Cottage cheese has long been pigeonholed as a bland diet staple, something you might find in your grandma’s fridge, right next to the prunes. But it’s time to give this versatile ingredient the credit it deserves. We’re diving into 11 recipes that will make you see cottage cheese in a whole new light. These dishes are anything but old-fashioned, and they’re about to become your new favorites.

Macaroni and cheese in a red bowl.
Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.
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Perfect Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes garnished with blueberries and maple syrup drizzle.
Perfect Protein Pancakes. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Say goodbye to bland breakfasts with these perfect protein pancakes. They pack 30g of protein per serving and reinvent cottage cheese as a delicious, nutritious addition. Top them however you like for a healthy, energizing start to your day.
Get the Recipe: Perfect Protein Pancakes

Roasted Garlic White Bean Dip

Roasted garlic white bean dip in a metal dish with pita chips.
Roasted Garlic White Bean Dip. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

This roasted garlic white bean dip isn’t your grandma’s typical recipe. It gets a modern twist with cottage cheese, adding a creamy texture and a protein boost. Perfect for dipping veggies or chips, it’s an easy, crowd-pleasing dish.
Get the Recipe: Roasted Garlic White Bean Dip

French Toast Smoothie

French toast smoothie in a blue green glass with cinnamon dusting.
French Toast Smoothie. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Our French toast smoothie brings a high-protein twist to your favorite breakfast, featuring cottage cheese for a creamy and nutritious boost. It’s easy to make and packs the flavors of a decadent cinnamon breakfast in a healthier, drinkable form.
Get the Recipe: French Toast Smoothie

Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese in a red bowl.
Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Imagine a dish that brings the comforting warmth of a classic favorite but with a delightful twist! This Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese does just that, blending the creamy, cozy goodness we all adore with the unique touch of cottage cheese. 

Get the Recipe: Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Dijon Dill Salmon Salad

Dijon dill salmon salad with roasted chickpeas on a lettuce wrap.
Dijon Dill Salmon Salad. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

This easy salmon salad, featuring fresh dill, lemon, dijon mustard, and capers, uses cottage cheese to add a unique twist. Paired with smoky roasted chickpeas, it’s a flavorful lunch option that breaks away from traditional cottage cheese uses.
Get the Recipe: Dijon Dill Salmon Salad

Creamy Pesto Spaghetti Squash Noodles

Pesto spaghetti squash noodles in a bowl with cherry tomatoes.
Creamy Pesto Spaghetti Squash Noodles. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Enjoy the comfort of creamy pasta with a healthier spin in our creamy pesto spaghetti squash noodles. Cottage cheese adds unexpected richness and texture to this lower carb dish, making it a satisfying meal that’s both nutritious and flavorful.
Get the Recipe: Creamy Pesto Spaghetti Squash Noodles

Pineapple Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes with pineapple rings.
Pineapple Buckwheat Pancakes. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Pineapple buckwheat pancakes bring a fresh take to breakfast. Studded with hemp seeds and whole pineapple rings, they use cottage cheese for added flavor and texture. It’s a hearty yet sweet meal that proves cottage cheese isn’t just for old-school recipes.
Get the Recipe: Pineapple Buckwheat Pancakes

Whipped Cottage Cheese

Whipped Cottage Cheese. Photo credit: My Everyday Table.

This whipped cottage cheese transforms from curd to creamy with a simple blend, adding a light, airy consistency. It’s versatile enough for a savory breakfast plate or paired with sweeter flavors, showcasing cottage cheese’s modern culinary applications.
Get the Recipe: Whipped Cottage Cheese

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream. Photo credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Who knew cottage cheese could make such delightful strawberry ice cream? This healthy, soft-serve style ice cream can be whipped up in minutes in your food processor, offering a fresh perspective on using cottage cheese in desserts.
Get the Recipe: Strawberry Ice Cream

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage Cheese Pancakes. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Cottage cheese pancakes are about to become your new go-to, whether for breakfast, post-workout meals, or light dinners. They’re a far cry from your grandma’s recipes, offering a deliciously modern twist on a classic.
Get the Recipe: Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Instant Pot Egg Bites

Instant Pot Egg Bites. Photo credit: Food Plus Words.

These instant pot egg bites are a quick, customizable breakfast solution. Using cottage cheese, they’re a tasty and affordable alternative to Starbucks sous vide egg bites, perfect for busy mornings.
Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Egg Bites

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