Cranberry Apple Stuffed Cornish Hens

These cranberry apple stuffed cornish hens are roasted in the oven over a bed of red potatoes. It’s a simple, elegant fall meal you’ll make over and over.

I remember my mom making cornish hens once as a kid and literally freaking out because I thought it was a baby chicken. She assured me it wasn’t but having just googled the life span of a cornish hen, being slaughtered 30 days after birth sounds pretty much like a baby chicken, mom. Makes me wonder how many times I was lied to just to get food down my throat.

Cranberry apple stuffed cornish hens

Last Saturday night, Brandy came over with Thai takeout, we watched Pitch Perfect, Save the Last Dance and Love and Basketball while drinking red wine until 2am. When Ulysses walked in the door after his shift at 1am, he found us on the couch reminiscing about how epic the early 2000s were while singing Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work on repeat in a slightly inebriated state. Welcome to the life of childless 32 year olds.

The next day, I was left with a residual headache and half a bottle of opened wine leftover. And since the best way to get rid of a hangover headache is to just drink more, that’s what I decided to do.

Stuffed cornish hens with cranberries and apples

Except in a way a little more age appropriate.

By roasting up a chicken with some potatoes and eating it alongside a nice glass of wine.


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