Loco for coco

It’s Wednesday! Which means we have this lovely gal to thank for WIAW. Go check out her site if you want to drool over hundreds of delicious food photos. Don’t do it while hungry though, that’s like grocery shopping while hungry. Bad, bad things happen.   Ever go to sleep and know exactly what you…

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Back in business

What a difference a day makes! Hard to believe that just 36 hours ago we were dealing with this when yesterday, it looked like this. Much better! Yesterday was one of those super productive Monday’s where you’re just crossing things off the checklist left and right. I made this delicious salad for an upcoming guest…

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Like everyone else on the east coast, I’m about to talk about Hurricane Irene. If you’re sick of reading about her perhaps you’d enjoy these instead.. seeing Dumbledore in the airport caving and finally buying a Nook! or, delicious zucchini, feta, olive oil muffins ********* Oh Irene, you little biatch. Next time I have illusions…

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Zucchini & feta olive oil muffins

So, let’s talk about this whole “run to the store and stock up on food” thing people do in weather emergencies. Does it seem odd to anyone else that everyone is running around like lunatics, spending exorbitant amounts of money on food to fill their refrigerator when the chances of losing electricity are pretty damn…

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I gave in

to this beauty. Top of my list for Irene preparations was buying Mockingjay. I’m half way through Catching Fire and fully anticipate finishing the book in about an hour come Sunday morning when I’m trapped  inside with no other distractions. The quest for the book started at Sam’s Club along with every other person in…

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