Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get a little sappy and a lot sweet, especially when it comes to dessert. Whether you’re a baking novice or a seasoned pro, we’ve got 30 cake recipes that are guaranteed to impress your special someone (or just treat yourself, because why not?). These show-stoppers will make hearts flutter and taste buds sing.

Dreamy White Forest Cake

A cherry layer cake with a slice taken out.
Photo Credit: Family Favorite Holiday Recipes.
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This white forest cake is a completely dreamy dessert, with a light white sponge cake, sweet cherry filling, and cream cheese frosting.

Get the recipe: Dreamy White Forest Cake

Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Chip Snack Cake

A slice of chocolate strawberry cake on a napkin.
Strawberry Yogurt Cake. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

This strawberry yogurt chocolate chip cake is the perfect easy Valentine’s Day dessert. Made with healthier flours, you and your special someone can eat this all day long!

Get the recipe: Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Chip Cake

Chocolate Cheesecake

A chocolate cheesecake on a white plate.
Photo Credit: If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen.

Chocolate cheesecake is a rich, decadent dessert made for chocolate lovers. The Oreo crust and chocolate ganache topping is simply divine.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Cheesecake

Strawberry Cake

A strawberry cake with a slice taken out of it.
Photo Credit: Watch. Learn. Eat.

This luscious vegan strawberry cake is rich, moist and perfectly sweet. Layered with a strawberry preserve-infused dairy-free buttercream frosting and topped with juicy, fresh strawberries, this gluten-free cake is perfect for any occasion.

Get the recipe: Strawberry Cake

Vanilla Rose Layer Cake

A white cake with red roses on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Baker’s Table.

Fall in love with this oh-so romantic and effortlessly gorgeous Vanilla Rose Layer Cake! A sweet and simple six inch vanilla cake that’s made with pantry staples, plus one secret ingredient…a splash of rose water! 

Get the recipe: Vanilla Rose Layer Cake

Mini Chocolate Cake For Two With Mascarpone Cream

A chocolate cake with strawberries and pistachios being drizzled with icing.
Photo Credit: Lavender & Macarons.

This Mini Chocolate Cake For Two With Mascarpone Cream makes a perfect little dessert for a date night or when you want to indulge in a fancy treat but no willing to spend hours in the kitchen. This cute dessert is easy to make and so incredibly delicious!

Get the recipe: Mini Chocolate Cake For Two With Mascarpone Cream

Cherry and Rum Cake

A bundt cake with cherries on top.
Photo Credit: Tia Clara.

What a cute, easy, fast, interesting grownup dessert, everyone will love this mini honey and cherry rum cake.

Get the recipe: Cherry and Rum Cake

Strawberry Flan

A strawberry tart on a white plate with a slice taken out.
Photo Credit: Greedy Gourmet.

What’s better than enjoying a bite of luscious and fruity strawberry flan? A flan recipe is easy and inexpensive to make. Although, when finished, it looks like it just came out of the window of a Parisian patisserie. 

Get the recipe: Strawberry Flan

Mini Strawberry Bundt Cakes

A bundt cake with strawberries and icing on a white plate.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella.

These mini strawberry Bundt cakes are so cute! Imagine a light and sweet strawberry cake made with jello. Not only do these look pretty, but they taste really amazing.

Get the recipe: Mini Strawberry Bundt Cakes

Date Cake with Rum Toffee Sauce

A bundt cake is being drizzled with caramel sauce.
Photo Credit: Mae’s Menu.

Also known as Sticky Date Pudding, this date cake is moist and comforting with notes of caramel and raisin. An easy homemade rum sticky toffee sauce ties the cake together and brings you back for more!

Get the recipe: Date Cake with Rum Toffee Sauce

Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake on a white cake stand.
Photo Credit: Live to Sweet.

This No Bake Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake is layers of strawberry and vanilla bean cheesecake in a graham cracker crust, topped with strawberry crunch topping! Completely no bake and delicious, you’ll want this beauty on repeat in your kitchen!

Get the recipe: Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake

Red Velvet Bundt Cake

A red velvet bundt cake on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Vintage Kitchen Notes.

With its unique flavor and color, this old-fashioned red velvet cake is soft, moist, and utterly delicious! It comes together quickly and can be frozen. Spread it with cream cheese frosting for a luscious finish, just in time for a special celebration.

Get the recipe: Red Velvet Bundt Cake

Garden Party Rose Buttercream Cake

A pink and white cake with strawberries on top.
Photo Credit: Baked by Blair.

Perfectly fluffy chocolate cake layers paired with fresh strawberries and rose infused Swiss meringue buttercream make this rose buttercream cake. 

Get the recipe: Garden Party Rose Buttercream Cake

Raspberry Cheesecake

A pink cake with raspberries and flowers on top.
Photo Credit: The Whisking Wolf.

The Raspberriest Raspberry Cheesecake recipe on the planet is right here. Creamy smooth and infused with pureed raspberries this queen of cheesecakes has a crown of fresh raspberries and a buttery graham cracker crust.

Get the recipe: Raspberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Crunch Cake

A slice of strawberry cake on a plate with a gold fork.
Photo Credit: Desserts and Drinks.

This Strawberry Crunch Cake is a party! Sweet, fluffy strawberry cake topped with creamy vanilla buttercream and a strawberry crunch topping that adds the best texture and flavor.

Get the recipe: Strawberry Crunch Cake

Strawberry Shortcut Cake

A slice of strawberry cake on a plate with a fork.
Photo Credit: The Curly Spoon.

This strawberry shortcut cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream frosting is an easy dessert that can be made in no time. The sweet strawberry filling is what makes this shortcut cake so moist and a must try!

Get the recipe: Strawberry Shortcut Cake

Chocolate Ricotta Cheesecake

A slice of chocolate cheesecake with strawberries and raspberries.
Photo Credit: Sweet Fix Baker.

This cheesecake is super creamy and moist, with a deep chocolate flavor. It’s spongier than your normal cheesecake due to the ricotta, and it has a special, different and amazing flavor!

Get the recipe: Chocolate Ricotta Cheesecake

No-Bake Red Velvet Cheesecake

A red and white cheesecake on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Sweet Fix Baker.

This creamy and luscious Red Velvet Cheesecake is a no-bake recipe -which means no oven and no water bath- with a crunchy chocolate cookie crust and whipped cream to top.

Get the recipe: No-Bake Red Velvet Cheesecake

Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake

A chocolate cake on a wooden plate with a slice taken out.
Photo Credit: The Curly Spoon.

This easy chocolate fudge cake is the perfect dessert to satisfy your chocolate craving – it’s rich, moist, and absolutely delicious!

Get the recipe: Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake

Dulce de Leche Lava Cake

A dessert on a black plate with powdered sugar.
Photo Credit: Chocolates and Chai.

Get ready for an absolutely incredible, decadent, and delicious individual sized chocolate and dulce de leche treat– this epic Dulce de Leche Lava Cake! A scrumptious chocolate and sweet caramel dulce de leche cake with a runny, creamy, chocolate caramel-like center that looks like it was crafted at a 5 star restaurant!

Get the recipe: Dulce de Leche Lava Cake

Cottage Cheese Cheesecake

A slice of cake with strawberry sauce on a pink plate.
Photo Credit: Chocolates and Chai.

Cottage cheese cheesecake is your standard cream cheese cheesecake’s healthier cousin, but you wouldn’t know it if I didn’t tell you. Not only does this cottage cheese cake look great, it tastes fantastic, too, with lots of easy options to dress up with flavours.

Get the recipe: Cottage Cheese Cheesecake

Strawberries and Cream Crepe Cake

Strawberry crepe cake with whipped cream and strawberries on a cake stand.
Photo Credit: Broken Oven Baking.

Imagine biting into soft crepes layered with a fluffy cream cheese filling and fresh, sliced strawberries. Better yet, do it in real life in about an hour! That’s all the time it takes to whip up this delicious cake, and it’s much easier than it looks!

Get the recipe: Strawberries and Cream Crepe Cake

Strawberry & Honey Valentine Cake

A cake with strawberries and whipped cream on a table.
Photo Credit: Lil Cupcake Monkey.

The cake is a honey cake and pistachio cake and lightly rose scented whipped cream clouds and fresh strawberries. Gold edible glitter and honey to jazz up the strawberries and make it more fun.

Get the recipe: Strawberry & Honey Valentine Cake

Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

A chocolate bundt cake with raspberries on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Cooking with Curls.

This Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake is tender, moist, insanely delicious and has a Chambord-infused ganache!

Get the recipe: Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

Raspberry White Chocolate Bundt Cake

A bundt cake with icing and raspberries.
Photo Credit: Savor the Spoonful.

This raspberry white chocolate bundt cake is gluten-free and dairy-free. It is filled with white chocolate chips, fresh raspberries, and raspberry jam swirled in the center. The white chocolate ganache on top adds the best flavor! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, too.

Get the recipe: Raspberry White Chocolate Bundt Cake

Crepe Cake

A stack of crepes with whipped cream and berries on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Pinch and Swirl.

Crepe Cake combines everything cherished about traditional crepes, transforming them into a distinctive and alluring dessert. Imagine layers of delicate crepes, each one spread with creamy whipped cream frosting, stacked high to create a visually striking centerpiece for your table.

Get the recipe: Crepe Cake

Champagne Cheesecake

A slice of cheesecake on a plate next to a glass of wine.
Photo Credit: Plant Power Couple.

Champagne Cheesecake is an easy, no-bake dessert combining the classic flavors of cheesecake and a glass of bubbly. These decadent little desserts are the perfect way to turn any ordinary dinner into a celebration of delicious proportions!

Get the recipe: Champagne Cheesecake

Strawberry Jam Cake

A slice of strawberry cake on a plate with a fork.
Photo Credit: Savor the Best.

Strawberry jam cake is sweet and fruity, with the prettiest shade of pink! Strawberry jam blended into the cake batter adds a deep strawberry flavor to the moist and tender cake, and a strawberry cream cheese frosting is the sweet and creamy finishing touch. 

Get the recipe: Strawberry Jam Cake

Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Sheet Cake

A slice of red velvet cake with strawberries and icing.
Photo Credit: In the Kitch.

This Valentine’s Day sheet cake with the colors of love is quick and easy yet looks amazing! If you’re bringing Valentine’s Day treats for the classroom or elsewhere, this portable cake is perfect as it can be cut into 12 to 20 slices.

Get the recipe: Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Sheet Cake

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Cherry cheesecakes on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Dish n the Kitchen.

Perfectly sized, perfectly sweet, perfectly decadent Mini Cherry Cheesecakes are the perfect after dinner dessert. These bite size desserts are easy to make ahead and freeze well.

Get the recipe: Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

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