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Peanut butter protein cookies


These peanut butter protein cookies are packed with protein and only 5 ingredients.
Peanut butter protein cookies

So the story with these cookies is kind of funny.

It’s around the normal “sweets witching hour” of the afternoon earlier this week, I decide I need something stat otherwise I can’t go on with another minute of my day. I head to the kitchen and decide to experiment by throwing pretty much nothing more than protein powder, an egg and peanut butter into a bowl, mixing it vigorously and rolling into balls to bake. Please note, it took every ounce of restraint I had to not leave them in ball form since it’s been approximately 3-4 weeks since the last “ball” recipe on here. Nope, I resisted and lightly pressed them down with a fork instead to make them more like cookies. Mostly because I don’t think I could come up with another peanut butter ball name considering the amount already on here. Throw cookie on the end and it’s a completely different beast. Obviously.

Peanut butter protein cookies

So they’re baking. I’m watching intently having no idea if this super simple combination is too good to be true when 8 minutes passes and I deem them done.

They kind of slid all over the silpat like air hockey pucks do from the oil in the peanut butter oozing out as they baked which I found slightly amusing. Mostly because it brought back memories of when Ulysses and I were dating in high school and going to the arcade was the cool thing to do. He was that person that would win and beat every game. Even the one with the claw thing that you grab the stuffed animal that’s been shoved down in the pile as tightly as possible. Yep, that one that no one wins. He did. But I kicked his ass in air hockey every time. I like that game. And therefore, I was already smitten with these little cookies.

I think I let them cool for about a minute before inhaling one, realizing the combination more than worked and doing a little happy dance in the kitchen. It didn’t last long though when I remembered I only made 6 since I was too scared to waste precious protein powder and peanut butter on an untested concoction.

So I let them cool, have another to make sure I wasn’t imagining things before and then make my final decision. They’re going on the blog.

I’m all excited. A new cookie recipe, 5 ingredients and packed with protein. Really, does it get better than that?

So I sit down to write this post and for some strange reason decide to google “peanut butter protein cookies” first.

Well guess what folks, they already freakin’ exist.

Peanut butter protein cookies

Am I pissed that I’m not as creative as I thought? No. But I am incredibly annoyed that I didn’t just turn to google in the first place because then I would’ve had more than 6 cookies on my counter.

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