omitted the almond milk, and they were still wonderful.

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  34. Kathy

    I tried these last night. OMG good thing I worked out hard beforehand….it only made 9 so 4 were gone before I stepped out for some shopping. The other 5 looked so lonely sitting there on the cooling rack, I had to put them out of their misery and polish them off. And you are right, after they cool, they are the proper consistancy. I’m going to make them again, and let people try, but am not going to tell them how they are made. I’m sure they will love them! Thanks for the recipe!!!

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  36. Martha

    These are a life saver!!! I have been dying to eat Christmas cookies! Thankfully these are getting me through the holiday season without feeling like I’m cheating!

  37. Kaye herbert

    a friend made these for me and they were delicious! i tried to make them myself, but used coconut flour instead of almond flour, and for some reason they turned out so dry and didn’t stick together well. do you think that made such a difference and why? i thought it was weird that they wouldn’t be interchangeable.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Yes, it definitely made a difference. Coconut flour is very different than other flours and not interchangeable at all with almond flour, especially in a 1-1 ratio. Coconut flour is like a sponge and absorbs a tremendous amount of liquid so that’s why they turned out dry.

    1. April

      Yes you can substitute maple syrup for honey. I used 1 tablespoon, and it was plenty sweet for me. I also used almond extract instead of vanilla and Kerrygold butter in place of the coconut oil. They turned out way too good!

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  39. Mel

    Wow…. I am so impressed : ).

    So iv been baking Paleo goodies for some time now and have had some good successes with my own recipes.. though i was nervous about attempting cookies. My boyfriend LOVES cookies.. but usually forces himself to refrain until special occasions due to being health conscious. I wanted to make him something that he could enjoy and that wouldnt “taste healthy” as a lot of paleo baked goods do.

    The moment I tasted the batter, I knew that these were going to be perfect. I doubled the batter straight away and made them in to larger cookies than you have pictured (my double batter made 10 cookies) and I also rolled them into balls with my hands to give them smoother edges when baked.

    They smelled amazing.. and browned nicely.

    Now.. I tasted one right out of the oven before it had firmed up and felt like jumping with happiness. My boyfriend came home at 10:30pm from a LAARRGEEE dinner… had a humungous food baby…. could hardly move.. but ate 3.

    He asked if they were out of a packet… Proudly.. I said “no, they’re paleo!!”

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I will repost on my blog and let people know where the amazingness came from : )

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  41. jeannine

    Has anyone used coconut milk instead of almond with the same flavor and texture results? I have aroy-d milk on hand as a cooking staple. I am not anti-almond milk, just really love coconut milk.

  42. Michael

    I’ve tried this recipe twice now. My cookies bake flat and fall apart before I can even transfer them to the cooling rack. The ingredients are so expensive that I just ate the cookies with a bowl and spoon.

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  44. Alison

    I just made these cookies, and like several other people, I ended up with flat pancakes–very oily. I could tell based on your description of scooping the batter and pressing down to form half circles and then tapping the batter out, etc., that the consistency was wrong even before I baked them. Much too sticky and moist to shape the batter at all. Is that 3 tablespoons of coconut oil correct? The only change I made was rice milk for almond milk. The taste is okay, but again, very oily.
    So sad–everyone else seems to be having more fun with this.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I’ve made this recipe almost 10 times now and they never flatten out for me. I’m honestly totally perplexed at the commenters that are having this happen. It seems that for every one who experiences that, there are 2-3 that don’t though. I keep trying to mimic the flattening to figure it out and it’s not happening for me!

    2. Cheryl

      I was meticulous with the measuring and the batter was still very runny. I added extra flour( about 3/4 more) and they runed out great!

      1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

        Hi Cheryl- I’m glad yours ended up turning out but I can assure you the recipe amount of 1 cup of almond flour is not wrong. I have no idea how you had a batter that was anything near “runny” as there’s only 1 tablespoon of milk & 3 tablespoons of melted oil as far as liquid goes (I’m not counting the honey as it’s so thick). I’ve made these many times and the batter is usually quite thick. The only thing I can think of is perhaps you measured the oil before melting rather than after?

  45. Rebecca

    Just made these with my 2 year old son. We also used the mini-cupcakes and added some chopped raw cashews and dried cherries. SO GOOD! I love having cookies I feel good about giving him.

    I have some ideas on to why cookies might be flat. When I measured the oil into the pan before melting it was easy to get a little too much in there, so I measured again after melting on the way to the bowl and sure enough there was a good tablespoon left melted in the pan. So make sure to remeasure after you melt the oil. Also baking soda does expire so if you aren’t using it a lot make sure the check the expiration date. If it’s too old it won’t work!

    1. Alison

      Ah-ha! Could be the melted vs. solid oil measurement and/or baking soda. I will have to try again some time. Thank you!

  46. Gabi

    Yay! Made them again and this time they aren’t flat, they look exactly like on the picture! :) I replaced baking soda with baking powder (thought maybe my baking soda wasn’t fresh anymore), cut down a bit on coconut oil (measured once melted, I used 2 tablespoons) and maple syrup (only 1 tablespoon) and they came out perfect! Absolutely delicious!

  47. Brooke

    Also made these and got one big thin flat mess, with an almost rubbery texture. My baking soda is still fresh, i didn’t use ANY substitutions and i’ve double checked the recipe multiple times and according to it I made them correctly. Perhaps you mistyped and it’s baking powder instead of soda? Yours look good, but the ones i made are pretty awful.

    1. Rebecca

      I’m pretty sure it’s not the recipe. What kind of pan are you using? I find the really dark pans do this more often, they get too hot and the cookies spread out. I find the light colored (insulated are the best) make the best cookies. As with “normal” baking freezing the dough or at least chilling it first helps a lot too.

  48. Kristen

    I have got to thank you for this recipe, I’ve probably made these cookies 4-5 times now…so good and so quick and easy to make! I’ve shared with many people at work too :) I actually added some shredded unsweetened coconut and some cinnamon. Super yummy!

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  50. Erin

    Is there anything else we can use in lieu of Honey??

    I’m doing Keto (High Fat Low Car No Sugar) and I can’t have honey.

    Does it need to be a sticky liquid sweet? (I’m thinking for consistency) Or can it be an alternate sweet of choice?

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I haven’t tried it with something other than honey and I’m not sure what your diet allows but just from the title of it saying “no sugar” I’m not sure what you could substitute in it’s place. Normally, I’d say maple syrup would work. I do think it should be a liquid sweet b/c of the consistency. I’m sorry, I’m really not sure in this case!

      1. Jessica

        Erin I use Sugar-Free Maple syrup in lieu of honey. I also puree some apples and use them in lieu of the coconut oil. These two easy substitutions really reduce the fat, sugar, and calorie count from the original recipe. Plus apples are Paleo approved :) The cookies still taste fantastic too!!!

        1. Erin

          I can do the coconut oil so that’s not an issue. (I’m on low carb high fat hence coconut oil being okay)

          I’ll definitely try it with the sugar free maple syrup. Thanks for the tip!

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  52. Michelle

    I just have to say your intro to this recipe is what made me read on….
    I love that you are real and you speak what a lot of people are feeling. The winter blues are upon us and I know that I tend to struggle during this time. To read that you are dealing with the same thing and that cookies save the day made me feel normal again. Love the recipe and love that I can indulge without the guilt this January. :)

  53. Sarakayrn

    These are soooooooo awesome!!!! I let them sit after mixing the ingredients together before baking them. Mine turned out very flat, but unbelieveably GREAT!!! I added pecans to one batch and walnuts to a second batch. YUM!!! P.S. I tried a different recipe with coconut flour and had a taste test with a friend. Your recipe won hands down!

  54. kristina

    These cookies are AMAZING.

    I omitted the almond milk by accident and they still turned out great.

    I think the secret to making sure they don’t spread is to measure your coconut oil correctly. 2 tbsp of solid oil turned out to be a perfect melted 3 tbsp.

    I used dark chocolate morsels and gave them a good rough chop and then added in a sprinkle of rough chopped pecans and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a tad bit more salt.

    Also I wish I would have only baked them for about 8 minutes. They were a little too brown on the bottom for me, almost burnt.

    I will be making these cookies again and again. I want to try them next with some dried cranberries.

  55. Sylvia

    I made the cookies and they tasted yummers! I did not have coconut oil, so I used olive oil and they were very soft and crumbly. I must get coconut oil. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ LOVE them!

  56. Ruth

    A big “hello” from Brisbane, Australia! :)

    Thanks for this lovely recipe! it ‘s so nice to find something that I could make that was guilt free!!

    so I made these about an hr ago now… the first batch turned out too /chewy/under cooked in the middle with the half-circle shape, but that’s alright I’ll still enjoy them lol

    The 2nd batch I made straight after, I made them flatter/wider so they hopefully harden better once cooled… They look a bit more promising, and this time I got 8 cookies where as the first batch only made 7 and 1 tiny little baby one hehe. Oh I forgot to mention, I didn’t have any chocolate on hand, so instead I added 2 tsp of cocoa powder to make them chocolate!!! YUM!!

    I’m still going to enjoy the first (very chewy) batch, because that’s still going to satisfy my very sweet tooth!

    Thanks again for sharing this recipe! :)


  57. Amber

    These are amazing! I started paleo about three weeks ago and really needed a yummy treat. These could be the best cookies I’ve ever had- even before paleo! Thanks so much for creating and sharing!

  58. Mary

    I saw this and had to make it immediately. I love it when I have all the ingredients I need already in stock! Finally a cookie I didn’t botch up that tastes AMAZING!!

  59. IvyM

    I know this will defeat the whole Paleo point but wanted to say I made these to suit my tastes by subbing the honey with pure grade b maple syrup, adding 1/4 cup natural peanut butter (containing only peanuts and salt) and 1 large egg. The results were AMAZING! They are light yet chewy and hold their shape beautifully. Thank you for such a great recipe!

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  61. Jennifer T.

    These were amazing. I followed the recipe exactly, except I just used regular choc chips and I actually did use butter to grease the pan! Great substitue for chocolate chip cookies. These are my new favorite and definitely cured my sweet tooth. Thanks:)

  62. Danielle sylos

    These are incredible tasting and easy to make. Thank you one of the best paleo desert recipes I have made. Love these cookies!

  63. Michelle

    I just want to say that these are, by far, the best paleo chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. In fact, these may be the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had period! And they were so easy! I followed the recipe to a “T” except I added crushed pecan halves to the mix and had to use coconut nectar because I was out of raw honey. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  64. Rhonda H.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazingly easy and very yummy recipe!!!! I first baked 10 then…couple of days layer and cookie less doubled the recipe for 20!!! Not all for me, of course!ha! I do recommend to go ahead and melt the oil if using it from a jar. Otherwise the chips melt and darn it…you just have to add more!haha!! Either way, they are outstanding being paleo!!!

  65. Sara

    These were fantastic! I didn’t have the chocolate, so I added a TBSP of cocoa powder and half a cup of shredded coconut, and they became Almond Joy-like cookies. Delicious!

  66. Rebecca

    Whipped these up last night and they didn’t last an hour. Me and the Ths Spousal Unit ate five each in minutes. These aren’t just a great paleo cookie – these are just good cookies, period!

    Thank you very much for posting the recipe! One household was very happy last night!

  67. Jonna Flores

    I only have coconut flour and would hate to waste in in an attempt to substitute. Do you think I could use that instead??

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      No, coconut flour is really much different than other flours and not substitutable 1-1. it absorbs a lot more liquid than other flours and would change a lot of the ratios.

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  69. Cheryl

    This recipe is delicious but the amount of Almond flour is wrong. It should be 1 3/4 to 2 cups of flour. ! cup was runny like pancake batter.

  70. Pingback: Paleo Friendly Chocolate Chip Valentine Cookies | A Few Extra Limes

  71. Allison

    These cookies are amazing! My husband made them last night for us and they turned out great. Can you tell me how many calories are in a batch.. Thx

  72. Pingback: Where’d the cookies go?? | GabiGrace

  73. Pingback: Chocolate Chunk Cookies | Lex, Lately

  74. Kandi

    These cookies are good. It’s the first “healthy” type of treat I’ve attempted to make. The only problem I ran into is they seem to be a little doughy in the middle after baking. Is this typical? I tried turning down the oven temp and baking the next batch longer but they seemed to turn out the same. I did not have a problem with the dough, they look like cookies, they are not flat — I would def try again!!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Did you let them rest for a few minutes after coming out of the oven? They are a bit “doughy/soft” in the middle but should harden up enough after resting to be handled and be considered “cooked”.

      1. Kandi

        I did notice if you let them sit they did appear to have that same “look” however I also realized they are a softer cookie. I had a handful of people try them and all but one could not tell they were not your “typical” chocolate chip cookie. If I wouldn’t have told the one they were grain free/dairy free they would have been on board with the rest. I am very pleased with this recipe and although I commented on the issues I had, I would make these again and again! I was looking for a perfect Paleo snack and I think I may have found it. Thank you!

  75. Jess

    I just finished taking these out of the oven they taste awesome but I was afraid they weren’t cooked all the way I think they just come out a bit chewy/ doughy I had even left them a few mins more than it called for. I added some walnuts to the recipe and they taste great I would recommend them :)

  76. Rebecca

    Making these…again!! This time I added shredded coconut. I waited until the cookies were on the sheet and pressed in about 3 cranberries and 3 chocolate chips each per cookie just to make sure they were a little lighter on the chocolate as I keep making these repeatedly for my 2 year old. Sneaky! Also my batter looked a tiny bit on the wet side so I just sprinkled in a few spoonfuls of coconut flour to get them to be the right consistency. Sometimes you just have to tweak any recipe on any given time to make it right.

  77. staci

    Made them last night, melted the honey to make it measure better, and then the cookies spread (but not awfully bad, we ate them with a spoon). This morning, I baked up the last 3-4 cookies and they came out exactly as described. I can only assume having the coconut oil and honey at room temp helped, next time I’ll make the dough and let it rest for a bit before I bake’em up. Very tasty tho! :)

  78. H. Smith

    Wow! Just made this and they are amazing! I substituted the Tbsp of Almond Milk with Coconut Cream (since I didn’t have any Almond Milk), and they are perfect. I had better eat a few more now because once my kids get home from school they will be all gone..

  79. Sarah

    I have been staring at this recipe for about two months. I decided to make them today so I’d stop eating the chocolate and not have enough for the cookies…. again. They turned out flat, even after measuring the coconut oil after it was melted, but they taste amazing. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that I can’t share these gimp cookies…;-) Oh, well. Maybe next batch!

  80. Sarah

    HOLY COW! These cookies are incredible. How did you figure them out?! Love them and now they will be a staple in my house. Ate 6 and my 5 year old had 3. oops. :)

    1. Sarah

      I will add that I substituted maple syrup for the honey b/c it was sitting on my counter already and I was feeling lazy. They came out just as you said they would.

  81. Pingback: That’s How the {guilt-free} Cookie Crumbles | A Mom Inspired

  82. Carmen

    Oh, my gosh are you kidding me? I can’t stop. DELICIOUS!
    You must double up the recipe because it’s too good not too. Lol I love being gluten free b/c the rest of the family thinks my cookie might be “gross”. More for me! Now, they have requested that I make them and possibly pretend like they are not gluten free and share. But why should i? lol My second batch on week 2 did come together as the first. Almost as it didn’t bind. I’m blaming it on the cold almond meal coming from the fridge this time. It’s in the oven so we will see what happens.

    Thanks love!

  83. Shannon

    It’s freaking about time that I finally stumble upon a paleo recipe that doenst taste like compacted almond/coconut. I am I total agreeance… Taste your dang paleo recipes before posting!!! Almond and coconut flour, butter, nuts, shmuts… They’re all pricey, and id rather not keep “experimenting” at such a high cost. Let me save you all some money…. ALL paleo bread, no matter how tempting and scrumptious looking the recipe pic looks, it’ll suck. The pretzels suck, the “rustic”loaf sucks, paleo hamburger buns suck…. All of it. And, let me tell you, as a former bread addict, it’ll just make you miss bread more at each attempt to make it. Same goes for cookies with the exception of this here cookie. Compai to the cookie!

  84. Sara

    These were so delicious! My 14 year old and 3 year old made these for me today because I’ve been so cranky lately (35 weeks pregnant on a no-carb diet makes for a cranky mama). They were so easy and so yummy, I ate all of them. The girls each got one, the rest were mine. We used almond flour and regular milk because that’s what we have on hand.

    My husband and I own a pastry shop and we’re always looking for gf items to add to our menu. Would you mind if we use this recipe?

  85. jenn

    These were great forever looking for healthy alternatives. Just started following you very excited loving all your good recipes and trying them out to all my friends here in australia!!

  86. Pacer Ford

    I make these at least once a week! They’re the best damn cookies I’ve ever eaten…I add cranberries and chopped walnuts with a pinch of cinnamon and they come out perfect everytime! BRAVO, thanks so much for the recipe :)

  87. Laurie

    Oh my gosh…just made these cookies and like another person had said, literally took 5 min to whip up. They turned out sooo delicious!! Im actually stuffing the entire batch of them into my face as I type this on my phone! Thank you for such a great recipe! And PS…your post was just fine and I didn’t find if offensive at all (who likes shitty winter anyway??!) :)

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  89. Nancy

    Hi! This recipe looks AH-MAZING! I need to make this pronto but I don’t have coconut oil. What else can I use in place of coconut oil but still have the right texture and taste?



    1. Gina Matsoukas Post author

      Hi Nancy- Honestly, I’m not sure as I’ve never made it with anything but coconut oil. You could try canola or melted butter but I can’t speak to those substitutions myself. Let me know how they turn out!

  90. Maggie

    I just made these yesterday and LOVE them. I used almond flour (rather than meal) and grapeseed oil (not paleo). They turned out delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

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  93. Jess

    I just made these for the 2nd time-they are so easy and absolutely delicious! Being a chocolate chip cookie junky, I REALLY appreciate your paleo version!!! Thank you so much!

  94. Hope

    WOW! I didn’t quite believe the ‘best choc chip cookies I’ve had period’ part but I just made them and I have to say I agree!! and so easy to make! (now if only almond meal cost the same as regular flour :P)

    thank you!

  95. Mspickle

    I don’t have almond milk. Do you think this would work if I thinned out my coconut milk with a little water?

    1. Gina Matsoukas Post author

      Any milk should work. If you’re using the liquid part of the coconut milk, I wouldn’t thin it. If you’re talking about using the cream part, then yes, dilute a bit.

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  97. Nadia

    I made them and it the real deal it’s so yummmmy that I can’t believe I am not consuming a lot of carbs. try them you we’ll not be disappointed. Thank you

  98. Pingback: Snacking wisely | DVK for Wellness & Nutrition

  99. Pingback: Cookies med mandel, kokos og frugtstænger »

  100. Marianne

    Gina, these are DELICIOUS, and a perfect PMS cure. ;) I hope you don’t mind these tips for those keto readers… looking forward to trying more of your ideas!

    KETO help / update for this recipe:
    I substituted 1 teaspoon of liquid stevia for the honey
    I used half carob chips and half chopped dark chocolate (1/8 cup of each to total 1/4 cup)

    Nutrition info with these modifications per cookie for a total of 9 cookies:
    105 calories
    10.2 grams total fat
    1.1 grams net carbs (2.4 total, 1.3 fiber)
    2.3 grams protein

    1. Erin

      I love you.

      What had stopped me from trying these was the chore of figuring out how to ketofy them.

      Thank you!

  101. Amy

    This sounds great. And sorry if this has already been asked but the Ghiradelli make dairy-free, soy-free chocolate chips? I am completely dairy/soy free and struggle to find the right chocolate (especially since I live in German). I used to buy Enjoy Life, but can’t get that brand shipped here. But if Ghiradelli is dairy free I’ll have to explore that realm. Thanks!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      They don’t. In fact, the ghiradelli chocolate mentioned in this post (the sea salt one) isn’t really considered paleo. Enjoy Life, like you mentioned, is the most commonly used paleo one I know of. I believe Lindt has a 90% dark chocolate that is at least soy free, not sure about the dairy part though.

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  103. Roya

    I made last night and loved them! The prep was quick and the cookies with soft and chewy with crispy bottoms. Amazing!

  104. Pingback: Paleo Chocolate Chunk Cookies | The Little Honey Bee Blog

  105. PaleoPascale

    Wow! These were my first attempt at any sort of paleo cookie and I love them! The taste reminds me of the Hello Dolly squares my mom used to make when I was a kid. Thank you!!

  106. CTLB Willingham

    BEST chocolate “chip” cookies ever! These are so good even my ten year old said they were better than “regular” chocolate chip cookies. The Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree is totally the way to go. Yummmmers. Thank you for sharing! Five stars from Lookout Mountain GA!

  107. Gabriella

    I don’t know what to say. I just have to add to the litany. These were *perfect*. I added a bit of unsweetened coconut, and about 1/2 cup more almond flour because they were quite wet. Honestly, the texture, the taste, everything is great. Thank you!! – from Toronto :)

  108. Ali

    I’ve made these twice now, they are delicious!!! I had to double the recipe the second time around! I added just a little more almond flour as well, may help w/the flattening that some experienced.

  109. bulawanten

    Love this recipe! I only had almond extract when I first tried making these cookies in Feb and they were a hit at our superbowl party. I tried it once with the vanilla extract and wasn’t as pleased so now I just intentionally replace it with the almond extract. yummee!

  110. nadine

    Oh yeah. very good. I was skeptical, I doubted these could be good, at the very least I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my 3 year old to eat them. I was very wrong – these rock. My 3 year old is happy and so am I.

  111. Heather

    These are my absolute favorite cookies and so simple…way better than the traditional cookies! Thank you for the recipe!

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  113. Laurie

    These little suckers are deadly! They are bite size so I want to eat the entire batch! We have been Paleo for a year and my husband has never liked any cookie I have baked. UNTIL NOW! He was so surprised. I followed your directions exactly.
    I did use Enjoy Life chocolate chips to keep it Dairy free. Thank you!

  114. Stacey C

    I found this recipe weeks ago and have made them countless times already. The first time I made them, I didn’t have enough almond meal/flour so I topped it off with coconut flour and flax meal. Turned out to be about 3/4 cup almond meal, 1/8 cup coconut flour and 1/8 cup flax meal. I have since made them just as this recipe calls for and while I love them both ways, I think I like the addition of coconut and flax best. It’s a great alternative if you like a little cakiness to your cookie. The dough was not as formable in this alternate version, as it has a tendency to fall apart, but it’s manageable and once it’s baked it holds together nicely.

    I LOVE this recipe- it is a godsend for me and has played a crucial role in helping me stay on my path to eating better. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. Just 2 of these usually satisfy me, although I have had nights where I eat nearly all of them. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this recipe!

    p.s. I have used the ‘net for hundreds of recipes, many of which I have enjoyed. Yet, this is my first time commenting on a recipe- that’s how much I love these!!

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  116. Rachel

    These are delicious! Just wish they made more…need to double the batch next time! These will be gone too soon :)

  117. cecily

    I made these cookies and they were a good sweet treat. However, next time i make these i will use a finer almond flour…mine was more or less a consistency of grits, i might have used a tad to much coconut oil as well.

  118. Maribel

    I added 1/2 tbsp of stevia to the recipe and they came out HELLA GOOD!! I’m obsessed! Thanks for sharing :)

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  120. Lacy D

    These cookies are delicious!! Made them over the weekend with my five year old and they turned out exactly as pictured. Bookmarked!! Do you know if they hold up okay in the freezer? Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe!

  121. @BodyandMindDoc

    These are delicious. I just made them and think they are better than traditional chocolate chip cookies. I was out of coconut oil so replaced with canola oil for this time. I also doubled the recipe without any troubles. Thank you for the great recipe!

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  126. Christine

    These are very good and very flexible. The first time I made them, they came out flat and browned at the bottom and were delicious that way! Determined to make them as illustrated here, I tried again. I cut the honey to 1tbs (both times, I left out the almond milk) and adjusted the amount of almonds to get a thicker dough. This time, they stayed round and were crunchy throughout (I blame my thin cookie sheet). The first flat batch was better and I will make them that way again.

    Almond flour is difficult to work with. Every brand gives different results, even with the same recipe. I wonder if the weight of the flour was used instead of cups, perhaps results would be more uniform. It might be worth a try.

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  129. Bob

    Perfect and delicious. I subbed almond butter for the coconut oil because I wanted a peanut butter/chocolate chip variety, and just used half-and-half for the 1tbsp of almond milk because I didn’t have any on hand, and half-and-half in our morning coffee is one of our few allowed indulgences.

    Anyway, the recipe worked flawlessly in every respect. Thank you!


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  132. BaltimoreMama

    Delicious. Just made 5 batches as part of my spread of holiday cookies that my 5 year old daughter and I (gluten-free) can enjoy (oh, and, um, yes … the other people that we made them for!) This is an easy recipe so it was not a stressful process to have my daughter “help” – LOL.

  133. amyhc

    I just baked these cookies and they were surprisingly good! Instead of honey, I used 1 tbs of coconut (palm) sugar. They didn’t flatten and came out just like your picture. I will definitely share this recipe! Thanks! :)

  134. Pierre

    I just made these with the following exceptions:

    •Doubled the ingredients list.
    •Substituted heavy whipping cream for almond milk

    They came out splendidly. Wonderful.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      So glad you liked them! Good to know heavy cream works well, I bet it makes them nice and rich :)

  135. melanie

    awww, shoot.
    5 of these cookies were my dinner #noshame
    great recipe, and THANK YOU for making them normal… none of this ” add 3 boiled indonesian dates (halved and individually chewed) to the mixture of hand churned wild Nordic nut butter, flax meal (in a semi liquid state) and the 14 other ingredients you haven’t heard of, and don’t exist in real life.”


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    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      they harden up after a few minutes out of the oven so if you took a bite immediately that might be why. Otherwise, just bake them a minute or two longer.

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  138. Diana

    These are AMAZING! We took these to a friends house and all of us loved them!! We just made our second batch two days later. SOOO YUMMY!!!

  139. candace | yogabycandace

    Ah you are the best for sharing these!!! I have been craving a good cookie and I’m following the GAPS diet (very close to paleo, just has an emphasis on probiotic foods like fermented veggies). These I can eat! Yeah!! Gonna try them this week. Thanks again!

  140. Michelle

    Great Read!! Thanks!! I just recently wrote a blog post on my favorite paleo chocolate cookie recipe, a easy one and super yummy!!



  141. Donna Webster

    I just made these for the second time and they were even better!!! I sifted the almond meal/flower and chopped pecans and chocolate chips . .wow. . .they are so so good! A new trick is to measure out the honey in the same tablespoon you just did the coconut oil as it will slide right on out! I doubled the recipe and it made 12 nice size cookies .. next time I’ll triple . .everyone I’ve shared with love them and even my hubby who doesn’t eat my type of Paleo-style of eatin’ .. good eats peeps!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      so glad you liked them! and yeah, I’ve done the oil first then the sticky stuff in a measuring spoon before too, such a good little kitchen trick!

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  144. Jan

    Great recipe!
    How can something eggless, sugarless, grainless taste so good?
    It was really hot here today, so I didn’t want to run the big oven and baked these in the convection oven instead. As a consequence, my first half of the batch was getting too toasty on the outside and unfinished on the inside, so I turned the temp down to 300 and baked for 15 minutes so the middle would set better. Worked out great, and didn’t over heat my house. I had about 4 tablespoons batter left, and tried adding a teaspoon of cocoa to that bit to make a double chocolate cookie –> pretty darn good, and didn’t change the texture. I now have two cookie flavors from your recipe. I will also try adding coconut flakes someday, and the chopped toasted pecans on another day as was mentioned in other comments.
    Thank you for a simple, healthier, and interchangeable recipe that is SO yummy!

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  146. Daksha

    I’m just beginning to try out various paleo recipes and I have to say, these are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. I’m not much of a cook myself, but they were super quick and easy to make, and they tasted unbelievably good. The only suggestion I’d make is to perhaps go a little lighter on the honey next time.

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  150. Danielle

    I have tried a lot of recipes lately where the blog author raves about his or her creation and I can’t even finish it once I make it myself. Gina, you have restored my faith in humanity and the blogosphere. Thank you! These are AMAZING!

      1. Danielle

        Ah! I’ve never won anything before! ;) Thank you! And btw, I’m making these again tomorrow. It’s the weekend…

  151. Mandy

    Love this recipe! Quick question I want to make them again and I’m out of coconut oil, would it be alright to use olive oil instead?

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I’ve never tried it and would probably do butter instead of olive oil if I had to pick a sub, but I’m sure it would work.

  152. Jacky

    So I didn’t have almond flour and thought I could substitute 1/2 c coconut flour & 1/2 c of tapioca flour. Needless to say I couldnt even roll them into balls. The dough would not stay together. So I added an egg and about a tbsp more almond milk. The dough finally looked normal, but after pressing onto a cookie sheet and baked for 10 minutes, I took them out and they dry and tasteless.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Yeah, unfortunately those substitutions aren’t really 1 for 1 with almond flour. If you’re going to use subs, any other regular nut flour (not coconut) would probably be your best bet.

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  157. Meg

    Awesome! My husband said they are some of the best cookies he’d ever tasted, and he is not Paleo friendly :) My husband, 2 kiddos and I thank you!

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  162. Amber

    YUMMY! I am new to the paleo lifestyle. I have been trying new recipes out on the family. They all love this. I doubled this recipe. I only cooked seven cookies because the batter is so good. My husband said he would easy these paleo chocolate chip cookies over regular chocolate chip cookies any day. I also ate a small amount of batter, maybe a little more than that,but I’m so full. I love how it satisfies my craving and my hunger. Headed to a family dinner full and not craving a refined sugar dessert. Thank you for sharing! I’ll send some sunshine your way.

  163. Caitlin

    Hi! I’d love to make these, but I have a nut allergy :-(

    I assume I can use soy milk instead of almond milk, but what can I substitute for almond meal? Soy flour?

    thanks for your help!

  164. Eden

    I made these for a weekend class, I used butter instead of coconut oil but otherwise followed the recipe as is. My recipe only made 16 cookies, not 24 and perhaps I ate a couple before they got to the class :) Anyway, I was so surprised when I had about 12 of the women come up to me to tell me how great they were. Mind you, it’s not a group that knows me except by name. I have never had such a big response to a recipe before. Will be making them for the class again next weekend and doubling the recipe. Thank you!

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  167. Anya

    I made your cookies three times. The first time they turned out perfect. But ever since I put my almond flour in fridge, they have come out flat. I measured everything exactly how you recommended but I couldn’t fix the problem. Is it because I store my flour in fridge? Or maybe it is because it got super hot outside (I live in hot Arizona, and dry climate sometimes affects wheat flour), I don’t know……We still ate the cookies, they are delicious no matter what.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Hmm…my guess would be the fact that the almond flour is refrigerated but I don’t keep mine in the fridge to be able to say that with certainty.

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  169. Kristen

    Thank you so much for my new favorite cookie recipe!! I just LOVE the coconut flavor and almond flour together. Soooooo good! This was my treat after completing the Whole30. Oh baby!!

  170. Alesha d

    Just made these and they taste great but fell to crumbles in my hand. What do I do now? Any way to fix them?

  171. Jenn Saiz

    Hi! These are da’bomb….have made them a number of times. Do you by chance have the nutritional value for one? I need to keep track of my macro’s for a challenge that I had completed, and, am still maintaining it….thanks! ;)

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I don’t…but feel free to plug the recipe into any online nutritional calculator to find out.

  172. Xena

    These were freakin’ awesome! I ate a few before they were even baked (equally delicious). The flavours just go so well together that it was hard to stop!!
    Gina, I love your blog and your recipes never fail me……….thank you! xo

  173. Christina M Devlin

    Has anyone added cocoa power to this to make chocolate chocolate chip? If so how much did you add and what did you think?
    I love these cookies! I grind almonds to make the meal, I enjoy having some larger chunks of nuts in the cookies.


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