Chocolate coconut almond butter dip

I’ve either been dating, engaged or married to Ulysses for over 13 years. In that time, I could count on one hand the amount of times we’ve seen a chick flick movie in the theater and this is in the context of (easily) over 100 movies we’ve seen in a movie theater. Of those handful of chick flicks, at least 2 of them would be because of Matthew McConaughey’s starring role and my husband’s borderline inappropriate obsession with him. We’re on a first name basis with Matthew in this household. Weird? Yes.

So, you might imagine my jaw dropping reaction yesterday as we drove past the $3 movie theater and Ulysses turns around from reading the sign of what movies were playing to say “Ooooh, ooooh, oooh! Twilight is playing! Can we see it? We could go on Valentine’s Day!” like an Edward crazed 15 year old girl.

Um, who are you and what the hell have you done to my husband?

First, you turn down wannabe apple pies and now you’re BEGGING me to see Twilight?

This should be my dream situation though, right? He never wants to see chick flicks but now I’ve got him basically pleading to see the chick flick of ALL chick flicks (or at least of this decade).


I cannot stand the twilight craze.

I didn’t read the books. I HATE vampire storylines. I’m grossed out by the extreme paleness going on between Edward and Bella. And honestly, Bella irks me to my core. I’m not sure it’s possible to get any more pathetic than her. Her obsession with Edward and her helplessness without him sickens me.

And, now I sound like the biggest feminist in the world.

The kicker? The movie only plays at 3:50 and 9:10. Obviously, the first showing is out because of this thing called a j-o-b. So we’re left with 9:10. I can’t even think of a weeknight in the past year that I haven’t been in pajamas by 9pm, if not before.

Valentine’s Day for her….make dinner at home and chocolate almond butter dip for dessert.

Valentine’s Day for him…see Twilight.

What did I say about opposites attracting?

Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter Dip
Prep time
Total time
Part nut butter, part chocolate dip, equally delicious as both.
Recipe type: dessert, dip, nut butter
Serves: about 1 cup
  • 1½ cup raw almonds
  • ⅓ cup dark chocolate chips
  • ½ tablespoon coconut oil
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ⅛ teaspoon kosher salt
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Roast almonds for about 10 minutes until just toasted.
  2. Let cool for 2-3 minutes then place in food processor.
  3. Process for about 10 minutes, scraping down sides occasionally until smooth, creamy nut butter forms.
  4. Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil together in a small saucepan over low heat.
  5. Pour chocolate/coconut mixture into food processor with the almond butter. Add vanilla & salt and process for another minute until fully incorporated.
  6. Pour into jar or ramekin. Keep refrigerated.


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  1. 1

    ha! I’m in pajamas when I walk through the door – the longer I have to stay in work clothes, the more miserable I am!

  2. 3

    uh, this is like the most sinful and amazing combination of flavors, ever!! i would literally dip everything and anything in this!! oh, and don’t sweat it, the second i walk in the door, my pants fall off and i’m in yoga pants the rest of the evening. is that TMI? ;)

    • 4
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      haha no. Imagine working from home…I go from pj’s to workout clothes back to pj’s in the span of 10 hours. My poor husband sees me in nothing but sweats. ha!

      • 5

        I do this too! Pj’s to yoga pants (for working, duh) to workout clothes back to pj’s…but I do shower every day, so at least there’s that. And sometimes, if I’m feeling ambitious, I put on a little mascara and lip gloss. Very fancy.

        P.S. Your photography has been AWESOME recently. Do you use natural light? My husband is helping me create a little lighting setup since my apartment doesn’t get a ton of light. Looking forward to (hopefully) being able to take photos outside of that 1 hour window when the light is decent.

        • 6
          Running to the Kitchen says:

          Thanks Amanda! I do use natural light. My dining room gets awesome light pretty much from 9-4 so I’m very lucky in that regard. I haven’t changed anything about where or how I’m shooting, but I’ve finally figured out the processing/sizing/editing part which has made a big difference in the quality. I was re-sizing and not shooting in RAW before and losing a lot of quality in that whole process whereas now, I’m shooting in RAW, editing in RAW converting to JPEG and uploading to Flickr as the actual size and then letting Flickr re-size to fit my content area (640 pixels…which I recently made bigger from 565 because the sizing down from 640-565 was killing my quality too). Long answer to a short question! haha

          I’ve never played around with the whole light box thing since I don’t really need to but it works for tons of people!

  3. 7

    I’m with you on the Twilight and pajamas thing! This dip looks like it would be so good with fresh fruit and pound cake dippers. Almost like a healthy fondue? I should be struck down for saying that.

    • 8
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      Haha, I actually thought of that exact phrase while typing up the post but refrained from calling it that. But, that’s exactly what it is!

  4. 9

    Enjoy the flick. I don’t know much about the Twilight “saga,” but I do know that I’d probably prefer to be in my pajamas at that time as well.

  5. 10

    Recipes like these make me count the days to my bridal shower and pray to the god of weddings that I get a food processor lol is that so wrong?!

    • 11
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      haha no! I wish I had gotten a legit food processor for my shower but I stupidly registered for a combo processor/blender. The blender part was fine but the processor part was pathetic. It took 5 years to get my “big girl” one and it’s SOOO worth it! Hope you get it :)

  6. 12

    OMG today was not the day to read this post (PMS lurking)!! I want to DEVOUR that entire bowl. Incredible!

  7. 13

    I don’t get the Twilight thing… all. It annoys me that there are now vampire shows everywhere. The paleness and the pouting have got to go. The dip on the on hand looks fabulous!

  8. 14

    Totally agree with you on the Twilight obsession. I SO don’t get it.

  9. 15

    The dip sounds great! I make one with chocolate, coconut oil, and cashews…good to know the almonds work….blend blend blend and get those earplugs ready, right. :)

  10. 16

    Oh my goodness, so delicious! This will be great on toast, pancakes, angel food cake small bites, everything. Love it!

  11. 17

    Yum! I think I could drink that stuff straight up!

  12. 18

    As for Twilight, I read all four books and hated myself the whole entire time. Gotta admit, somehow I was hooked but it was poor literature. I watched the first movie and the acting was horrible. Never again will I waste my time on those movies.

  13. 19

    oh I’d take this over twilight 1000 times over! Not a fan either!

  14. 20

    ok, but how do you feel about “The Hunger Games”? Katniss KICKS ASS. for real. KICKS ASS.

    obsessed is a small word for a big thing.

    • 21
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      Katniss IS kick ass. Love her! Bella isn’t even on the same playing field as Katniss. No comparison!

  15. 22

    Haha, I’m totally with ya. I liked the books before the movies came out(I think I was 18, give me a break, haha. Yeah I’m embarrassed), and then when the movies came out I realized how ridiculous the story was. Plus, Bella in the movies(at least the one I saw) drove me NUTS.
    Anywho, love the dip :D Does it solidify more in the fridge or is it still dippable? Love the almond coconut combo with chocolate – yummy!

    • 23
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      It does harden up a bit in the fridge from the coconut oil + chocolate and turn into more of a nut butter consistency than a dip. Either way…still delicious! I put one container in the fridge and left one out for the best of both worlds :)

  16. 24

    I’m with you also- no twilight for me! But at least you have this delicious looking dip. I couldn’t totally see me eating this all with strawberries!

  17. 26

    Super yum!! You know I have a thing for chocolate and peanut butter!! :)

  18. 27

    Hahaha…Ryan will watch a LOT of crap with me, but I don’t think I could pay him enough $$$ to watch Twilight. Something about those vampires just doesn’t work for him :-)

    Looks delicious!

  19. 28

    Oh wow, that looks way too delicious!

    Thank God I’m not the only one who has no desire to see Twilight!

  20. 29

    That is TOO funny that he wants to see Twilight! I didn’t think any guy cared for those movies. I would rather eat this dip too and have a night in…and I do like Twilight.

  21. 30

    Why exactly does Ulysses want to see Twilight? Also, the movies are terrible, but the books are so terrible they’re awesome. I hate vampires too, but it’s worth reading.

  22. 32

    So… did you actually go see Twilight? Is there any chance Ulysses was being sarcastic? Oh I hope so. Something about those two actors together just physically makes me gag.

    I’d rather stay home and make this fabulous-looking dip, too.

  23. 34

    Haha your Valentines Day situations are so funny. You make me laugh! I actually like both of those situations. Don’t hate me! LOVE this dip! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  24. 35

    I really don’t get the Twilight craze. It just doesn’t make sense to me. But this is coming from a super hard core Harry Potter fan so…maybe I’m biased. Something I’m totally in favor of? Chocolate Almond Butter. I’m assuming the spoon in it is for eating it with, not for stirring.

  25. 36

    ooh, this dip looks absolutely divine! + i hear ya about opposites attracting … my husband + i are exactly the same way. =)

  26. 37

    I think it’s because you’re tying the actors to the characters. Just my opinion ;) Tell Ulys that I’ll go see it with him. Even though I’ve seen all of them ;) And I hate them all for not being like the books. Yup – LOSER! Right here!

    Different note – OMG THOSE photos and that chocolate. I’m DROOOOLING.


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