Greek Potato Casserole

This Greek potato casserole is a lemony oregano filled roasted potato dish filled with all the elements of a Greek salad. 

I have to admit something. I’m the wife of Greek guy and I really dislike oregano.

I feel like that’s potential grounds for divorce to Greeks. Good thing I don’t want kids because that whole name everyone after your parents which results in like 4 family names just going on and on and on down the generational chain…yeah, no. Those are two acts of defiance I’m pretty sure would not bode well within the family.

But then my mother in law brought a huge jar of fresh oregano to our house from Greece this past July and my entire world was rocked.

Greek Potato casserole

Fresh from Greece oregano is quite different than “sat in the spice aisle at the supermarket for a year” oregano. It’s bright, not nearly as “bad Italian food” smelly and the whole inspiration for this Greek potato casserole.

Roasted potatoes are a staple in our family winter meals but they’re always served as a side dish. This casserole, makes them the star of the show but adds all the elements of a Greek salad with lemony baked chicken for a well rounded meal. From crispy roasted potatoes to salty feta to kalamata olives and juicy tomatoes, each bite has just a hint of oregano throughout and yet I love it. Like most things in life, quality stuff makes a difference.


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