The Race Itch

Guess what I did yesterday on the plane?

Carrot cake pineapple muffins

Signed up for my first 10K race! 5 hours of free uninterrupted internet can be dangerous.

I almost actually signed up for the Philadelphia half marathon at the end of November but, I thought that might be a little too spontaneous. Training for 13.1 miles when my average run is more like 4 right now is a big commitment and I think I should take more than a couple of hours to think that one through.

6.2 miles, however, is totally doable! And, it’s my first ever 10K so automatic PR, right?

The course is described as “over scenic, shaded and rolling terrain.” Rolling terrain is to running what “cozy” is to real estate advertising. They should put that analogy on the SATs! Cozy = a nice way of saying small. Rolling terrain = a nice way of saying hilly. Check out the elevation map of the course:

Rhinebeck 10K mad dash race elevation

That should be fun, huh? I foresee a few more neighborhood runs in my future for training.

With exactly 1 month until the race, I figured I should put together a training plan considering I can’t remember the last time I ran more than 5 miles.

10K training plan

I don’t have the best schedule over the next 4 weeks considering there is a 12 hour car trip to the beach, a bachelorette party weekend and a work trip that is at least 3 days longs as of right now but, I think I made it work.

I’ve found 3 days of running a week to be best for me to be able to 1. avoid burnout and 2. be able to still fit in strength training. The one thing that may need to be tweaked is doing NROLFW on days before my long run. I’ve found that the soreness after those workouts tends to last 2 days for me and therefore might not be the best idea the day before a long run.

As far as a goal for this race, I’m hesitant to put a time goal out there since this is my first 10K and it’s a hilly course. I also think the course is long by about .2 miles (which I found out during my half marathon can really mess with your time predictions!) when looking at google maps. According to race predictors, when I input my most recent longer race (HOHA 5 miler), it says I should be able to run a 10K in 51:16 which is an 8:14 pace. That seems pretty lofty to me right now so I’m going to set a more realistic goal of under 55 minutes (8:51 pace). I’m pretty sure I can meet or even beat that. Typically with races, I like to pick a pretty attainable time goal so when I do beat it, it feels even better. Setting yourself up for success, right?

I’ll reevaluate the Philly half marathon after this race. On one hand, I would be half way to the half marathon mileage in training after this and I do love running in the fall so it’s perfect timing but, on the other hand, I don’t miss the time commitment of half training at all!

What are your upcoming races?

Anyone raced Philadelphia before?

How do you set race goals for yourself?


  1. Corey @ Learning Patience

    Good Luck girl! That’s super exciting! I ran my 1st 10k last year – I loved it! You will have so much fun! I am always signing my husband and I up for things without him knowing…then I just fill him in later — hee hee :-) Happy Friday! xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Taralyn

    I’m doing the half in Philly. There are very few hills and the weather will probably be perfect. And it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so you can feel great about stuffing yourself on Turkey Day cause you “just” ran a half marathon. (You can use that for at least a week right!?!?!) Come do it!!!

    PS – I find spontaneous decisions are often the best decisions. :)

      1. Ashley

        Hey Gina! I want to do the Philly half. My brother is doing the full marathon but I need some inspiration. What do you think?

  3. Holly @ The Runny Egg

    My next race is a 4K on Sunday — it isn’t timed (I don’t think!) so this is a total fun run. After that I have a 10 Mile in October. After that, who knows!

    I really don’t set time goals for myself. I usually have a number in mind, but I never know how I’ll feel on race day so I try to not put too much pressure on myself.

  4. Cath

    No races for me lately, I ran a 10k and a 12k when I was living in Germany. The area was very flat so it was easy to train all the time! Now I live in a “rolling terrain” area, very hot and humid, so I haven’t trained for a race since we arrived ! But I will run the city’s 1/2 marathon next year (in april). It will be my first 1/2 marathon.. The training will start in fall and I hope to run in 2.45 max .

  5. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled

    A 10K is definitely a good starting point! You’ll rock it!
    My upcoming races include my first half marathon (Rock n Roll) in October and I’ll also do the Rock n Roll in Las Vegas in December although I haven’t signed up for it yet.
    Since these are my first big races, the goal is just to finish. The next ones will have loftier time goals.

  6. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Ahh good luck lady! I love the 10k distance… like Anna said, not too short and not too long!
    My next race is a 5k I am running with my mom on Sunday :)

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Have fun with your mom! That’s super cute. My mom has been doing the couch to 5K program, I should get her to sign up for a smal 5K with me, great idea!

  7. Emily@RunningPerspective

    girl I AM THINKING ABOUT DOING THE HALF IN PHILLY TOO!!!! never ran a half before but i WANT TO once these injuries go away!!!
    lets do itttttt

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  13. Elaine Camacho

    I’ve only done one 10k- for some reason the distance scares me! That’s awesome. I’ve never done a 10K before, but would like to! You will have so much fun!


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