Mexican Stuffed Onions

These Mexican stuffed onions are filled with couscous, chicken, salsa, cilantro and lots of cheese making them a fun way to do dinner!

Ulysses is adamant about flying JetBlue when we go to Florida each year. I, however, am all about whichever airline has the cheapest fair. To him, the ability to watch TV the whole way down trumps any amount of savings I might be able to squeak out on Delta or any other airline. Every year, I fight hard for the cheaper fair and every year I lose the battle. So a few weeks ago on our way down, I found myself watching 2.5 hours of Beat Bobby Flay on Food Network on repeat. Well, flipping between that and Love It or List It on HGTV (sometimes I really miss having cable solely for those two channels).

I’ve always liked Bobby Flay (there aren’t too many Food Network stars I can say that about) and after 5 shows of him kicking ass and taking names, I have to say, I’m even more impressed. The man can cook pretty much anything and not only cook it, but beat people who have been making and perfecting it (whatever “it” may be) for sometimes 20+ years.

Mexican stuffed onions

My favorite part of the show, however, isn’t even when Bobby’s cooking, it’s the first throw-down between the two contestants that are trying to win the opportunity to go up against him. He picks 1 surprise ingredient and they have to create a dish that focuses on it in 20 minutes before the judges taste and choose a winner. The whole thing reminds me of Chopped and the hours upon hours I’d spend watching it when we actually had cable a few years ago.


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