This trip is turning out to be quite the foodie adventure. Yesterday’s meals included tri-tip tacos for lunch, self-serve frozen yogurt and a Thai feast for dinner.  All of which made up for the fact that I missed breakfast. We had a late meeting so I used the time in the morning to get my 4 mile tempo run in and misjudged the time I had to get ready before the hotel breakfast ended. I walked down just after 10am to find out breakfast had closed just minutes before. Luckily, I had grabbed a banana and peanut butter before the run so I wasn’t starving but, I don’t like missing meals. Not my style.

tacosfro yoThai dinner

It feels like forever since I talked about running so I figured what better time than around the half way mark in training for my upcoming 10k race?

Here was the initial training plan I came up with when I registered for the race.

10k training plan

And here’s what’s actually happened so far (in green).

10k training plan - actual

The good news? I’ve gotten in all my long runs and they’ve actually felt great (minus the whole towed car part of the 5 miler). Running 7 miles this Monday was the first time I’ve run that distance in over 8 months and it was an awesome run. The cooler temperatures have made all the difference recently and I’ve found myself really looking forward to running every time I lace up.

The bad news? Strength training (NROLFW) has been hard to fit in. I’ve only gotten in 3 sessions in 2.5 weeks. This isn’t really due to the race training but more so my schedule. I was naïve in thinking I could complete any NROLFW workouts while at the beach. I thought about bringing the equipment necessary to do at least most of the workouts for all of 1 minute before realizing how ridiculous that would actually be. So, that was an entire week off I didn’t plan on. I’m hoping to fit in 2 sessions this week when I’m back home. I think it’s more realistic to plan on 2 workouts a week until after this race rather than the 3 I was doing before. Not ideal but better than nothing. I’ve been supplementing with pushups everyday and some other random strength moves when I remember so I hopefully keep whatever muscle I built up over Stage 1 of NROLFW.

Other thoughts? Tempo runs rock, intervals suck. Also, I love being able to fit in biking as a form of cross training. I get excited for the days it’s on the agenda because it’s still so new and fun.

The cooler temperatures and the higher distances have really made me want to sign up for another half marathon so I’m pretty sure I’m going to run the Philly half but, I’m waiting to actually register until after this race. I really don’t want to spend $100 on a race that I’m not 100% sure about and to think that not even 2 months ago I was saying I had no desire to run another half makes me hesitant. It’s like a switch got flipped though and all of a sudden long distance running sounds appealing again. The fall is such a perfect time to train around here it’s hard to pass up the opportunity. Plus, I really want to beat my half marathon PR and I know I can.

Anyone else running a race over Labor Day weekend?

Do you find you enjoy running more or less during different times of the year?

What’s your favorite speed workout?

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  1. I find it SO hard to fit in strength training too. I have made it ahppen but I’m a LOT less motivated for it than I used to be.

  2. I love running during the fall and winter. The weather is so much cooler and even the rain doesn’t bother me. Plus, showers after a long, cold, wet run feel so much better than in the summer time.

  3. Due to vacation last week and the hurricane this week, I am SUCKING it up. Annnnd now I feel fat.

  4. I love running in the fall. It’s perfect! running during the summer is always a challenge for me because i absolutely hate running in the heat.

  5. I’ll take intervals over a tempo run any day!

    My next race is in Oct and then I have no clue if I’m doing another one for a while. I prefer to run/race in the Spring — I think being cooped up in the gym on the treadmill makes me just crave being outside.

  6. Love running when it starts to get chilly outside! It’s the best! Good luck with your run! I’m sure you’ll rock it! xoxo from Trinidad

  7. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year to run. I actually don’t even mind winter so long as it’s not super icy.

    I’m not running a race over labor day but I sure wish I were!

  8. Good luck with the race. You’ve been doing pretty well with training. I only ran 6 miles once before my 10k (not any further than 6 either), though I’m sure you’ll be much faster! I have no upcoming races planned. I think I might do a 10k or a half in the spring, but I have plenty of time to think about that!

  9. I’m running a 20k on labor day. I’m excited!

    I did an AWESOME speed workout yesterday. I ditched my running group, because I hate the track, and ran at the beach because it’s still pretty flat. I jogged a mile, then for 4.25 miles I alternated running a speedy mile and jogging .25 miles, then I cooled down with 1.25 at a slow pace. It was great! I didn’t really feel like I was doing speed work because I wasn’t on a boring track. Plus, running the speedy stuff by people made me feel badass.