Savory Kale and Feta Bread

This savory kale and feta bread is hearty and packed with nutrition. Serve warmed with some butter for a filling side.

There’s a story behind this kale and feta bread. As in, I’m obsessed with kale, tuscan kale in particular and harassed the poor Spanish produce guy named Juan about it one day in the store with the best Spanish I could muster after essentially not speaking it for ten years.

Savory kale and feta bread

There were lots of hand gestures, funny faces and looks of confusion that went along with it.

The result though? My favorite little produce store finally carries tuscan kale now and I hoard it like it might disappear tomorrow with kale leaves popping out of my vegetable drawer in the fridge at all times.

Hence, kale and feta bread.

Kale and feta bread

I know you want to read the whole story about Juan and I though. Or, more likely, you probably just want the recipe.


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