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Maple syrup

Roasted Cranberry Broccoli Salad

Maple syrup roasted cranberries and butternut squash are added to this fall inspired broccoli salad with toasted croutons, almonds and pepitas. This roasted cranberry broccoli salad has a long history. Knowing I wanted to create something with cranberries for this month’s health and wellness partnership with Udi’s (since they’re quite the fall/winter superfood) the ideas were ALL …

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Sticky Maple Apple Ribs with Shoestring Fried Apples

These sticky maple apple ribs are simmered in a maple syrup and apple juice broth then glazed and baked to sticky perfection! You know those foods that once you get the craving for them absolutely nothing else will satisfy? Sticky, finger-lickin’ ribs are one of those foods for me. Not even a dry rub rib will …

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