Baked baklava stuffed apples with coconut cream are a delicious fall treat.
Baklava stuffed apples with coconut cream

I’ve wanted to tell you about these apples for weeks now, but I patiently kept my mouth shut waiting for my turn at Rachel’s Apple a Day party this month.

For approximately 335 days a year I couldn’t care less about apples. Out of all the fruits in the world, they’re usually among my bottom 5. They’re just kind of blah (the amazing Honeycrisp excluded) in my opinion. Give me a summer peach any day over an apple. But come September and cider and apple cider donuts and crowds of city folk flocking to my neck of the suburban woods to visit the apple orchards, I give in to the craze.

Baklava stuffed apples

And I stuff them with spiced walnuts and brown sugar and top them with whipped coconut cream.

Ok, not really, just this once. But it’s going to become a recurring thing because they were out of this world good. Good enough to maybe make me think about the mostly boring fruit the other 11 months of the year.


Stuffed apples with coconut cream

Unless you tempt me with a peach.

Head on over to Rachel’s to grab the recipe today and if apples are your thing, check out all the other Apple a Day posts from this month by clicking the button below.

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  1. I love baked apples, it’s like having apple pie without the crust. The baklava filling makes them even more delectable!

  2. I tried to post this to Pintrest and it wouldn’t let me :( Why? Any ideas? Anyway, obviously I thought this looked delish because I want to share it with the world! It’s getting chilly here in the North Georgia mountains and I’m looking forward to doing some apple picking here in the next few weekends, and this will be perfect!

    1. honestly, pinterest is a temperamental biatch sometimes…I just tried and it works for me. Try again, it might work this time. Not sure if you used the pinterest button below the picture in the post but that’s the one that worked for me.

  3. Thanks so much for whipping these up for the party before you ran off on me lol. :) Now I need to go dig out my melon baller ;)

  4. Wow, it’d be hard to keep something this good tucked away for no one to see! I’m sure I would have opened my big mouth by now! Heading over there to check out the recipe now. Anything with baklava and I’m sold!