Your kitchen counters should be a space for cooking and gathering, not a storage unit for every gadget, spice, and unread mail that finds its way home. With daily use, it’s no surprise these surfaces quickly become cluttered catch-alls. To help you keep your kitchen organized and functional, we’ve gathered expert tips on the items that really shouldn’t live on your countertops. Ready to clear the clutter? Here’s how to keep your kitchen space neat and welcoming.

Bright kitchen interior with green cabinetry and marble countertop, free from things not to keep on the kitchen counter.
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Cooking Oils

Olive oil being poured into a glass on a wooden table.
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Keeping cooking oils on the counter can lead to quicker degradation of their quality due to exposure to light and heat. It’s best to store them in a cool, dark place to maintain their freshness and nutritional value. Plus, a clutter-free counter offers more space for meal prep and keeps your kitchen looking tidy.


An open cookbook on a kitchen counter with a wooden spoon nearby, suggesting a cooking session in progress.
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While it might be tempting to display your favorite cookbooks on the counter, this can actually cause them to wear out faster from spills, splatters, and exposure to cooking vapors. Store them on a shelf or in a cabinet to keep them clean and in good condition.

Phone Chargers

Smartphone charging with a white cable plugged into a wall outlet.
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Chargers can easily become tangled and take up valuable space on your kitchen counter. More importantly, having electronic devices near water sources and cooking areas poses a safety risk. Designate a charging station away from the kitchen to keep your counters clear and your electronics safe.

Cleaning Products

A basket of cleaning supplies on a kitchen counter.
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Storing cleaning products on the counter can lead to accidental contamination of food surfaces and utensils. It’s safer and more hygienic to keep these items under the sink or in a designated storage area.

Mugs and Glasses

Various types of clean, empty glassware arranged on a shelf.
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While having mugs and glasses at hand might seem convenient, storing them on the counter can lead to dust accumulation and accidental breakages. Keeping them in cabinets protects them from contaminants and frees up space on your counter for cooking and food preparation.

Piles of Paper

Stack of neatly organized paper documents with a high-key lighting effect.
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Papers, mail, and receipts can quickly clutter your kitchen counter, making it hard to find what you need and reducing your available workspace. Storing these items in a designated spot or organizer keeps your counter functional and tidy, and helps reduce the stress of misplaced important documents.

Unused Small Appliances

Various kitchen appliances lined up on a white countertop against a white wall.
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Small appliances that aren’t used daily, like mixers or blenders, take up valuable counter space and collect dust. Store them in cabinets or on shelves to keep your counters ready for immediate use and make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting.


A variety of kitchen knives magnetically attached to a wall-mounted knife rack.
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While having knives within reach might seem convenient, storing them on the counter in a bulky knife block can be unsafe, especially in households with children or pets. Opt for drawer storage instead for your knife set.

Cooking Utensils

Various kitchen utensils and cookware on a countertop, including a pot, saucepan, mixing bowl, and kitchen tools.
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Similar to knives, cooking utensils can clutter your workspace if left out on the counter and being constantly exposed, they can accumulate dust and grease when you go to use them. Storing them in drawers is a better option if you have the room.

Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting board on a linen napkin with eucalyptus leaves on a white background.
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Cutting boards are essential, but when not in use, they take up valuable counter space. Unless it’s a gorgeous wooden board that makes an artistic statement in your kitchen, storing them on their side in a cabinet or a designated rack keeps them out of the way and makes your countertops appear larger.


Five spice jars with labeled contents including basil, turmeric, oregano, paprika, and allspice on a kitchen counter.
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Spices stored on the counter can lose their flavor faster due to exposure to heat, light, and moisture. Keeping them in a cool, dark cabinet helps preserve their quality and extends their shelf life.

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