Goat cheese frozen yogurt with honey roasted figs

This goat cheese frozen yogurt with honey roasted figs is tangy, just slightly sweet and the perfect summer treat.
Goat cheese frozen yogurt with honey roasted figs

Ok, so it’s September 2 and although I’m schlepping through Milan right now after a red eye (which I can guarantee I didn’t sleep on) trying to figure out which 3 trains will get us to Santa Margherita for the next 4 days, I will bet ANY amount of money that the internet world is abuzz with PUMPKIN this! and APPLE that!

And I just flat out refuse to buy into that crap quite yet (although there may be one or two of those things coming in the next week or so) just because Labor Day is now behind us.

Listen people, in the real world (like the one you’re actually living in, not the one you’re pretending to be in on pinterest) tomatoes are still inundating backyard gardens, the zucchini takeover is real, apples are just starting to come in season and figs are superfluous.

So, let’s live in that world for a few more days/weeks if we can, ok? I hate this “rushing through the seasons to the next best thing” that the internet facilitates. I refuse to wish away deliciously ripe tomatoes when 4 or 5 months from now, I’d give anything for one.

Same goes for figs.

Goat cheese frozen yogurt with roasted figs

Ok, rant over.

You have to really like figs to buy figs because they might be the fastest fruit to mold on this planet. I plowed through 3 pints of them in 3 days last week and that’s only because 1 of those pints got roasted for this goat cheese frozen yogurt.

If you love the tang of plain frozen yogurt from those self-serve places, you’re going to LOVE this. The goat cheese gives it that perfect tangy-ness while the roasted figs bring a hint of sweetness and a gorgeous pink tinge to the whole thing.


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