Raw Walnut and Pecan Tartlets: 2 Ways

These raw walnut and pecan tartlets are filled with an almond butter or chocolate filling for an easy, no bake guiltless treat!

Tartlet. Funny word, isn’t it? I just want to keep saying it over and over and over…

Ok, we’ll get to those. Story time first.

Saturday we went out to dinner with my parents. No special occasion, just a much needed night out of the house for me with an equally as much needed bottle of wine. And guess where the conversation somehow headed about 15 minutes into the night?


Raw walnut and pecan tartlets

This is nothing new. I hear it from every angle in my life and my parents (read: my mom) are one of the more frequent sources. Apparently, whatever biological clock I was supposed to have in this area of life skipped me but more than made up for it in my mom’s desire for grandchildren.

“Oh, but you don’t realize how much you’ll love them until they’re here.”

“The not-sleeping thing is only temporary.”

“You’re going to be so lonely when you’re older.’

“It’s the biggest joy you can ever imagine.”

Raw no bake almond butter and chocolate tartlets with walnuts and pecans

I could probably fill a book with the reasons people state for having kids.

And you know what, I believe them all. I bet it is the best damn joy in your life. Really, I do. I feel that way about my freakin’ dog so I can only imagine how a kid would make me feel. And I do realize the sleep thing is probably at most a year. And yes, I think your kids are cute and sometimes I get a fleeting moment of “aw” when I’m holding them.

But you want to know what else?

I can find plenty of other joys that aren’t going to plague me with constant worry for the rest of my life, cost me hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars or eat up every last second of my time and attention for the best years of my life. I’m not too keen on waiting until 60 when the kids are finally grown up and out of the house to do those bucket list things. Also, you should see me after one night of interrupted sleep from my dog let alone months on end of midnight feedings. I’m quite confident I’d be institutionalized by week 2.

No bake almond butter and chocolate tartlets

The kid convo dragged along until the food came and then we all shut up as coconut curry mussels, coq au vin and burgers made their way into our mouths.

Fast forward to yesterday and there I am about 15 minutes into carefully running a knife around these mini-muffin cups trying to pop out these tartlets while keeping them intact and I get a text from my mom.

“Sorry about the baby talk last night.”

I put the knife down and respond, “It doesn’t bother me. It’s not like it remotely changes my mind.”

Easy no bake almond butter and chocolate tartlets

Because when it comes down to it, I’d rather spend an inordinate amount of my Sunday afternoon tending to tartlets than to children. Especially almond and coconut butter and chocolate filled ones.

Raw Walnut Pecan Tartlets: 2 Ways

Raw Walnut Pecan Tartlets: 2 Ways

Yield: 6 servings
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

These raw walnut and pecan tartlets are filled with an almond butter or chocolate filling for an easy, no bake guiltless treat!


For the Tartlet Shell

  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 1/4 cup pecans
  • 2-3 medjool dates (start with 2, see directions for explanation)

Almond & Coconut Butter Filling

  • 2 tablespoons creamy almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon coconut butter

For the Chocolate Filling

  • 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil


  1. Place tartlet shell ingredients in a food processor starting with 2 dates and process until a fine crumble results. If you can pinch together the mixture and it holds then transfer to a bowl. If not, add another 1/2-1 date and process again until the mixture is sticky enough to form a crust.
  2. Grease a mini-muffin pan with coconut oil.
  3. Place a spoonful of the nut mixture into the muffin tin and press down with your fingers and up along the sides of the tin. You want the sides to be pretty thick so that they don't crumble when you remove the tarts.
  4. Fill remaining tins the same way.
  5. Place pan in the freezer for about 30 minutes until the shells harden.
  6. Remove the pan from the freezer and carefully remove tartlets using a knife to loosen around the edges. You may have to reinforce with your fingers once they're out if portions collapsed. They won't come out easily, but I did it with some patience and caution.
  7. In a small bowl combine your filling ingredients and microwave until softened. Use a spoon to combine and then fill the tartlet shells.
  8. You can eat them as is or return to the freezer to harden.
  9. Keep refrigerated or frozen.


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  1. Serena

    Gina; looks like another winning recipe. These will be perfect for Valentines Day, thank you. And i totally and whole-heartedly agree with you on the kids thing. I have the same convo with my Mum every month or so :)

  2. Jo (livingmintgreen)

    YES. Court & I aren’t having kids either – we decided this before we got married, then waited 2 yrs to neuter Court *just* to be sure. When convos turn towards kids now, instead of our friends/family looking at us like we have two heads & having to explain WHY we’re CHOOSING to not have them, we just shut it down with a simple, “we cant have kids”. Hahaha works like a charm! Luckily, my family has always supported our decision, but Courts parents are still mad at us. They think we’re being selfish, but then I remind them that we just channel that nurturing instinct differently – into our home, garden, pets, food, etc. :D

  3. barbara

    At least if there arent any grandchildren, I should have a delivery of everything yummy from your site as a consolation!! :) PS. you slept through the nite at 2.5mos and slept so much during the day I had to wake you up to feed or bathe you ;)

      1. dad

        but how the roles have reversed ,who is the pain in the ass child now???and yes he stopped after 5 months,and we survived(imagine that)Luv Ya.

  4. Aparna B.

    I saw the evolution of these beauties on Instagram and was jealous I didn’t live closer to you. Not to sound like a total creeper. I keep getting the baby talk from my parents too. I keep reminding them they have a daughter 4 years older than I am, married for longer than I am now, and should probably have them first because I may never have them. Same as you, I have nothing against kids, but I’d rather do the things I’m doing now than have to worry about a kid for the next 20 years. I’d probably go insane three days in.

  5. Krysten

    My husband and I are the exact same way. We enjoy each other’s company and the things we get to do together. While, yes, having a child probably is the most rewarding thing a couple can do (most couples, anyway), that still doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. I love to take care of others — but I also love to take care of myself. So, yeah, no kids for me.

  6. Christine

    Oh goodness, I thought I had settled on my Valentine’s Day treat but these look AMAZING! Maybe Valentine’s Day will move into the weekend! :-)

    My parents stopped asking about kids when I hit my late 30’s. Now, in my mid-40’s I am having some doubts about my decision….but I also don’t want to be the old lady mom by getting into something now! ha ha! I’d be like 70 when the kid leaves home…no thanks! :-)

    I tried pinning this recipe but for some reason it won’t let me pin the photos associated with the recipe? I’ll try again a bit later. :-)

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Flickr is having some issues today with pinning images and all my pictures are hosted with them. I installed the pinterest button (the stand alone one at the bottom of the post) temporarily b/c that one seems to still work. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life

    Yes, I’m happy we did it. My sweet Babycakes is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done / seen / witness on a daily basis… but DANG, it’s hard. And I’m only doing it once. And the sleep interruption lasts WAY more than a year. #sorrytoburstyourbubble I honestly think it’s harder to have kids after waiting so long (Dear Hubby and I were married 7 years before baby) — and it’s just that much more of a shock to your life because you like the things you like and the activities and the rhythm, and them BAM… no more normal life. And it’s a process to relearn how to incorporate SOME of the things you used to enjoy into this new life of yours. All that to say, wait until you’re ready. And if you’re never ready, don’t sweat it. It’s YOUR choice. Not anyone else’s.

  8. Alison

    These tartlets look amazing! Yum!

    We recently chose to stick with one child, and it’s astounding how many people think you need to have at least 2 kids, no less. I’ve actually thought about telling people that we can’t, but that would be lame. I just hate how people assume you haven’t totally thought through your decision.

    Also, I’m sure you’ll make an awesome auntie to friends & family:)

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I know! Flickr is having some issues today and all my pictures are hosted with them. I installed the pinterest button (the stand alone one at the bottom of the post) temporarily b/c that one seems to still work. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  9. cassie

    I’m a new follower and am loving your blog so far. Great recipe and really refreshing to hear your POV on having children. I am not married but I currently feel the same way you do. Never know where life will take you and I’m glad I stumbled on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly's

    These look amazing, I am definitely going to try and make them for my next big family get together.

    On the subject of kids, I always wanted to have a ton, but Nick and I got married at 24, not too young, but definitely younger than the average, the fact that people immediately started asking (in a serious way, the joking from friends also w/o kids was fine) when. Almost 2 years after the birth of my son, I just don’t know that I am ready for more.

    I am also not ready for the onslaught that I will get if I even utter those words to anyone in our family.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      We got married when I was 24 too so the questions didn’t happen for a few years since my parents were of the mindset that I was way too young to get married in the first place. But 6 years later, they’re making up for lost time! I’ve never wanted kids even from a young age but everyone said my mind would change. I seriously started to believe it since I heard it so much, but if anything, my desire not to have them has gotten stronger with time. Especially as I see what all our friends’ lives have become with them. It’s exactly what they want and I’m happy for them, but it’s exactly what I don’t want.

  11. Lauren

    Your posts are always so fun and interesting to read. I have two kids, but damn I hear you on the worrying…and mine are barely out of the crib much less socializing, running around with friends, or on the hunt for boys.

    Your tartlets look delicious! I love the picture of the almond butter oozing out. :)

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      haha, yeah I think of the hell I put my parents through with boys from ages of 12-15 and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!

  12. Jamie

    These look awesome, and I can’t wait to try them.

    While anyone is entitled to their own reasons to not have children, I find it important to share that for some of us it is possible to have kids and not spend you life worrying, your attention monopolized and bucket list on hold. I can not argue the costs…. But with proper planning and hard work, we can afford them AND all the other things we want in life :)

  13. anonymous

    I am in my mid-forties and have spent the last twenty years listening to people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) tell me why I MUST have children. I like kids (love my nieces and nephews) but I am and have always been very sure that I don’t want my own — isn’t it a good thing that I know this and trust this about myself? Seriously, I pat myself on the back for making the decision, knowing it wasn’t right for me. It’s not a world in which we are applauded for making this decision and people can (and will) try to make you feel very, very bad about it. Otherwise kind people have said some very unkind things to me — which I have to assume was meant in the “best way” — about my selfishness, my foolishness, my narcisissm. Often this is followed by “who will take care of you when you’re old?” which, in the ultimate irony, seems to ME to be the very worst and most selfish reason to have children. Anyway, I am comfortable and happy and peaceful in my decision. I have many friends and family with children and I am the coolest aunt. My life is full and interesting and meaningful and I have never once regretted the choices I’ve made. To thine ownself be true.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I could not agree more with every single thing you said. I constantly think the same thing about knowing it isn’t a good thing for me and therefore not bringing a child into this world. Isn’t that something to be applauded rather than criticized?! How many people bring children into this world that shouldn’t or don’t want them? I think making a conscious decision and recognizing it is not for me is a way better approach than just having them because you’re “supposed” to. And the selfishness of the “who will take care of you when you’re old” thing…absolutely spot on. If that doesn’t sound like the worst reason to have a kid, I’m not sure what does. Ok, maybe the tax deduction one that I’ve seriously heard people use. Yeah, greaaaat idea on that one.

      1. KKRvF

        You are awesome. I have a daughter, have always wanted kids and can’t wait to have more but I will never understand how anyone can see reproducing as anything but selfish, honestly. People have kids for themselves and their egos. I like to think I’m honest enough to admit this. I have always maintained not having them is the truly self-less act. I am so glad you posted this. I would be irate if I dealt with those comments and attitudes.

  14. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    I totally agree. I was into maybe having kids when I was younger but the older I got the more I thought it would never happen. When I finally got married, I was already so used to the idea of never having kids that it seemed (and still does) unappealing to me to have kids. Since my hubby already has kids, I kind of get somewhat the best (or worst depending on how you look at it) of both worlds. I get to experience some aspects of motherhood without dealing with babies or the brunt of the responsibility as a “real” parent. I just don’t have a lot of interest in starting the kid cycle at this point in my life. The more dogs the better I say!!
    And these tartlets look dreamy btw… ;-)

  15. Kayt

    So nice when I stumble across proof that I’m not the only one who feels that way about having kids! And thanks so much for this great recipe. I’m oven-less right now, so this really makes my day!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      haha, the coconut oil is just to make the chocolate a little more pourable so you could actually just leave it out!

  16. Alison

    You know what’s awesome? These tartlets.
    You know what else is awesome? Making the right decision for you and for your husband.
    I am also at the crossroads of decision-making time and can, absolutely, see both the pros and the cons in pretty much equal measure. Glad to hear that you aren’t giving into peer pressure, but, rather, going with what is going to make you happiest.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      Great idea! I think it would work perfectly! The filling will definitely harden once refrigerated which is how you need to store these anyway, I just snapped pics before doing that.

      1. Megan O

        As an update, I pressed to create a square base of the nut/date mixture on a plate, with the sides raised about 1/4 inch so the filling wouldn’t fall out. Froze it for 45 minutes or so, filled first with the almond butter filling, then used the chocolate filling to create three large lines one way, then used a knife to cut across the mixture, making a ‘swirl.’ Froze it for a half hour longer, then cut into 16 squares to make little candies! :) Worked great

  17. Fran

    This is my first time to your blog as I came through Pinterest for this recipe. I have four kids, love them and the beautiful, chaotic mess that constitutes my life but not everyone wants this flavor of crazy! My sister in law has no kids, has never wanted kids and has never regretted that decision. More power to her! She gets to be the fun aunt and spoil our kids but gets to stay with the life that suits her best. This recipe looks amazing and now I’m going to poke around the rest of your site. :) Thank you!

  18. Sloane @ Life Food and Beer

    My husband and I do not want children either. My family understands because I’ve always said I didn’t want kids. His family thinks we should have kids “because it’s just what you do!!” Personally, I like my life to revolve around myself. When you have children, you’re whole life revolves around them. That’s how it should be. For 18+ years of my life, my parents devoted every weekday/weekend to my activities. And that’s what they wanted to do! But I don’t want that, and I don’t understand why people feel the need to push you to do something you don’t want to. Kids are not for everyone! The world would be a better place if people realized that. And the whole “You’re being selfish” PISSES me off! Who am I being selfish too?? An unborn fetus?

    The Tartlets look amazing by the way :)

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  21. Susan

    I am SO with you on the “kids” conversation!! You can’t possible miss what you don’t have, and the not having certainly outweighs the having for all the reasons you mentioned!! Stick to you guns, while I stick these tartlet, tartlet, tartlets into my mouth!!! YUM!! Now for a good night’s, kid free sleep!!!


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