Citrus Honey Biscuits

These citrus honey biscuits are filled with the sweet flavor of honey and the bright freshness of orange and meyer lemons. They’re a delicious addition to your breakfast plate.

There’s a part of me that thinks I’d get along juuuust fine in the south. Warm weather, flip flops year round, the ability to say “bless her heart” and then be justified in talking smack about someone without my character coming into question and…biscuits. How can you not love a place will all those things?

Oh, right; the snails pace that everything moves at. Considering a 10 minute wait at the post office can put me over the edge (although that might be more of a competency issue than anything else), Southern life might, in fact, not be in my best interest.

Citrus Honey Biscuits

But, I do really like the biscuit part. I don’t think I’ve ever made biscuits before this. Scones? Yes. But not biscuits. Isn’t that sad? A scone is great and all (especially when they have that big sugary topping), but nothing beats the doughy, yeast-like (even though there’s no yeast in these) center of a biscuit. Scones scream, “may I please have a cup of tea.” Biscuits scream, “I’ll take 2 fried eggs, a side of bacon, hash-browns and the biggest mug of coffee you have”.

I’m a biscuit girl.

Honey Citrus Biscuits

Since it’s January and the only freshness we have going on in the fruit department is citrus, I decided to bring some flavor to biscuit town with it. Orange and Meyer lemon zest along with fresh orange juice gives these biscuits a hint of citrus brightness to them. Not really the pour some-gravy-over-top kind of biscuit and more so the eat-on-the-side-of-your-breakfast-plate kind.

While I may be a newly minted biscuit girl, the gravy thing freaks me out.


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