Gone are the days when tipping was reserved for your dining-out adventures. Now, it seems like everywhere you turn, from the oil change garage to your morning coffee run, there’s a tip jar staring you down or a digital prompt nudging you to show a little extra love. This growing trend is sparking a mix of confusion and frustration among customers who find themselves navigating a maze of unwritten tipping rules.

A bartender is putting money in a jar.
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Food Trucks

A food truck is parked in front of a group of people.
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Food trucks have always been the go-to for quick, innovative eats, but recently, they’ve started passing the tip jar around. This new trend of asking for tips at what used to be a grab-and-go service is leaving some customers scratching their heads, wondering if they’re at a restaurant or a roadside stop. It’s a curveball for those looking for a fast, casual bite without the formalities.

Oil Change Services

A man is working on the engine of a car.
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Even your car’s maintenance routine isn’t safe from the tipping trend. Oil change services have begun suggesting tips for their technicians, making customers ponder the extra out-of-pocket expense on top of their service bill. While everyone appreciates great service, this new norm is fueling debates on the appropriateness of tipping in service industries traditionally not tipped.

Gas Station Convenience Stores

A store with lots of food.
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Remember when popping into a gas station convenience store for a quick snack or drink was a simple transaction? Those days are getting a makeover with tip prompts popping up at checkout, turning a straightforward purchase into a moment of tipping decision angst. This shift has some customers pining for the simplicity of yesteryears, where a quick stop remained just that—quick and tip-free.

Fast Food

A burger king sign on the side of a building.
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The fast-food industry is flipping the script by introducing tipping options on their digital ordering systems. This move towards tipping in a traditionally non-tipping environment has left many customers feeling the pressure to tip on top of their quick meal, blurring the lines between fast food and full-service dining experiences. It’s a side of fries with a side of dilemma.

Trades Workers

A man with a tool box in front of a kitchen.
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Traditionally, trades workers like electricians and plumbers haven’t seen tips as part of their payment structure. However, with the increasing push towards tipping in nearly every service encounter, customers find themselves unsure whether to tip for services that already come with a hefty bill. It’s adding an extra layer of financial and social etiquette complexity.

Owner Operated Personal Care Establishments

A woman getting her hair washed by a hairdresser.
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Salons and personal care spots run by their owners are joining the tipping bandwagon, making the personal care routine a bit more complicated for clients. While tipping stylists and beauticians isn’t new, the expectation to tip, even when the service is provided by the owner, is turning a relaxing day at the salon into a math problem. Customers are feeling the pinch, and not just from their hair clips.

Retail Stores

A men's clothing store with a lot of clothes on display often experiences tip fatigue.
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The retail world is not immune to the tipping trend, with some stores introducing tipping options at checkout. This development is causing a bit of a stir among shoppers, who are used to straightforward pricing. The addition of a tip line on receipts is transforming the shopping experience into an unexpected financial interaction, leaving customers to navigate the new normal with their wallets.


A woman is holding a baby while exercising with dumbbells.
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Babysitting, a job traditionally compensated with a pre-agreed rate, is now seeing the introduction of tipping. Parents coming home to a tip prompt on their payment app can feel like they’re navigating a new social minefield, unsure if the standard pay is enough or if they’re now expected to add a little extra for their night out.

Home Cleaners

Two people cleaning a living room.
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The realm of home cleaning is getting swept up in the tipping trend, with more agencies suggesting tips for their cleaners. This move towards tipping, on top of a service fee, has some customers feeling the squeeze, especially when they’re already paying a premium for the convenience of a clean home. It’s a dust-up that’s leaving customers questioning where the line will be drawn.

Coffee Shops

A group of people sitting at tables in a coffee shop, experiencing tip fatigue.
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The digital age has transformed the tip jar at coffee shops from a spare change drop-off to a digital prompt, asking for tips on card transactions. This evolution is brewing mixed feelings among customers, who now face the tipping question on even the simplest of coffee runs. It’s adding an extra layer of decision-making to the morning caffeine fix, making some wish for the simplicity of the old tip jar.

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