A salty and sour twist on the classic corn on the cob with parmesan and lime. 

Whew! What a day. I stepped outside at 6pm for a run yesterday and realized it was the first time I had been outside all day. I was glued to the computer from 7am straight through. Between switching this little blog over and work it was just an insane day! Still not completely done tweaking some of the design but for the most part it’s done.

Salty and Sour Corn on the Cob

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Ulysses came home early and actually took charge of dinner last night. This is like the 1 in 1000 times that actually happens and he couldn’t have picked a better day. I was too busy stuck in my computer screen to even think about dinner.

Nothing elaborate, just veggie burgers, a tomato & avocado salad and grilled corn.

Let’s talk about grilled corn. It’s basically a summer staple right?

Salty and Sour Corn on the Cob

I bet yours doesn’t look like that though?

This isn’t an “all the time” thing but sometimes I like to step it up a notch with the corn and give the plain veggie some flare.

Usually, I would grill them directly on the grill to char them up a bit. The roasted flavor adds to this “recipe”<—I say that loosely because it’s barely a recipe, but Ulysses wrapped these in tin foil. It still works. He cooked it. I’m not complaining.

While the corn is grilling, gather up the other elements.

Melted butter.


Grated parmesan & lime. Interesting right?

parmesan and lime

And some un-pictured paprika & cayenne.

I’m sure you can guess where we’re going next.

Once the corn is done, pour the melted butter on it, sprinkle cheese on top of that. The melted butter helps the cheese stick. Then add as much paprika & cayenne as your spice level can handle. I like it hot. And finish with a squeeze of lime.

parmesan lime corn on the cob

It’s such a weird combo of salty & sour, but it totally works. I think it would actually be really good if you took the time to take the corn off the cob after it was cooked and then toss with all those ingredients. It would almost be like a corn salad. Black beans would be an excellent addition, especially with the lime. So many possibilities with this.

So, next time you’re about to throw some corn on the grill give this a try, it definitely varies it up and brings a whole new flavor to your typical corn on the cob. And try and get someone else to cook it for you, it tastes that much better when you’re not the one behind the grill.

Completely unrelated, I have to know, is there anybody out there that watched LOST in it’s entirety? We are 98 out of 120 episodes in and I’m ready to pull my hair out with this time travel crap. Please tell me I will get some clarity soon? Someone? I seriously don’t know how anyone waited 5 years to watch this series in it’s entirety, I would’ve gone mad!

What are some other good series out there on Netflix?

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  1. Just stop now! I didn’t watch it when it started (caught up on DVD’s), but still wasted a good three years of my life with the show (I’m being slightly dramatic). I was SO disappointed in the end and there are so many questions left unanswered.