Crispy Baked Butternut Squash Chips

These crispy baked butternut squash chips are a simple, healthy way to snack.

I’m kinda at a loss of what to say about these chips. I have plenty I want to talk about, just not chip related stuff so let’s get the formalities over with…

Are they actually crispy?

Yes, hence the title. Slice thin, don’t skip the boiling step, make sure you pat them dry before baking (in other words, follow the directions below) and you’ll be fine.

But, I don’t like rosemary.

You’re crazy, but feel free to leave off or throw some other herb/spice on there instead.

Wow, what a cool, like totally awesome idea and a healthy way to get my salty chip fix in.

I know! Glad you like them.

Crispy baked butternut squash chips

Mmk, we done?

Baked butternut squash chips

Cool. Now let’s talk about couches.

Guys, I’ve spent like 10 hours this weekend either mentally or physically rearranging the furniture in my house and researching new couch/love seat/sectional options. Oh. My. God. are there too many freakin’ options out there.

First, there’s the convincing of the husband that a purchase is necessitated because if it were up to him, our house would be furnished with used craigslist items from God knows where at no more than $50 a piece. And even then, since he doesn’t spend a minute of his day in the room that I happen to spend 10+ hours in, he’d just as well leave it half empty and ghettofied like it’s been for the past 3 years. Out of sight, out of mind.

The convincing was actually a long process that involved a landscaping project I’ve been wanting to do for oh, 2 years now that just happened to end up costing about 1/5 of what he thought it would. My mind never once went to “oh, let’s save the other 4/5”. Oh no, no, no. 4/5 under budget is a golden opportunity for more. As in a couch.

So, now I’ve got him. I thought the hard part was over.


Butternut squash chips

I love and hate our house. It’s pretty new, it has fancy moldings and trim, wood floors, blah, blah but the room sizes are just dumb. We have the world’s narrowest family room (which of course is the room we spend all our awake non-working hours in) and a formal living room that when you’ve converted half to an office falls somewhere in the too big for a loveseat and too small for a couch range. So tell me internet, what the hell do you then buy to fill up the seating space without having 3 random single seat chairs placed about?

I’ve gone from one extreme of building my own $3,000 (way over the 4/5) Pottery Barn customized couch to the other with the divorce inducing (but 4/5 friendly) assemble your own Ikea furniture. Which, by the way, is a bunch of bs. They hook you on their site with the white couch displaying it’s price as $399 and then you go in, start playing around picking different colors (grey dog + white couch = bad idea) and realize the price has gone up $200. Really, Ikea? What kind of crap is that? Does beige fabric really cost you $200 more than white? First you make people bat shit crazy with your dumb, wordless cartoon assembly drawings and then you want to charge them $200 more for a different color couch? Ridiculous. Go back to Sweden. Leave your $1 ice cream cones and meatballs here though.

So here I am, sitting on a couch that is 3 rooms displaced right now writing this post, absolutely no further along in capitalizing on the 4/5. These opportunities do not come along often and I’m failing. Miserably.

Crispy butternut squash chips

Send help. Or a couch. Or at least some chips?

Yield: 2 servings

Crispy Baked Butternut Squash Chips

Crispy Baked Butternut Squash Chips

These crispy baked butternut squash chips are a simple, healthy way to snack.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 1 small and skinny butternut squash
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary, chopped
  • kosher salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
  3. Peel squash and slice in half lengthwise. Scoop out any seeds in the base of the squash.Using a very sharp knife (or a mandolin if you have it) thinly slice the squash. The thinner, the better. Mine were probably about 1/8 of an inch thick.
  4. Once sliced, boil (in batches) for 1-2 minutes. Remove from water and lay flat in a single layer on a paper towel to dry.
  5. Pat completely dry and then transfer to baking sheet, making sure the slices don't overlap at all.
  6. Brush with olive oil to coat and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper.
  7. Sprinkle chopped rosemary on top and bake for 20 minutes, checking frequently after 10 minutes to make sure they don't burn. If your slices are thinner than 1/8 of an inch, they won't need to bake as long.
  8. Remove from oven once they start to brown and crisp up and immediately sprinkle with more salt.
  9. Serve immediately.



  1. Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers

    First I have to say I can’t wait to try the butternut squash chips! I think that will be tonight’s dinner!! Yah, I know, but I can totally eat them all and it’s really a vegetable not a chip!! :)

    I get you about the couch! My Husband had in his mind that we must get a purple couch! Yes purple! PURPLE! We ended going two years with the same old crappy couch because we couldn’t agree on a couch!! Finally I git my beige couch! Now that a two years have passed, I am in need of a couch again! We got puppies and they ripped the couch and now it looks ghetto! Yes we can’t agree on, get this the style!! Now he’s happy with beige, cream or even a light golden, but he wants a sectional. Our living room is tiny! If we got a sectional we wouldn’t be able to get out of the living room unless we jump over the couch! Men!!!

    Opps, I rambled on! Have a great day!!

  2. Beth @ Tasty Yummies

    These look amazing, I love making homemade chips! I haven’t done squash yet though, I cannot wait to try it out.
    I hear ya on the couch thing, we are lucky/unlucky that we have a fairly small living room and with the way we remodeled to accommodate the kitchen, the couch really fits in one place. No playing around with layouts around here, which is nice and also annoying at times.

  3. Denise

    Why have I never thought of this? I love butternut squash and love chips. Our favorite chip to make is kale chips but I am looking forward to trying this one! Thanks for posting. I found this on pintrest. Great photo.

  4. Kati Mora, MS, RD, Kellogg's FiberPlus(R) Wellness Advocate

    These look amazing! What a creative way to incorporate butternut squash into your meal repertoire. I love that its yet one more way to add fiber to your day. That’s always a good thing. :)

  5. Katie

    You always come up with things that I WISH I came up with. I swear I slap my forehead and say “of course!” every time I read your blog. Deeelicious looking,

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      haha, girl do you see what I say on the internet? I think “sucks” is fine ;) Good to know about their furniture, now I’m dissuaded even more.

  6. Lindsay

    I completely understand your couch frustration. I hate it when there are too many options. I can never make a decision!

    We had a similar issue with our living room. Standard couches were too long, but we needed something slightly bigger than a loveseat. We ended up with the Demi sofa from Lazyboy ( It’s not as wide as a standard couch… about 84″… perfect for us. I hope you find a good solution too!

  7. saltandserenity

    Oh my! I think I know what’s for dinner tomorrow. These look amazing.
    On the couch issue, perhaps you could open a food truck and sell these and make enough money to buy several couches!

  8. lauren @ the talking kitchen

    No way! I totally bought the most uniform cylindrical butternut squash to make some chips with them, I was thinking sage, but I’m sure rosemary would be amazing. Great thinking! Sorry about the couch, unfortunately I don’t have any advice, we are still sorta ghettoafied here… soon though, soon. Good Luck!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I really need to start buying sage more often. I pretty much only use it on Thanksgiving and then forget about it the rest of the year. I bet it would be lovely with these :)

  9. Tracy

    These look delicious! I actually ran out and bought squash today just so I could try them.

    I have weird-shaped rooms too. I have become addicted to which is hundreds of thousands of photos posted mostly by interior decorators. It is amazing! I can never think of how to put my furniture, or what type of furniture I would like to use in a room – then I will see a photo on Houzz and the lightbulb will go on!

  10. Bre

    I am constantly rearranging our house. Our current place has an awkward set up…still can’t quite get it right and so not buying furniture to fit. Military life means we move too often to spend that kind of money. –try Lowe’s inspirational site. You could always get 2 over sized chairs and an ottoman that can be used as extra seating if needed. Or I’ve seen some awesome looking coffee tables that have seating stored under them. There’s always Pinterest too for inspiration!

  11. Mai-Lis Tria @ A Sunshiny Day

    I feel you, we were recently couch hunting for this stupid weird shaped room in our house but everything was way too big. We ended up getting a sweet chaise lounge and put it against the wall with a bunch of pillows in the back. It looks nice & is super comfy! Not sure what your room looks like but may be an option?

  12. Paige at The Spice House

    These chips look wonderful, and I was just looking for things to do with some of the way-to-many different kinds of squash currently taking over my dining room (lovely fall day + heirloom squash patch = produce overload).
    I just spent several months couch hunting, and I found that it’s the one area where the internet is worse than conventional stores. Anything I liked online was $1200-$4000, but when I took myself out to a series of furniture stores I found 6 that were great (and several stores that gave me the serious heebies, so don’t get discouraged). Plus you can test for comfortable sitting. Good luck!

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  14. Mary@FitandFed

    Ack, I need a better way to thinly slice veggies! I would love this recipe, but I’m infamous in the family for not slicing veggies thinly, so I’m not going to get even 1/8″ chips out of a butternut squash. And yet I’m scared of the mandoline. Someday I will get a used Saladmaster machine or something like it off of eBay.

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  17. jaimee

    Hi! great site! Great pics, and writing is hilarious!! Thank you for your efforts. NOW – I love the click to print recipes- but would REALLY appreciate the pic coming with it. Its too blah, sad…and I cant possibly spend that much time: cut and paste format fiddle with each one… so- if that’s a possibility to turn on or the like- DO IT PLEASE!!! :)

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Hi Jaimee- I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s an option with the recipe plugin I use for the print feature. If it comes out in an update I’ll make sure to enable it though!

  18. sasha black

    I make so much food from your site…..
    To be honest yours is one of the first I search in
    made these today..must get myself a mandolin!!!!
    made these as an alternative for me, and to keep my hands off the husbands salt and vinegar rice crackers….I had no sooner had them out of the oven and then he starts to eat them

  19. Sarah

    I did not have butternut on hand however I had Yams and it came out amazing.. This wonderful treat is just what I needed. Paleo friendly which makes it awesome

  20. Denise

    Looks awesome! I would have never thought this could be done! I have butternut too! :-) I wonder if it would work with Delicata Squash too for a sweeter variety. Hmmmm, thanks for the recipe!

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  22. Chef Portia

    Oh man, those look delicious!
    Having trouble getting the squash thin enough with my mandolin. If I put it on the thinnest setting, I can’t get a clean slice (I get partial slices). Any thin-squash advice?

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      maybe just go up to a thicker slice setting? I actually cut these with a knife since I don’t have a mandolin, so I’m sure they are thicker than what you’re getting on your thinnest setting. Should work ok if you go thicker :)

      1. Chef Portia

        Grand! Thanks… maybe I’m just being impatient with them in the oven, then.
        I’m trying a bunch of varieties (sweet ones, savory ones, mmm curry) … will blog them when I get some good results!

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  30. Carrie

    These didn’t crisp up for me. I tried upping the temp to 400 and the edges burned but the centers were still soggy even at 35 mins. I have another batch in now, spaced further apart and going for 40 mins.I have them sitting out right now hoping they will dry up. I was super excited about this recipe and am a little bummed right now. :(


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