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Cognac Cranberry Orange Compound Butter

This cranberry orange compound butter is filled with cognac soaked cranberries and fresh rosemary. Slather it on your holiday bird, breads and rolls! I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a condiment as I am about this cranberry orange compound butter (ok, this blueberry lavender honey butter is a close second). It’s kind …

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Roasted Cranberry Broccoli Salad

Maple syrup roasted cranberries and butternut squash are added to this fall inspired broccoli salad with toasted croutons, almonds and pepitas. This roasted cranberry broccoli salad has a long history. Knowing I wanted to create something with cranberries for this month’s health and wellness partnership with Udi’s (since they’re quite the fall/winter superfood) the ideas were ALL …

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Tart Cherry Cranberry Glazed Turkey

This cherry cranberry glazed turkey is perfect for your Thanksgiving table. The slightly sweet and sticky glaze gives the bird tons of festive flavor! You know those few kitchen feats that make you feel like a superstar? Baking anything (successfully) with yeast, mastering the macaron, making homemade butter, that kind of stuff. Well, I’m adding …

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Sausage Cranberry Apple Stuffing Muffins

These gluten free stuffing muffins are filled with sweet Italian sausage, apples, cranberries, sage and pine nuts for a fun alternative to traditional stuffing! Stuffing or dressing? Please tell me you say the former. Dressing is something you put on salad, not the Thanksgiving table. It’s almost as bad as when people call pasta sauce …

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