Cherry faux-ito

This cherry faux-ito is like a cherry mojito without the rum (a virgin cherry mojito) for a refreshing summer drink using sweet ripe cherries.

This cherry faux-ito is like a cherry mojito without the rum (although, easily added) for a refreshing summer drink using sweet ripe cherries.

I took a little break this weekend from the world of technology. No posts, a handful of tweets and instagrams and didn’t even open my computer for a solid 48 hours.

Judging by the whole 5 of you that were actually on this thing the past 2 days, so did most people.

I haven’t had the “I think we need a break” conversation since my college days (it obviously didn’t last long considering we’re now married) and it felt good.

Like I got to call the shots against technology for once.

Cherry mojito

I got my devious ways all out of my system with some girl time over wine, a hungover breakfast, a 4 hour motorcycle ride, some soft serve with rainbow sprinkles and these virgin cherry mojitos.

Mojitos minus the rum, plus cherries.

I am in no way trying to hold you back from adding the rum (it would be delicious), I just wasn’t feeling it at the moment (no, mom & friends, I am not pregnant. Please see above wine & hangover reference).

Cherry mojito drink

It’s supposed to be record breaking temperatures here today and it’s a Monday without work. Why not kick back and take one more day off with these?

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all those who this day is about.

Yield: 3 servings

Cherry Faux-ito (Virgin Cherry Mojito)

Cherry Faux-ito (Virgin Cherry Mojito)

A refreshing cherry and lime spritzer drink perfect for a hot summer day. Easily made "adult" with the addition of some rum.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 cup cherries, pitted
  • 3 leaves of mint plus more for garnish
  • 1 tablespoon agave
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • 12 oz. seltzer (plain or lime flavored)
  • lime slices
  • ice


  1. Combine cherries, mint leaves, agave and lime in a blender and puree.
  2. Add ice to a pitcher and pour in cherry puree from blender.
  3. Top with seltzer and stir to mix together.
  4. Add lime slices to pitcher and garnish with mint leaves.


Add white rum for a refreshing adult beverage.

Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 145.8Total Fat: 0.25gCarbohydrates: 34.9gProtein: 1.87g


  1. Barbara

    Sounds good except for needing to pit 1 C cherries can those be bought already pitted?….I had a raspberry mojito yesterday(,with the rum) and enjoyed kicking back on the patio watching the robins bathe in the water fountain.,

  2. Barbara

    Sounds good… I would add the rum :) Had a raspberry mojito with rum yesterday kicked back on the patio and watched the robins bathe in the water fountain.

  3. Barbara

    sorry for the dupliaction….something weird was going on and my 1st post didnt post for quite a while.

    1. Gina

      sometimes they take a few minutes to show up. Not sure why it does that. And yes, you could use frozen pitted ones too if you or dad are too lazy to pit them ;)

  4. katie @KatieDid

    I did mostly the same thing over the weekend, and plan to for most of the day later today too. So refreshing… although people who don’t blog probably don’t “get it”, but being glued to a computer can be far too easy with the blogworld. And a 4 hour motorcycle ride sounds so incredible!

  5. Katie

    Perfect breakfast drink! You are so creative – and those cherries are so cute…especially that one perched up there on the glass.

    happy weekend!

    1. Gina

      If I don’t have a drink in hand within 5 minutes of a party or get together, that question inevitably comes up… Annoying is an understatement.

  6. Julie @ Table for Two

    this looks really refreshing and i’m kind of glad it doesn’t have alcohol in it. i’m not huge on alcohol cause i don’t take it too well but every now and then is good ;) also, i’m glad you recognized what today is really about. it kind of irks me a lot of people think it’s just a day off to BBQ and spend time with friends. i mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s very nice, but i like that you recognize the core reason as to why we have this day off. ok, now i sound too political for my liking. ;)

    1. Gina

      You don’t sound too political at all. I whole heatedly agree. Saw a few too many posts talking all about the food/fun/family and not a single mention of what the day is actually about. It just rubs me the wrong way too.

  7. Margarita

    I visisted your blog and was surprised that there were no posts but am glad to know that you decided to take some time off technology and give yourself a break. Good for you!

  8. Baking Serendipity

    I love weekends away from technology! It’s so good to put it all on hold and take time to spend time with real people :) I love the cherries in this drink! And the sans-rum option. I totally need it in my back pocket this summer!

  9. Megan {Country Cleaver}

    I am all over these! I love the faux-jito – no alcohol – which would be brilliant on super hot day. Not that Seattle knows anything about super hot days… But still I love the looks of this beauty. Mmm

  10. Mary@FitandFed

    I’m with Megan in the Seattle area, and she’s right– I don’t think we are going to break 70 this week, in fact, I’ve got the gas fire on now to enjoy while I read. And fresh cherries (Rainiers!) won’t be in ’til July. Still, this is a good one to remember. We have an honest-to-god muddler for mojitos, might be fun to try mashing up the cherries with that.

  11. Laura

    Hope you enjoyed kicking back on the patio watching the robins bathe in the water fountain.,Thanks for sharing this yummy kind of drinks..

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I hear ya, I only caved with these because they were $1.99/lb! So cheap for this early in the season!

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