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Grilled Artichokes with Lemon Herb Tahini Dipping Sauce

Looking for a new way to enjoy eating artichokes? Try grilling them with this simple recipe! The smoky grilled charred flavor goes perfectly with a bright tahini lemon dipping sauce. *This post is sponsored by Ocean Mist Farms. All content and opinions are my own. I found myself grilling artichokes a few weeks ago as part …

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Brown Sugar Candied Carrots

These caramelized candied carrots with brown sugar and butter taste just like candy and are a great tasty side dish to any dinner. *This post was originally published 7/10/2012. Pictures, recipe and some content have been updated. I’m re-sharing because this is a great recipe for spring and especially the Easter holiday coming up soon. …

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Healthy Shamrock Shake

This Shamrock shake copycat recipe is a healthy, all real ingredient version of McDonald’s shamrock shake you can feel much better about drinking! *This post was originally published 3/6/2012. It’s been updated with new photography and a video on how to make this healthier copycat version of McDonald’s famous shamrock shake. Some text is original. …

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