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From bookmark to blog: Roasted Cauliflower and Leek Soup


This is a simple roasted cauliflower and leek soup. Roast & blend and you’re done!

I may or may not be drunk blogging this post. It’s the modern day drunk dial.


Well, I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day night as I try to prepare for my departure to a foreign country and hotel that wants to charge me $40 a day for internet. Yeah, that’s not happening. So we’re doing the whole scheduled thing which is resulting in a half-drunk Gina at 9:13pm on Valentine’s Day. And I can confidently say it would be a full-drunk Gina if I had more than half a bottle of wine in my house.

Roasted Cauliflower and Leek Soup

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) I don’t though.

roasted cauliflower soup

So why am I drunk on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s see….

Besides not getting to see my husband today, I haven’t actually spoken to him all week. Thank you, state police academy.

Then the commenting feature on the blog decided to break this morning resulting in some hair pulling, infuriating phone calls with my host and then sitting through 2 database restores that have only half worked. Do you know what it’s like to watch a little progress bar go up 1% at a time while it restores the last almost 2 years of your work? One word: nerve-wracking. Although my files still refuse to restore, the database part of it seems to have fixed the problem…12 hours later.

Oh, and then there’s the piece of certified mail that came from Florida telling you a property you own is in violation of some bizarre county regulation and you have 30 days to fix it or be fined $1,000 per DAY. The best part though? They don’t actually tell you what the violation is. So I guess I’ll just magically figure that out from 1,500 miles away. Stellar.

And since we’ve covered the blog and my personal life, why not throw a work related wrench into the situation? Like my boss quitting. Which is way more upsetting than it probably sounds to most. Way.more.

cauliflower leek soup

Now you understand the wine (and the venting session…sorry).

Funny enough, in the middle of all this crap, I made cauliflower soup today. Because obviously there wasn’t any better time to do so.

Love & Lemons is a newer to me blog but I simply adore their style. Adore, adore. From the simplistic, real food (yet totally creative) recipes to the envious marble countertops (one day they will be mine) and perfect pictures.

When I saw the Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup I immediately knew I’d love it. The paleo challenge really got me hooked on cauliflower and any simple recipe (seriously, it’s pretty much roast & blend, that’s all!)with another way to use it is hard to pass up. Especially a paleo (and vegan) recipe with cashews as a thickener. Win, win in my book.

I barely got to enjoy it the first time around as I shoved some in my face at 3pm in the middle of database restore #1 and almost passing out from not eating lunch yet but I can tell you it was thoroughly enjoyed later as dinner with my very full glass of wine and a working blog.

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