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Roasted Smashed Sweet Potatoes


These smashed roasted sweet potatoes are a fun way to switch up your potato routine. A crispy outside gives way to a soft and sweet middle, the best of both worlds.

I’ve been eating sweet potatoes like they’re going out of style lately.

Mostly because they seem to be sprouting within days of bringing them home due to the recent heat, but I can’t say I mind it.

 roasted smashed sweet potatoes

They satisfy a carb craving without really being a full blown carb and anything I can douse in ketchup is always a welcomed addition to my plate.

 roasted smashed sweet potatoes

When I saw Rachel make these a few weeks ago with red potatoes I knew I wanted to try it out with sweet ones.

If for nothing other than the fact you get to smash them between a dish towel as part of the prep, something I found to be an oddly enjoyable sensation.

They’re kinda the best of both worlds.

Soft sweet insides with a crispy exterior.

Just like my smashed and roasted purple sweet potato recipe! Definitely check the color out on those guys!

 roasted smashed sweet potatoes

Simply seasoned with sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes they’re a fun, easy way to switch up your potato routine.

Original source: Baked by Rachel

Original recipe: Roasted smashed potatoes


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