Sweet corn, peach & honey mustard chicken salad (154x190)

Sweet corn, peach & honey mustard chicken salad

This honey mustard chicken salad with sweet corn and peaches is a summery, mayo-less light lunch you’ll love. Any time I make chicken salad I’m reminded of that Newleywed’s episode with Jessica Simpson and the whole Chicken of the Sea debacle. I’ve never actually used canned chicken to make it (see yesterday’s post for explanation…

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Coconut Wild Rice Risotto (166x170)

Coconut wild rice and spinach risotto with salmon

On my first interview for the company I currently work at, I was sent from room to room as I met with 6 of the 8 employees at the time in the ghetto fab office building which was really a condo complex that someone had half-assedly (term of the day) turned into office suites (suite…

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Chocolate Dipped Goat Cheese Stuffed Peaches (163x170)

From bookmark to blog: chocolate dipped stuffed peaches

These are pretty much the funkiest and most delicious combination of flavors I’ve ever tasted. You could probably guess what all but 1 of the 7 ingredients are in these just by looking at them but it’s the one you can’t guess that makes it so weird and amazing at the same time. Any guesses?…

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broccoli fried rice  (156x205)

Broccoli fried rice with shrimp

The minute I started telling people I joined CrossFit last week, the same question came out of almost all of their mouths: Are you going to do the paleo thing too? Or some variation thereof. The short answer? No. The longer answer? I don’t really “do” anything when it comes to diets. I don’t like…

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Roasted Summer Vegetable Salad (158x205)

Simple summer roasted vegetable salad

Sometimes simple is good. Ring dips and handstand pushups. Switching car insurance over the phone in less than 2 minutes. Having a potential new client come to you instead of having to chase them. A roasted vegetable salad for lunch. I could eat this for lunch for the rest of the summer and be blissfully…

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