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Hawaiian Pulled Pork BBQ Enchilada Stacks

This slow cooked Hawaiian pulled pork is stacked on crispy tortillas with pineapple rice and BBQ sauce for a fun twist on enchiladas.  Enchiladas are my all-time favorite Mexican food and yet, I’ve made them exactly once. They’re kind of just too time-consuming. All that rolling, making a sauce, shredding of the cheese and baking…pshhh, …

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Carnitas Pineapple Panini

This carnitas pineapple panini is made with the meat from the Pioneer Woman’s Carnitas Pizza. Mouthwatering in every bite. If yesterday’s carnitas pizza didn’t convince you that you need to try out the meat in that recipe, today’s post will. Unless you’re a vegetarian, in which case you’ve probably already exited out of here. Sorry, …

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Spicy pina colada margarita

This spicy pina colada is a cross between a margarita, pina colada and guacamole. Refreshing, spicy and healthy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I made you something green….except it’s Mexican inspired. Don’t tell the Irish, but they just can’t compete with a good Mexican meal or drink. Last year on this exact day we had just …

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Pancake Battered Pineapple Rings

These pancake battered pineapple rings are a fun breakfast to change things up from your normal pancake routine. Sweet juicy pineapple + doughy pancakes collide! Things to make your Friday fun: -discovering Starbucks toffee nut lattes. A big thank you to Megan for that! -deciding to take an impromptu rest day even though you’ve been …

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