Think you’ve tried it all when it comes to fruits? Think again. We’ve got a lineup of 11 exotic fruits that are about to turn your fruit game upside down. From sweet and creamy surprises to tangy, jaw-dropping flavors, these hidden gems are not your average grocery store finds but if you do stumble upon one, make sure to give it a try. Your taste buds will be in for a wild ride!

A slice of a jackfruit on a rattan table.
Photo credit: Canva Pro.
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Durian. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

The ‘king of fruits’ in Southeast Asia, Durian is an experience in itself. Its rich, custard-like texture contrasts with a strong aroma, making it a unique taste adventure. Perfect for those looking to explore bold new flavors.


Cherimoya. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

Cherimoya, often called the ‘custard apple,’ combines flavors reminiscent of banana, pineapple, and pear. Originating from the Andes, its creamy texture and sweet taste make it a delightful treat.


Rambutan. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

With its quirky, hairy appearance, Rambutan is a tropical treasure. Inside its spiky exterior lies a sweet, translucent fruit similar to lychee. It’s a juicy burst of sweetness from Southeast Asia.


Dragonfruit. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Vibrantly colored and uniquely shaped, Dragonfruit is as delicious as it is striking. Its mildly sweet taste and kiwi-like texture make it a refreshing choice. Native to Central America, it’s a must-try for exotic fruit lovers.

Carambola (Starfruit)

Carambola (Starfruit). Photo credit: Canva Pro.

Shaped like a star when sliced, Carambola is a visual and taste delight. Its crisp, juicy texture with a sweet-tart flavor is perfect for a refreshing snack. Originating from Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, it’s a star (no pun intended) in fruit salads.


Physalis. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

Wrapped in a papery husk, Physalis (or Golden Berry) offers a sweet-tart flavor that’s hard to forget. Native to the Americas, these small, round fruits add a zesty punch to both sweet and savory dishes.


Jabuticaba. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

Jabuticaba is a Brazilian wonder. The fruit grows directly on the trunk of its tree and bursts with a sweet, grape-like flavor. Its unique growing pattern and delicious taste make it a fascinating discovery.

African Horned Cucumber

African Horned Cucumber. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

Known as ‘Kiwano,’ this spiky, orange fruit is not just visually striking – it offers a refreshing cucumber-like taste with a hint of banana. It’s a cool, zesty addition from Africa to your fruit repertoire.


Mangosteen. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

Dubbed the ‘queen of fruits,’ Mangosteen is a tropical gem from Southeast Asia. Its sweet, tangy flavor and soft texture are enveloped in a deep purple rind. A luxurious treat for the taste buds.


Jackfruit. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

The massive Jackfruit is a culinary chameleon from India. Its sweet flesh is deliciously tropical, while the unripe fruit is great in savory dishes. It’s a versatile, must-try fruit for adventurous eaters and a staple for vegan eaters.


Pepino. Photo credit: Canva Pro.

The Pepino, or ‘melon pear,’ is a delightful blend of melon and cucumber flavors. Native to South America, its mild, sweet taste and juicy texture make it a lovely addition to any fruit salad.

Gina Matsoukas is the writer, founder, photographer and recipe developer of Running to the Kitchen — a food website focused on providing healthy, wholesome recipes using fresh and seasonal ingredients as much as possible. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets both digital and print, including MSN, Huffington post, Buzzfeed, Women’s Health and Food Network.

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