Kari at Running Ricig is doing a “Proof you didn’t peak in high school” virtual timed mile this month so yesterday I ran a timed mile for the first time since high school. The funny part is, I actually ran it on my high school track. I was in the area for my chiropractor appointment and figured I’d just use this track since it was nearby.

Mahopac High School Track

I actually don’t remember my time from the timed mile we did in gym class so it’s hard to compare directly but, I was on the varsity soccer team since 9th grade and to skip junior varsity and go right to varsity you had to pass a fitness test which included a 1.5 mile run in 12 minutes or less. I made the team so I know I passed but, I don’t remember my splits or anything like that. I do remember a timed mile for my club soccer team when I was 16 and it was 8:08 so I’m using that.

Mahopac High School

As soon as I got stretched and ready to run, a swarm of kids (about 200 or so) took over the track. Apparently, it was a running club that meets 2 days a week and the kids + some parents run for a specific amount of time. After each lap they got stickers or drawings on their bibs. It looked like a great program and it was great to see all the kids out there moving around but the timing couldn’t have been worse. To make it even better (and by better I mean annoying), the older kids ran around the middle school/high school complex (not on the track), while the younger ones stayed on the track itself. It was like running around an obstacle course of midgets. I’m all for exercise programs but, if you’re going to take up the majority of the track during public hours while others are using it you should teach the kids track etiquette in my opinion. I must’ve yelled out “on your left” like 15 times in 4 laps. The adults were just as bad as the kids too just standing there blocking the entire lanes! There was even a girl, probably about 5 or 6, who got all pouty about something at one point and literally sat down, legs crossed, and whined in the left lane! If seeing my coworker’s 6 month old baby on Wednesday gave me the slightest hint of baby fever, it has now completely disappeared after yesterday.

Anyway, let’s get to the actual timed mile. I ran a lap to warm up and then sprinted as best I could around the midget minefield and ended up with this.

Timed mile split

7:21. I’ll take it.

I refused to look at my watch at all the entire time, I just ran as fast as I felt I could and looked down when I heard the beep. I was *hoping* for a “6” as the first number but I guess it wasn’t my day yesterday. I’m pretty sure with some speed work and an empty track I could make it happen but I’m happy enough with 7:21. It was interesting how incredibly hard it felt when I’ve run 7:45’s before in 5K’s. That 20 seconds or so really makes it burn!

Timed Mile

See the little devils?

4 is my favorite number so my bib was triple lucky.

After the mile, I walked over to the high school with my mom (who was my photographer) to take this picture 11 years after graduating.

Timed mile at Mahopac High School

That entry way and sign did not exist in my day. My mom was saying how she couldn’t believe it was 11 years since I stood on the football field in the middle of the track for graduation and that got me thinking 11 years in the other direction and I was 7. How crazy is that!? 7-18 felt a heck of a lot slower than 18-29 that’s for sure. Slow down time!

And since we’re taking a trip down memory lane, look what I found in my parent’s desk drawer when I was printing the bib out at their house before going to the track.

School pictures

Let’s see I think that’s 1st grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade. I still remember the 1st grade picture day because I wanted my bangs to do that curl/flip thing that was so popular at the time. The problem was my hair was super fine and never stayed in place. I think a whole can of hairspray was used and they still didn’t stick. 4th & 5th grades were me filling out before growing any that’s for sure! And, 6th grade was the year I got braces.

Middle school pictures

These two are harder, I think they’re 8th and 9th grade but, it could’ve been 7th and 8th too, not totally sure.

High school graduation picture

And finally, graduation. This picture came out a lot whiter than it actually is, I look reminiscent of Casper here.

So, 11 years older and 47 seconds faster. Hope I can say the same thing at 40.

Have you ever run a timed mile?

What is your favorite and least favorite school picture? 5th grade is my least favorite, apparently I was channeling my inner cowgirl with that shirt. I think my graduation picture was my favorite.

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  1. That’s a mighty speedy time to me! I love that whole idea that we don’t really peak in high school. I definitely feel fitter now than I ever did then!

  2. GREAT post!…. Way to go girl! You ‘slow down time’ comment hit the nail on the head. The older you get, the faster it goes. This is true!
    You should be proud of how far you have come! Great work!

  3. Oh my gosh please post more kid pictures!! Lol. Actually I don’t think you look anything like any of those any more. Weird!

    And wow! Nice mile time!!

  4. I ran cross country and track in high school, but after graduating, got tired of always running for time and changed mindsets to make it more about fun and fitness than competition. I love the idea of trying a timed mile now and seeing how it compares! Congrats on improving your time :)

  5. I remember when I first started running I ran a mile in 11:00 minutes and thought I was the fastest thing ever. ;-)
    Now I run the mile as my Track event at school and it’s around 6:45 minutes…still trying to get it down a bit though. :-P
    Congrats on your mile time. That’s awesome that you beat your high school time. By the time your 40 you’ll be running 5 minute miles! Haha! :-P

  6. I was a sprinter in high school so the thought of running a timed mile is horrible to me. I did the 800m ONCE and thought it was the worst thing ever. Haha. But I would love to go back and do it. Nice job on the 7:21! That’s awesome! Knocking 10 seconds off a mile is impressive, but 47?! You rock my socks.