You might be surprised to learn you’re not getting the best out of your food. A few simple tweaks can take your meals from good to great. Most people typically eat these common foods the wrong way and usually have no clue. Here’s what they are and how to change your eating habit to make the most of them.

A woman holds halved grapefruits over her eyes against a yellow background, mouth open in a playful expression.
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Japanese sushi on a plate with chopsticks.
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When eating sushi, avoid mixing wasabi into your soy sauce. Instead, place a small amount directly on the sushi piece and eat it in one bite to enjoy all the flavors.


A cut up artichokes on a cutting board.
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Many people discard the artichoke heart and focus on the leaves, but the heart is the most delicious part. Make sure to remove the fibrous choke and savor the heart.


A person steeping a tea bag in a clear glass cup of hot water on a table with a newspaper and teaspoons nearby.
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Don’t over-steep your tea, as it can become bitter. Follow the recommended steeping time and temperature for each type of tea to extract the perfect flavor.


Man opening wine.
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Allow wine to breathe after opening by decanting it, which helps to enhance its flavor and aroma before drinking.


Pasta in a white bowl on a striped towel.
Bucatini Cacio e Pepe. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

After cooking pasta, avoid rinsing it so the starch remains, which helps sauce adhere better. Serve it al dente and mix directly with sauce for the best flavor.


Pouring hot water over ground coffee in a white ceramic pour-over brewer.
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To avoid burning your coffee, never use boiling water. Instead, use water just off the boil to extract optimal flavor without bitterness.


Asparagus on a white plate.
Instant Pot Asparagus. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Instead of snapping off the stalks of asparagus, which can waste part of the vegetable, peel the lower stalks to use more of it while still getting tender pieces.


Five strips of crispy bacon arranged side by side on a plain white background.
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Cook bacon slowly over medium heat instead of high heat to keep it flat and ensure it crisps evenly without burning or curling.


A bowl of garlic with a grater next to it.
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Rather than using a garlic press, which can make garlic taste bitter, mince it with a knife to retain its natural flavors and juices.


Cheese on a wooden cutting board with a knife.
Cheese. Photo credit: Canva.

Cheese should be brought to room temperature before serving to fully appreciate its flavor and texture, rather than serving it straight from the fridge.


A woman's hand is holding a jar of yogurt with blueberries.
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When adding fruit or sweeteners to yogurt, fold them in gently to maintain the texture of the yogurt and prevent it from becoming too runny.


A piece of chocolate wrapped in foil on a wooden table.
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Chocolate should be eaten at room temperature, as this allows all the subtle flavors and textures to be fully appreciated.

Citrus Fruits

A close up of oranges, limes, and grapefruits.
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To maximize juice extraction from citrus fruits without adding bitterness, roll the fruit before cutting rather than just squeezing it into wedges.

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