Meet baby blue.

Ain’t she pretty?

I’ve been wanting to get a bike for awhile now but, over the past 3 weeks it grew to an obsession really and when I get obsessed with something it usually ends up in a purchase. Yesterday was no different.

I spent one final morning perusing craigslist hoping to find a cheaper, lightly used version of what I was looking for to no avail so to bike store I went!

Except, it was closed. Seriously? Why would the bike store not be open on a Sunday? Isn’t that like the prime day of leisure for people to purchase things like bikes?


Luckily, we live in America, home of chain stores galore and places like Dick’s are open on Sundays. Could I have gotten a better bike at an actual bike store? Yes. Would the person there actually pay attention to me and help me unlike the lovely 16 year old in the bike department of Dick’s? Yes. Would I have paid at least $200 more? Also, yes. So, for what I was looking for (I don’t plan on signing up for any triathlons tomorrow or anything) this was perfect.

I was actually still vacillating between a road bike and a hybrid when I walked into the store but, soon found out they don’t actually sell the road bikes in the store so my mind was made up pretty quickly. I think the hybrid is actually the better option for me anyway. I’m just not a rounded handlebar type of gal.


Ginger was skeptical, running around barking and snapping at the bike.


When she was a puppy and we lived in Florida, she would whine constantly at night. Like, the entire night. No joke. At the time, we thought it was just because she had a ridiculous amount of energy, as weimaraners are kind of known for that. So, we would take her out, leashed up and ride her around the gated community we lived in at all hours of the night in an attempt to tire her out thinking that was the issue. Well, turns out when we moved to NY and actually let her sleep near us (in Florida we kept her in the kitchen, not near our bedroom) the whining stopped. Ever since, she’s had a “thing” about bikes. Gee, I wonder why? Poor thing just had separation anxiety!

That is why I shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Crying baby? Maybe it just needs some exercise!? Strap it to the bike Ulys!

Moving right along….

Of course I had to take baby blue for a spin so I headed out from my house to the bike trail which is exactly 2 miles away and rode a short section of it. The sky looked like it was about to open up at any moment so I didn’t go far. All in all, 8.5 miles in just under 40 minutes.


It was so fun testing my Garmin out on something other than running! I finally feel like I can relate to all the bloggers that post about their bike rides now. Before, I had no concept of what 14mph on a bike felt like. Now I do! I think my average pace was somewhere in the high 13’s. I’m so excited to have this for cross training days. Since I don’t belong to a gym, my cross training options were pretty limited before. It will also be nice to take to the beach next week! Only 6 more days…


I’ve noticed I wear these shorts a lot on the blog. I swear I have others. Why am I holding the bike in the air? Not really sure, it just seemed cool at the time.

Tell me, do you have a bike?

Ride it for a workout, leisure, race with it?

Do you know how to change a bike tire? I’m kind of petrified of having any issues while riding, I haven’t the slightest idea how to fix anything on a bike. I guess running is kind of nice in that regard. No equipment to break on you!

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  1. “Strap it to the bike Ulys!” That’s totally what Mike and I would do! When Bungee was having crazy separation anxiety, we would spend so much time exercising her. Once we spent the entire day, walking, running, and hiking with her and even after 12 miles she was still a nutbag. Turned out she was claustrophobic and couldn’t handle being crated…thanks adoption people for telling us she was crate trained.

    ANYway! Sweet bike!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on the awesome bike ride. We just brought bikes back from my boyfriend’s house and have been using them for leisurely after-dinner rides. I’ve never raced on a bike, not sure I would be too good at that (there go my triathlon dreams!) haha.

  3. Snazzy!!! I have a bike – but it’s just for leisure. I think we bought it at Wal-Mart!

  4. Wow I kinda feel like a dummy but I had no idea you could use a Garmin for cycling. I got the same one as you as a gift when I was into running, but rarely run anymore. I’m excited to bust it out on the bike!

  5. I’m going to make my husband adjust his bike so I can have it! I haven’t gone biking outside of spin class for so long! and i know i heart it so! =)

    bahaha and I keep telling my husband no babies everytime i hear the cat getting whiney. i’m like listen… i dont think i’m cut out for crying. i do enough on my own when i fall and break things! lol!

    hopefully i’ll be seeing you soon! i’m going to try to figure out my sched so we can make a lunch date happen! <3

    1. Yes! I hope so :) You guys are moving soon right? You’re probably super busy but hope we can figure a time that works!

      1. Superrr soon! We close on the 23rd! But I’m almost certain i’ll have time! <3 During the week will prob be the easiest just b/c I slack off when P isnt around to make me pack =) lol

  6. I think we are very similar w/ how quickly an “obsession” can turn into a purchase! Same thing happened with my bike, though I was able to score it as a bday present. I like it a lot, though I should have shopped around a bit more. I haven’t ridden it as much as I would like, but I have enjoyed the days when I can bike to work. I definitely need to take it for a longer spin this weekend. Um, yeah right on the bike tire. If it goes flat I’ll cry, lock it up and call Mike. :)

  7. I have been really into spin class lately and I’d love to go out riding on the actual road. I have an ancient bike though. It needs a tune-up. I also have no clue about anything on a bike. I’m so lost. If my tire popped I’d be SOL.