1 cookbook

16 weeks

9 recipes

5 (then 4) bloggers

lots of opinions.

Here’s the recap of it all.

round up collage

Let’s start with the good.

For as much as I thought many of the recipes didn’t necessarily work well as written (and I’m using the term “work” liberally, from technically not working all the way to just not being my cup of tea), there were still 4 that I’d call good.

I would make all but 1 of these again and that’s not because the (white chicken enchiladas) were bad, but because they were just too time consuming and more of a mess than I’m willing to make in my kitchen for a recurring meal.

These were the ones where I thought the flavor of the dish was good, the ingredients solid (or at least easy tweaks could be made) and I would be happy eating again.

round up collage the bad

I don’t know what the hell has happened to me in that I’m posting the only 2 desserts as “the bad”.

That’s so not my style. Give me sweet over salty/savory any day.

But the reality is, both of these recipes needed serious alterations to work for me. Ingredients were beyond excessive (my favorite word of this series) and while the orange sweet rolls did taste delicious in the end, there were large modifications made on my part to get them that way.

And then there was Billie’s Italian cream cake. Poor guy really didn’t have much going for him. He was a looker though at least.

the indifferent collage

A word I never use in real life, but for some reason it works when written…Meh.

Perfect description for the mushroom sliders and chicken fried tacos. They were good while eating them but then lined up with the other 9 recipes they fall right smack in the middle of the spectrum.

Nothing spectacular, nothing horrendous. I’d eat them and all their fried glory again if someone else cooked them for me (and cleaned up the stove).

Now, drum roll please….

the best

Carnitas pizza.

I dream of that word, that experience and those leftovers that turned into these carnitas pineapple paninis.

This recipe changed me. I’m pretty sure I will look back 20 years from now and still remember the taste of that delicious pineapple soaked shredded meat.

This is the only recipe of the series that I’ve since bought more ingredients to make it again.

There’s a can of Goya pineapple juice in my pantry and a 4lb. chuck roast chillin’ in the freezer right now. It hasn’t yet been made only because I fear that I’ll eat 3.5 pounds of it myself if I make it when it’s just the 2 of us. Anyone want to come over for some meat? Is that a weird party invite?

Seriously, I’d marry this meat if that didn’t mean some hefty divorce repercussions first. Single ladies, take note.

And with that, PW Wednesday comes to a real close. Thanks for following along on the adventure. Now go make some carnitas.

As always, to see how the other girls rated the recipes check out their recaps below. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one having a love affair with meat pizza.




And we may or may not be up to something again this October. Stay tuned…

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  1. hahaha this sucks mine ended up in the bad and indifferent pile. at least our reviews were fairly similar :) loved seeing your ratings and thoughts on all of this!! carnitas were THE BOMB SQUAD. omg i’m still dreaming of them!

  2. oh my word, carnitas are INCREDIBLE! and i have to say, i really appreciate the honest review – i have PW’s cookbooks and haven’t really delved into them enough with all my own excessive recipe making, but it’s nice to know what i’m workin’ with!

  3. What a great review! Love that you guys did a recap instead of just ending it!

  4. I love the CANDID review of the book and have the entire time you’ve been making your way through it. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions!

    “Give me sweet over salty/savory any day.” <– based on how you cook, honestly, I would say that you crave lentil salads and healthy smoothies and paleo breads and I mean that as compliments b/c seriously you cook healthy food and I would have never guessed that! Now me? I don't think there's any question given white choc & sweetened cond milk making nearly daily appearances LOL

    1. haha, I know it probably doesn’t seem that way but I have a serious sweet tooth. It’s just that it’s now satisfied by “healthier” sweets ;)

  5. I hate you for this tease. I hope you know that. But, I will need to make that pizza!! I love seeing which posts you loved and hated!

  6. Okay, you talked me into it. I’m making that carnita pizza ASAP! I would love to join in next round, if you’re taking newbies. ;)