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I’m a talker. Ulysses is not. In fact, he barely spoke to my parents until after we were engaged. That went over well.

This lovely personality trait makes me feel like I need to spend 1 day a week just rambling on about everything that didn’t get mentioned in the previous 7 posts or that my husband has no desire to hear from me at the dinner table. Or at least the stuff I want to talk about. Frustrating work conference calls…not on the list. 10 gray hairs plucked out of my head…also not on the list.

So here we go…


Yes, I like talking about this stuff. I spend all week talking about food, eating food, making food, let’s talk about how I get rid of that food. And no, not in that kind of way.

After a few days off and some modifications for the weird foot injury that almost went away as quickly as it came on, I’ve been bodyrocking like there’s no tomorrow. I’m just absolutely obsessed with these workouts. They’re fun, they’re fast and every single time I think one looks easy, I get my ass handed to me within the first 2 minutes. I love it.

Lean muscle fast 300 rep challenge <—this is actually the one I hurt my foot doing. Take my advice, don’t do step ups on a chair.

Glad you came (intermediate version)

Roc it out rep challenge

ZWOW #6 <—found this video link on Michelle & Lori’s site. Apparently, Zuzana does her own videos now that she’s not on bodyrock anymore and this was a great no equipment needed workout.

I also made up my own circuit one day that looked like this:


In addition to those, I’ve added the Tone it up girls ab workout to the end of quite a few workouts.

The bodyrock monthly challenge also has “fit test” where you do a series of exercises for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest between each one a few times during the month to see how you’re improving. I did this on 2/9 and 2/20 so far. I plan on doing the last one on Monday. Here’s what the improvement looks like so far:

fit test 2

*I did pushup burpees on 2/20 instead of regular ones by accident, hence the lower number.

Not bad progress for 11 days. I can also visibly see a difference in my arms at this point. There are A LOT of pushups in these workouts!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other people’s food!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There are exactly 60 blogs in my google reader, most include food some way or another. Some post 3 times a day, others once a day, and that doesn’t even count the posts I read through twitter because something catches my eye. Needless to say, there is a TON of food that I inevitably come across and want to make instantly.

Going with this month’s “eat clean” theme. These stuffed tomatoes and this millet bowl are high on the weekend’s list.


I’m seriously excited to give this stuff a try.


Swanson contacted me a little while ago about trying some of their stuff out and this was one of the things I chose with the coupon they gave me. Their site is full of healthy products. Think whole foods meets your local “green” store but all of it discounted. People rave about Himalayan salt so I figured I’d give it a shot. Any good ideas what to use it on or do with it?




  1. Gina C.

    I really really would like to start the Bodyrock workouts (i’ve been stalking it for a bit now), but I just wish they were more dressed or something. I just checked out that no equipment ZWOW#6 and I just don’t understand why she can’t where a normal shirt? As soon as my four year old heard a video on the computer, she (who like any four year old doesn’t EVER leave my side) wanted to see what I was watching and I just could not bring myself to scroll up and have her look at this half-naked woman bouncing all around. Even though she funnily asked 1. if that was me on the video (haha) and 2. begged me to show her what it was. Both of my girls are next to me in the basement almost every time I workout and my oldest — the 4 year old — likes to “train” with me as she puts it. So in an effort to teach positive body image and modesty to some degree (your boobs do not have to be hanging out at all times), I can’t do these, which is really a bummer because I know it’s exactly what my body needs!

    1. Gina

      I actually don’t watch the videos while doing the workout. I watch them beforehand, write down the exercises and then just bring that sheet with me to my gym area. Is there a way you could watch the videos when yours kids are sleeping at night, write them down and then not have to expose them to the images while working out during the day? Like the ZWOW one was only 3 moves so it’s easy enough to do without the video playing…
      Just a thought :)

  2. Sarah

    Both my doggies at home do that too! She’s just fluffin’ her pillow, natch ;)

    I actually think this might be more true than not, because whichever dog ends up with my flatter pillow tends to do this a lot more. Hah. I love watching though. I crack up the whole time.

  3. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    I am soooo glad to have found BodyRock. Those wokouts are killer. I did the March 1st 420 rep challenge yesterday and seriously thought I was going to puke. It was glorious. ;)

    Thanks for the link back. Can’t wait to see how you like the stuffed tomatoes! Have a great weekend!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      haha, I’m sure she’d prefer our bed too but we have a no furniture rule over here otherwise my allergies would be insane!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      are you talking about the Fit Test numbers? If so those numbers are how many reps of that specific exercise I did in 50 seconds before resting for 10 seconds and then moving on to the next exercise. So on 2/9 I did 32 squat jumps in 50 seconds and then when I did the fit test again on 2/20 I was able to complete 37 squat jumps in the same time, improving by 5 jumps. Hope that makes sense…

  4. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Always nice to know how many blogs are in people’s readers…and yes, the number can be deceiving b/c of the frequency in which some people post…so some blogs are really like having 3 in your reader b/c they post 3x a day!

    And I love that you’re a talker. Me too.

  5. katie @KatieDid

    hahahha your dog is hilarious. My roommates dog does something very similar too.
    So true about body rock- I’m always like oh this one will be simple here we go! Then I’m burning and panting within a few reps. Love it though! I’ve been doing the Zwows about once a week too and really like them so far.

  6. Hayley @ Oat Couture

    Aww haha yeah Betty does something similar… she pulls all the cushions and throws of the sofa (despite being told off every.single.time) and then spends 10 minutes ‘getting comfy’ on them on the floor! I just found Zuzanas new workouts as well, really glad she’s still making and posting them. Not to sound like a prude but I like that they’re all filmed from a slightly more, shall we say respectable angle! And also that there are zero RIDICULOUS names!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      haha yes, I totally agree. the angles and pictures on the normal bodyrock site are just out of control. Doesn’t bother me really but it’s just totally unnecessary.

  7. Sally @ Spontaneous Hausfrau

    Yep, my pups, too. My female is really vocal about it – she grumbles and moans while she does it. I remember watching a show about dogs years ago and I learned that it’s an instinctual thing that wolves do, too, called nesting. They’re readying their sleeping space or shelter by clearing away any “debris.”

    Guess they didn’t get the memo that mommy is the one who cleans away the debris (at least in this den).

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Ginger grunts sometimes too. Funny and weird all at the same time. Too bad they’re not actually “clearing away the debris” that would be nice…

  8. Margarita

    I like checking my arms all the time and every time I see something that looks like a line or a muscle toning improvement (might be imaginary), I am the happiest girl in the world. Am I crazy or what? But seriously for the longest time, there was nothing and I felt frustrated, when I started increasing push ups, it really made a difference.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      You’re not alone. This sounds so vain, but I enjoy drying my hair because I can definitely see the improvement in my arm muscles. hahaha!

  9. cheryl

    LOL. my beagle does the same thing only she has to be under the covers and sometimes it drives me CRAZY! geuss she never read the little house books where Jack the dog only turned around three times. maybe i should read them to her but i doubt she will take the hint. beagles are so stubborn.
    i just found your site and am excited to try your recipes.

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