Pomegranate Pavlova

This pomegranate pavlova is a simple meringue dessert perfect for ringing in the New Year. Looks super fancy but couldn’t be easier to make!

Almost two years ago, I tried my first pavlova. Hating meringue pies (lemon meringue is one of the grossest things ever and the fact that it’s considered dessert seems sacrilegious in my opinion), I definitely didn’t expect to like it.

One bite in, however, I was sold.

Pomegranate pavlova

I’ve thought about making one since that lunch so when I got the opportunity to do so for SheKnows I was pretty darn excited. I love cooking/baking fancy looking foods when really, they’re anything but.

These gorgeous puffs of sugar and egg whites that almost melt in your mouth like cotton candy are pretty much the easiest thing to make and this pomegranate one just screams New Years to me.

Pomegranate pavlova

So while I’m totally ready to not see sugar for quite some time, I just had to share this today in case you’re looking for that last minute New Year’s eve or New Year’s day dessert. You’ll look super impressive if you show up with this.

Happy 2015!

Get the recipe over on SheKnows


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