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Tasty food photography ebook giveaway


If I did a giveaway for every single item someone or some brand has offered up for free to me, you’d be loaded to the gills with a bag of nuts here, a gift card there, ebooks, cookbooks, cooking gadgets…you name it, I can almost guarantee you I’ve been pitched it. Sometimes the pitch is so clearly a blanket email campaign that the wrong name or website is still in the text and therefore gets deleted immediately on principle. But most of the time, I just don’t love whatever it is that’s being offered for free and so 1. I refuse to put in the work to set up a giveaway for it (because these posts actually take me longer than recipe ones!) and 2. I don’t really want to promote stuff I’m just “eh” about on here so then you can end up feeling the same way.

All that to basically say, this one is worth it.

Tasty Food Photography Ebook

Pinch of Yum is a site I’ve read for years now. I love Lindsay’s writing, I adore her pictures and you know how you can just get a feeling that someone is a legit good person even though you’ve never actually met them? Yeah, that’d be her and her husband, Bjork. And while that has absolutely no bearing on the content of their ebook, I just feel like it’s still relevant.

The thing about Lindsay’s pictures for me is that they’re approachable. Meaning, when I first started reading her site and my pictures still sucked big time, I wasn’t overwhelmed when I saw them, I was intrigued, inspired and left thinking “I can one day do that too”. I love a good moody shot (see anything on Baker’s Royale for reference) but I have no idea how to even get to that point in my photography when I look at those shots, so I just don’t even attempt.

Tasty Food Photography Ebook

When Lindsay came out with Tasty Food Photography last year, I bought it within minutes knowing the content would be approachable. And I was totally right. There’s 60+ pages of awesome content broken down into sections on lighting, composition, editing tips, even creating an efficient workflow when you blog & photograph and every single section is written in real words that pretty much any one that’s taken a picture before can understand. I guarantee that no matter how experienced a photographer you are, you’ll take something away from this book.

It’s helped me immensely and I’m more than happy to be able to offer you guys a free copy of the newly updated (more lighting talk & lots more example pictures) version. Giveaway & discount details below!



If you just want to buy the book yourself (it’s only $19) through the end of July, use the discount code “newversion25” and get 25% off.

As always, you can find this ebook and lots of other stuff I highly recommend for blogging + photography on my resources page.

Spinach and ricotta pie
Spinach ricotta torte
Grilled peaches with brown sugar crumble
Grilled peaches with brown sugar pecan crumble

Kathy @ Food Wine Thyme

Saturday 20th of July 2013

Pinch of Yum is a fantastic blog that I read on a regular basis. The photography is simply outstanding.

Joan Collier

Wednesday 17th of July 2013

Wow ! Really great website. I love taking pictures of my favourite recepies!

Thanks ;)