Buffalo Chicken Triscuit Nachos

*This post is sponsored by Refinery29 and Triscuit. I was compensated for this recipe, however, all content and opinions are my own.

These Triscuit nachos are topped with buffalo sauce, buffalo chicken, cheese and crunchy celery. They’re everything you love about chicken wings in a healthier nacho form!

There’s this pizza place called Giacomo’s conveniently located right smack in the middle of the 2 mile drive from CrossFit back to my house. Since I can’t for the life of me turn myself into a morning workout person, passing it every single weeknight around 6-7pm can be a bit dangerous. Particularly since discovering their buffalo chicken thin crust Sicilian pie. Yes, I realize thin crust and Sicilian in the same sentence is a complete contradiction and Ulysses and I argued about that being its actual name for months before finally looking it up on their website. I lost. It is indeed called that and while I’d normally judge a pizza joint for their obvious oversight to the fact that Sicilian implies square and puffy dough not thin crust, one bite into this pie, I forgave them.

Buffalo chicken Triscuit nachos

I’m normally not a fan of pizza without tomato sauce, I mean, isn’t that one of the 3 required ingredients?! However, this pie is like a chicken wing and a pizza had a baby and instead of tomato sauce, it uses buffalo sauce. Cheese and chicken go on top and then my absolute favorite ingredient gets sprinkled on at the end for a cool crisp bite, celery.
I never really thought the day would come that I would call celery a favorite ingredient in anything but it totally MAKES this pizza. It offsets the spiciness perfectly and sometimes if they’ve gone too light on it, I’ll actually chop up more at home and throw it on for the optimal celery to buffalo sauce bite.


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