Pecan chicken with cranberry goat cheese sauce

This pecan chicken is served with a creamy cranberry goat cheese sauce. A fancy looking festive dinner you can make in 30 minutes.

We went apple picking this weekend and even though we tried to be conservative in our picking, we somehow ended up with 10+ pounds of apples. Ten pounds isn’t really a huge amount but as I’ve said before, I really couldn’t care less about them as a fruit. Especially when the only varieties left on the trees were Empire, Red Delicious (worst apple on the planet, whoever put the word ‘delicious’ in that name was clearly high) and Cortland. We did find a handful of Fuji trees hidden in the back corner of the orchard that had a few decent apples left on them which was the only redeeming thing about the experience. Well, that and three dozen fresh cider donuts we ordered.

So I had every intention of making some sort of chicken dish involving apples to attack the stash sitting on my counter, except what came out was pecan chicken with cranberry goat cheese sauce.

Pecan chicken with cranberry goat cheese sauce

Far from anything having to do with an apple. Oops.


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