Top 9 collage (170x170)

The best of 2012

So it’s the last day of the year. On Wednesday, I told you I most likely wasn’t going to be back until 2013 since I had time off from work, an awesome ski trip planned and wanted to enjoy the last few days with my husband home. Well, guess what? 2012 wanted to make sure…

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February sponsor shout out

December sponsor shout out

Hi guys! Hope everyone who celebrates had a very merry Christmas. I took an unplanned few days off from this computer to enjoy 1. a husband who is home (for more than 48 hours!) 2. food 3. family 4. more food 5. baking and 6. even more food. I’ve got the week off from work,…

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well fed 1 (170x185)

Well Fed review & giveaway!

You guys remember this chocolate chili stuffed squash? Remember how I called myself a cheater since the chili recipe wasn’t mine and I basically gave you a recipe on how to cook squash and a link to the chili recipe and called it a day? Well, cheating was a good idea because Melissa, who created…

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chestnut spread 3 (160x205)

Honey vanilla chestnut spread

I didn’t eat a roasted chestnut until I was 20. It took living in another country and walking past a food cart that sold them everyday for 2 months before I finally caved. I have no idea how or why I resisted their intoxicating winter smell that permeated the entire block for so long because…

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truffles 7 (162x190)

Chocolate almond truffles

These are easy truffles made with almond butter and dates for a healthy, paleo spin on a decadent classic. We haven’t really created many holiday traditions in the 6+ years we’ve been married. I guess it’s a combination of  the lack of kids thing, spending 2 of the 6 Christmasses traveling when we lived in…

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