10 Ways To Use Apple Butter

This roundup features 10 uses for apple butter from appetizers, breakfast, entrees to desserts. There’s an apple butter recipe for any time of year!

You may be thinking: 10 ways to use apple butter in March? It’s not really apple season, Gina.

Yeah, I hear ya. It’s not really anything season in NY this time of year though (major eye roll) and while maybe an oddly timed post, I find condiments to be one of the few things that get me through this in between seasons time where everything feels gray, dreary and you start to lose hope that spring will ever actually arrive.

As far as condiments go, apple butter definitely makes my top 5 list (along with honey mustard, ketchup, sriracha and Laughing Cow cheese <– don’t judge).

So what better way to celebrate it than a post dedicated to the best recipes that use it?

10 Ways To Use Apple Butter

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10 Ways To Use Apple Butter - adding apple butter to many sweet and savory recipes is a great way to enjoy this lovely condiment!

How is Apple Butter Different than Applesauce?

The difference between applesauce and apple butter is actually quite simple. 

Apple butter is just cooked down longer. It becomes thick and glossy in appearance and the flavor is much more intense than applesauce. 

Applesauce tends to be eaten alone or used in baking whereas apple butter is often treated as more of a condiment.

How Long Does Apple Butter Last?

Apple butter will stay good after opening for about a year if kept refrigerated.

Trust me, I know this because I had a 32 ounce jar of it for at least that long in my fridge last year before we used it all up and I never saw the beginnings of mold like you undoubtedly would with applesauce in that timeframe!

What Do You Do with Apple Butter?

Glad you asked! That’s what this post is for, to give you 10 uses for apple butter you might not have otherwise thought of.

From a glaze to a condiment to an ice cream ingredient and cookie filling, there are so many fun ways to incorporate apple butter.

It’s one of my faves partly because of its versatility.

It can go either sweet or savory, be used simply as a spread (like on these paleo pumpkin english muffins) to enhance flavors or, as an integral part of a recipe.

I think you’ll love these 10 apple butter centric recipes, enjoy!

10 Recipes To Use Apple Butter

From appetizers to sandwiches to burgers, ice cream and cookies there are so many sweet and savory ways to use apple butter. Find one below!

For even more apple butter recipes you can check out the Musselman’s apple butter ebooks!

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