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Sweet Potato Fritter Breakfast Sandwiches

These open faced sweet potato fritter breakfast sandwiches are the perfect way to start your day. With a soft boiled egg on top of a crispy fritter bottom, you won’t be missing the pancakes.

*Thanks to Jones Dairy Farm for sponsoring this post. All content and opinions are my own.

I’ve read all the tips and tricks ever documented about the best way to peel a hardboiled egg and you want to know something?

They’re all complete BS.

Freshness of the eggs, vinegar or baking soda in the water, peeling it with a glass of water, ice baths, poking holes in the bottom of the egg, start the eggs in boiling water…I’ve literally tried them all. Sometimes they work, just as many times they don’t.

Even worse than peeling a hardboiled egg though is trying to peel a softboiled egg. And of course who wouldn’t rather eat a softboiled egg than a hardboiled one? I mean, duh, runny yolk for the win always.

Sweet Potato Fritter Breakfast Sandwich

The thing about soft-boiled eggs is if that shell isn’t coming off easily it’s like a million times easier to rip the white and then pierce into the yolk and all that runny deliciousness on the inside is ruined.

If you look closely at the whites on these eggs you’ll see it was one of those times where the whole peeling part didn’t exactly go too well considering the exterior looks like craters on a hormonal 14 year old boy’s face.

Luckily the yolk stayed put for it’s glamour shot on top of these sweet potato fritters with some pan fried Jones Dairy Farm Canadian bacon this time though.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Fritter Sandwiches

If you’re looking for a new savory breakfast idea, this is it.

The bottom is a crispy sweet potato cornmeal fritter that gets topped with a slice (or two! if you’re hungry) of Canadian bacon and finished with a perfect soft-boiled egg. It’s the new best breakfast sandwich out there.

**Find the recipe for these Sweet Potato Fritter Breakfast Sandwiches on Jones Dairy Farm’s website.**

Alexis John

Friday 2nd of October 2015

Oh, this looks so interesting and delicious. I`ll try it definitely and my biggest judges will be my kids, but I know they will love it. I wonder if I add some smoked cheese. Will it be ok?

Running to the Kitchen

Sunday 4th of October 2015

Definitely! Go for it :)


Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

This looks delicious!!! Great breakfast idea. Do you know egg in the glas. Also delicious. ????

Early Long Run - fANNEtastic food | Washington D.C. area Registered Dietitian | Recipes + Healthy Living + Fitness

Friday 18th of September 2015

[…] Sweet Potato Fritter Breakfast Sandwiches – via Running to the Kitchen […]

Patricia @ Grab a Plate

Tuesday 15th of September 2015

I'm with you on calling BS on the hard boiled egg thing! Ha! This looks amazing! I love the sweet potato fritter with the egg, and of course the Jones Dairy Farm Canadian bacon. Yum!

Chrissa - Physical Kitchness

Monday 14th of September 2015

YUM! I love Canadian bacon on pretty much everything. But this is like major egg/CB food porn. I need to make these! The combo you've created is brilliant!