Cream cheese tomato and basil sandwich

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BlogHer & Kettle Brand Chips. I was compensated for creating a summer inspired recipe that pairs with the chips. As always, content, photography & opinions are my own.

This cream cheese tomato and basil sandwich is the perfect summertime picnic lunch.

Cream cheese tomato basil sandwich

I grew up a deprived child. My mother hated (and still hates) peanut butter. Do you know what that meant for lunch time in elementary school? No PB&J sandwiches. Ever. Instead, I was the weird kid with cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, on wheat bread and usually with a piece of fruit in my lunchbox instead of whatever cool, highly processed snack was in at the moment. Thanks, mom.

Cream cheese and tomato sandwich

Come the summer time though, jelly got replaced with tomatoes and without any lunchtime kids around to judge the weird creation, I openly loved it. I have memories of bare feet, swimming pools, playing soccer in the yard and these sandwiches all woven together somewhere in the back of my head. So when I got the chance to talk about what I pack in my summer time picnic basket with Kettle Brand Chips, this combination was the first thing to come to mind. Except this time, it has an edge of maturity with the addition of basil & balsamic vinegar. In fact, a few weekends ago we decided to take advantage of the state park not even 5 miles from our house that we’ve never been to in the almost 4 years of living here and packed up a quick lunch to eat on the picnic tables there. In my bag, a cream cheese, tomato & basil sandwich. In Ulysses’, a peanut butter & jelly. What I used to wish for as a kid now has nothing on my cream cheese combination, go figure. For Ginger, a lot of pathetic whimpering wishing for a bite of either. And for both of us, a big bag of Sea Salt Kettle Brand Chips. Kettle Brand Chips are one of the few potato chips I’ll actually eat. Why? Simple, they actually taste like potatoes. The Sea Salt are my favorite because the ingredient list has 3 things. Potatoes, salt & oil. Crazy huh? A chip whose ingredients you can actually understand. What a novel idea. They were the perfect accompaniment to the cream cheese sandwich with their hint of salt and perfect crunch. Too bad mom didn’t know about these back in the day because I’m pretty sure they would’ve met her “whole” foods/all natural standards for lunch box inclusion. I’m betting the jealousy roles at the lunch table would have been reversed too. Chips > handi snacks.

Cream cheese sandwich with tomatoes and basil



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  1. 262

    Maggie M says

    My family is all about sandwiches so that’s usually what goes in our picnic basket. Fruit juice and plenty of water too!

  2. 265

    cc april says

    One of my family’s favorite foods inside my picnic basket is Chicken and Slaw wraps! They are so easy to make epecially if you use rotisserie chickens. Mix the chicken with some coleslaw, ranch dressing and sweet pickle relish, place on a wrap and roll it. your family will love it!

  3. 266


    No matter if our picnic is a simple sandwich affair or a gourmet BBQ with skewers of teriyaki steak or chicken, we always include our vintage tablecloths in our picnic basket. I have several wonderful old tablecloths from the 1950s splashed with colorful flowers and designs (and a few indelible stains) that always conjure fond memories and bring back the happy Ghosts of Picnics Past.


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