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Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week 7


What a weekend! I think we’re currently getting our “payback” for never losing power during Hurricane Irene this summer because we’re still without it this morning. The worst part is that the utility company’s website says “power has been restored to your area” when in fact that is one big LIE! I hate sitting here just waiting, patience isn’t my strong point.

Hopefully most of you did not have to deal with snow this weekend and enjoyed yourselves. Here’s what went on the past few days in case you missed it.


Let’s get into week 7. Not a stellar week but not as bad as last week either. Getting over my cold in the beginning of the week and the whole no electricity thing/15 inches of snow at the end kind of threw a few wrenches in the plan.

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Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week 7


Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week 7


I was feeling better Monday but had a feeling 10 miles would be pushing it. Kari had some great advice to do a test run and see how I felt so I did just that and promptly came home after 2 miles. Having asthma, colds tend affect my lungs more than others and the combination of that and the colder weather were just too much for me to run the planned 10 on Monday so I gave my body one more day of rest.


10 mile run

I was pretty pleased with how the 10 miles turned out considering I was just getting over a cold. I averaged an even 9:00 min/mile pace throughout this run and felt good. I think I’m going to have to brave the ice bath this week though because after 10, my legs were pretty fatigued for a couple of days even with a good bit of stretching.


I just did about 20 minutes of my own made up stretching/yoga routine to try and loosen up my legs from the long run.


After a week and a half hiatus from NROLFW, I finally finished stage 3 (update coming soon) and did Yoga Meltdown on top of this for some light cardio and more stretching + strength.


Knowing the forecast for the weekend I was really motivated to take this speed work session outside. Friday was cold but it was the perfect running weather. I can only hope race day is similar. With my lululemon running pants (I swear sometimes the right clothes make you run better) and long sleeves I never really broke a sweat but at the same time I wasn’t cold either. The run broke down like this:

  • .75 mile warm-up
  • .25 mile sprint @ 7:50-7:55 min/mile pace (x8)
  • .25 mile recovery @ 9:10 min/mile pace (x8)
  • .5 mile cool down


Two unintentional rest days because of the weather. I should’ve/could’ve gotten a workout of some sort in on Saturday before we lost power and now I’m kicking myself for not having the motivation to have done so. I’ll probably try to make up some, if not all the mileage this week. This is the first run I’ve skipped in training and I know it’s not a big deal (especially since I had 2 extra miles last week) but the obsessive side of me wants to say I got in all my mileage. We’ll see…

Total Weekly Round-up:

  • Run: 17.25
  • Bike: 0
  • Strength: 2

What’s your workout look like today?

Do you usually try and make-up missed mileage or just move forward?

What are your Halloween plans tonight? We don’t even have candy! Almost hoping we don’t have power so we can use that as our excuse!

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