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Cherry Gazpacho


This easy cherry gazpacho can be made in the blender in just a few minutes.

I know people are either lovers or haters of the cold tomato soup thing.

I get it. It sounds all nasty when you put it that way.

But add some cherries to farm fresh tomatoes and boat load of basil and I’m not sure summer life gets better than that.

Cherry gazpacho

Ok, some sangria on the side might kick it up a notch.

Just a litttttle.

Chilled cherry gazpacho

I spent 4 months eating this stuff almost every single day when I lived in Spain.

I got the only host family that didn’t try to shove fried food down my throat at every meal like all my other college friends and while at the time I would’ve appreciated some more food so I wouldn’t have had to sneak slices of meat in the middle of the night from the fridge to shut my growling stomach up (I swear they subsisted off of almost nothing!), if it meant giving up my beloved gazpacho starter to every meal, there’s just no way I would’ve gone for it.

Last summer I tried to recreate the traditional gazpacho that I ate in Spain 10 years ago (oh my god, I’m old).

This summer, I added cherries to make it just slightly sweet and fruity.

It’s kinda like sangria meets soup and it’s beyond refreshingly delicious.

So hop on over to Megan’s blog today to grab the recipe.

I’m guest posting over there while she’s off probably losing her mind with last minute wedding stuff enjoying her last day as a single lady before the “I Do’s” this weekend.

You get the recipe and a bonus soundtrack.

(Edited to add: ok, looks like the link for the song didn’t transfer over on Megan’s blog so here you go…Ketchup Song…because it’s that  good.)

You’re welcome. Especially for the song.


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