Soba noodle carbonara

There’s an amusing story that goes along with this carbonara. I shall call it “A Peak into What’s it’s Like to Work From Home: a short story by Gina Matsoukas”

12 o’clock hits and instead of going straight to the kitchen for lunch, I decide it’s way too beautiful outside to spend one more minute indoors and grab a beach towel from the laundry room where they’ve been held captive for the past 7 months to head outside. Ginger comes with me, I lay down and since I’m in workout clothes (per usual), I decide to roll up my running shorts to a ridiculous “it’s 1998 and I’m a cool high school soccer player level” and take my tank top off (I was wearing a sports bra) to soak up the sunshine. Ginger frolics off into the woods to sniff/roll in shit/eat grass and all the other fun things hunting dogs like to do while I enjoy about 15 minutes of sunshine in peace thinking about what I want for lunch.

And then it hits me. I want pasta, I want bacon and I want some sort of creamy sauce. Not exactly the pinnacle of health and kind of contradicts what I just said yesterday, but whatever. So I immediately get up and head to the fridge to see how I can make this work in some sort of healthy way. Ginger is nowhere to be found so I leave her outside figuring she’ll come back soon enough.

20 minutes later I’m knee deep in chopped vegetables, boiling soba noodles, raw eggs and bacon grease when I start to hear barking. A very specific bark. The kind a certain weimaraner who hates small children uses when said children are trying to cross our backyard and she wants to eat them.


So there I am with nothing more than rolled up shorts and a sports bra on while friggin soba noodles are boiling away on my stove. In case you’ve never cooked soba noodles, they only take 3-5 minutes to cook. I was on about minute #3 already, standing there waiting for everything to come together because the whole premise behind carbonara is that the pasta needs to be HOT to cook the eggs when you toss it all together. There’s no room for taking your time and letting the pasta drain while you run outside to save the neighbor from your child-phobic dog.

The logical decision was obviously to make a run for it outside and attempt to corral her in the one minute I had before the soba noodles overcooked. Overcooked pasta is a tragedy even when it’s Japanese and so are maimed neighbor children. Decision = obvious.

I’ll let you visualize the 30 year old, barefoot, half naked me running through my backyard in the middle of the day yelling at Ginger with tongs in my hand (because apparently I forgot to put them down in the heat of that decision making moment) to get her ass inside. It wasn’t pretty. It was probably a glimpse into what I’d be like as a mother. I’m not proud.

But the dog came inside, the pasta wasn’t overcooked and somehow I’ve avoided any weird neighborly glances (so far).

Moral of this story, kids?

Keep your clothes on.

It’s good advice for many situations in life, even when making carbonara.

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Soba Noodle Carbonara
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Carbonara done healthy with soba noodles, veggies and just enough bacon and cheese to get the flavor without all the fat.
Recipe type: pasta, entree
Serves: 2-3
  • 6 oz. soba noodles (2/3 of a normal package)
  • 1 orange pepper, thinly sliced
  • 1 baby bok choy, thinly sliced
  • ¾ cup frozen peas
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • ⅔ cup parmesan cheese, grated & divided
  • 2 strips bacon, cooked & crumbled
  • salt & pepper
  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
  2. Meanwhile, combine eggs, milk, ⅓ cup of parmesan cheese, salt & pepper in a large serving bowl.
  3. Once water is boiling, cook soba noodles for 3-5 minutes until al dente.
  4. Drain noodles, reserving 1 cup of the cooking water and immediately toss with the egg mixture in the large bowl to cook the eggs.
  5. Add the vegetables and remaining cheese and toss to combine until peas are heated through.
  6. Top with bacon and serve immediately.
  7. If there are leftovers, store with the reserved pasta water to help retain moisture as carbonara tends to dry up easily.


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  1. 1

    Love this healthy version – and the story. At least we have dogs to blame for our crazy actions once in a while. :)

  2. 2

    OMG! That is hilarious! Oh that’s happened to me! Just last week, I was cooking dinner and I decided to take the garbage out, since it was over flowing and I had vegetable guts every where. I opened up the front door and my boy took off like bat out of hell. I was wearing short shorts, because I was n the house and didn’t care, and ugly t-shirt, no make-up (that can be scary), hair in ugly pony tail. Let’s just say I wasn’t pretty and there I am running after my dog. Well when I opened the door, I forgot to shut it behind me, and my good girl Samantha ran out and she ran, and ran, and ran!!! I live near Main Street which is always busy and I panicked! I got the bad boy in the house and I took off in my car and looked for her. I was freaking out!! I drove up and down the street and there she was two blocks later standing on the corner. I opened my car door and she hopped in like no big deal!! Not only was I freaked, she was in my car. I have a new car, leather seats and it’s my pride and joy and now it had dog in it. :( Dogs are certainly entertaining! When I came in the house my vegetables burnt!

  3. 3

    LO-freakin’-L. You’re too funny. I didn’t realize that Ginger hated little beings.
    ps- I really need to find some of these noodles – they look amazing (as does the whole recipe). I bought thick lo mein noodles the other day at the store because they were on a really good sale (yup…that sums me up) and P has been eating them non-stop. I made one dish with them and ended up eating just the chicken and veggies because the kid stole all my pasta and kept asking for more. I bet she’d LOVE these. (as would I if I figure out how to hide them from her)

  4. 4

    I just LOL’d at my work desk. I thank you for that :)

  5. 5

    I’ve never heard of soba noodles, btu I live in rural Minnesota so really thats no surprise. If it isnt lefse or lutefisk you can’t find it at the store around here. We finally got panko this year. Yeah. I’m excited to try this, do you think it’ll be good with whole grain thins spaghetti noodles?

    • 6
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      absolutely, you can definitely use regular pasta or whole wheat, the cooking time will obviously be a little longer but the rest will work just fine :)

  6. 7

    I loved reading this story! And what is it with dogs and rolling around in shit? The park where I take my dogs most mornings has a ton of goose poop and if they’re not trying to roll in it, they’re trying to eat it! Disgusting! My puggle does the same thing with worms, bird poop…I can’t handle it.

  7. 8

    Love this story. It’s always a good thing to avoid naked glances. This pasta sounds so good. I love soba noodles!

  8. 9

    yeah. the visual on this pleases me.

  9. 10

    Hahaha well glad you saved the children and the soba too. This recipe looks incredible though… never knew carbonara used raw egg yolk to make it creamy.

    • 11
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      yep! Some people get all worked up about the raw egg, I think it’s delicious and slightly healthier than cream. :)

  10. 12

    Your pictures are so sharp and clear it blows me away…gorgeous lighting, color balance, and of course, the food itself…love that swirly stack of noodles with the veggies in it!

  11. 15

    Nothin wrong with a little naky cooking. Running through the back yard half naked with tongs in hand…now that is priceless! Yummy pasta dish!

  12. 16

    Hahahaha excellent life lesson. I’m glad you decided to save the kids. I was worried for a second you were going to choose the soba noodles, as that is what I would have done.

  13. 17

    I love soba noodles, anything buckwheat! I’m buckwheat crazy! I need to make myself a veganised version of your soba noodles with peas please :) Happy Friday!

  14. 18

    What a fun and creative idea for carbonara! This looks so delicious, Gina.

  15. 19

    HAHAHAHAHAH omgsh, this story was too funny! Thank you for that laugh….I can just IMAGINE you with all your emotions running through you, lol. “Overcooked pasta is a tragedy even when it’s Japanese and so are maimed neighbor children. Decision = obvious.” And I’ll make sure to ALWAYS keep my clothes on now! :P And btw, this pasta looks and sounds soooooooooooo amazing. <3

  16. 20

    HHAHA – love the dog story. I often think that I must sound like a crazy person the way I yell at my dog when he doesn’t come back or won’t give me his ball.

  17. 21

    And people think working from home is boring! What a great past dish. So full of flavor, but still good for you!

  18. 22

    The noodles look fabulous. I have two packages of soba noodles that need a recipe. Here we go.

    And regarding the dog story – it could be worse. You could have been wearing mis-matched pajamas, with the pants whose seat sags to your knees, and Ugg boots. And it could have been your front yard. Not that I would know anything about that kind of shame.

  19. 23

    Coulda been worse – you could have over cooked the noodles or burnt yourself on the hot water! :)

  20. 24

    You never fail to make me laugh! I’m glad your neighbor’s child wasn’t maimed and it looks like you’re pretty darn fast because the noodles look perfect! I love the idea of making carbonara using soba noodles.

  21. 25

    HAHA omg i love your stories. we should grab coffee (or actually, maybe lots of bad food together) and talk funny stories. anyway, your story of wearing clothes reminded me of what happened to me yesterday…i usually cook in an oversized shirt and no pants (i have some weird issue w/wearing pants at home, sorry TMI), our apartment building was getting power-washed, i forgot the blinds were open and i round the island and THERE’S A MAN ON A LADDER LOOKING IN. oh my lord.

    i love your rendition of this soba noodle dish. it’s very unique cause japanese noodle dishes aren’t usually like this but i love that you made it work. AND check out that TECHNIQUE girl of that perfect pasta gotta teach me how you did it…

    • 26
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      Ahahaha, I love your story! That would’ve totally freaked me out if I turned around and saw a man looking at me! Although, something similar has happened to me with the Fed Ex guy as he was about to ring the doorbell and I came prancing downstairs with no pants on going to the laundry room to get my clothes out of the dryer.

  22. 27

    This cracks me up! I’ve never made soba noodles before…but I’ve chased after a crazy pup more times than I can even count :)

  23. 28

    Are soba noodles gluten free? Many thanks for your answer……….

    • 29
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      Soba noodles are buckwheat so I believe they are, but I’m honestly not sure as I don’t cook gf specifically.

  24. 30

    LOL, I loved your short story, and the pasta looks incredible!

  25. 31

    love it! the story, the recipe, and the fact that i’m not the only one who sees the future parent in me when i’m dealing with my animals. view:not pretty. already pinned this and can’t wait to make it, carbonara’s been on my must make list for a while.. thanks!

  26. 32

    Hilarious! Best story ever. I so needed that.

  27. 33

    You’re my hero. Like for realsies. I was just dreaming of pasta carbonara and you delivered!!

  28. 34

    “Overcooked pasta is a tragedy even when it’s Japanese and so are maimed neighbor children” I’m seriously sitting here laughing. Awesome story :D I love soba noodles. Putting them in carbonara sounds genius to me :D

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