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How to Make a Wall-Mounted Mason Jar Planter


An easy step by step on how to make a wall-mounted mason jar planter.

This picture got a lot of attention the other night when I posted it on instagram. Honestly? I feel like a complete fraud writing this post. I’m pretty certain I’m the absolute least creative/DIY type person that exists on this planet.

Ask me to cook you dinner and you’re in luck, ask me to decorate my house however, and a full on panic ensues. I resisted Pinterest for like oh, I don’t know, 2 years maybe.

When I thought we were moving, I finally caved because it’s actually kind of useful to document all the things you like when you think you’re about to gut reno an entire house. It’s also kind of useful when that doesn’t actually happen, you realize you still like all those pins anyway and decide to make your husband’s life a living nightmare by coercing him into all these projects.

How To Make a Wall-Mounted Mason Jar Planter |

This mason jar one was definitely a test of his love for me as it’s pretty much everything he hates:

1. plants in the house

2. superfluous knick-knacks

3. holes in the wall.

I’m actually kind of impressed by my ability to combine all three of those things in one project.

Ok, so here’s how you do it:

How To Make a Wall-Mounted Mason Jar Planter |


Grab a piece of wood, the more rustic looking the better. Since there’s not a lot of crumbling farm houses I can just pick through for that perfect piece, I actually turned to Craigslist and found a random person giving away free wooden shipping crates. Ulysses wanted nothing to do with this endeavor as he was still in denial I was doing this and so I hopped in the pick-up truck and loaded a 75lb or so wooden crate into the bed with some lovely Indian man who was more than happy to get it out of his garage and brought that sucker home. At this point, I begged my husband to take the nails out and cut me a piece to fit the size for the space I wanted to put it (mine is 28 inches in length x 6 inches wide).


If you can’t find the perfectly weathered/rustic piece of wood, you’re going to want to stain it. I picked up a small can of Minwax in weathered oak. I applied 2 coats to get the look I wanted.


The clamps I used were about $1 each from the HVAC section of Home Depot where all the ducting supplies were. I grabbed the smallest ones I could find that looked like they’d fit around a mason jar.


You’ll need 2 screws to mount the wood to the wall (make sure you find a stud) and then you’ll need 1 screw per mason jar to secure the clamp to the piece of wood.


I bought 2 succulents and 1 miniature lucky bamboo for my jars. Keep in mind the light requirements of the plants you choose based on where you’re hanging this in your house. Herbs won’t work unless you have a very bright spot.


This is important! You want to fill the bottom half of the mason jar with stones since there is no drainage in the jar itself.

7 | SOIL

Fill the top half of the jar with soil.

Once your wood is stained and ready, drill a hole in the clamp so that it can be screwed to the wood. Measure out the spacing you want on your wood and screw the clamps into the wood. Screw the wood into the wall at this point.

Fill your jars with stones, dirt and the plants you’re using, then lower them into the clamps on the wood and tighten the clamps until they’re snug around the jar.

Water the plants very minimally and wait until the soil is completely dried out before doing so.

Et Voila! Or something like that, never took a day of French but that’s how simple it is to make a wall-mounted mason jar planter yourself!

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