Your kitchen pantry holds more secrets than you might think. Everyday items like vinegar, baking soda, and even old tea bags can do much more than flavor your food. From clever cleaning hacks to savvy home remedies, learn about the surprising uses for these common kitchen staples that go beyond the usual cooking duties.

Hand pouring sauce from a spoon into a frying pan over a stove, with chopped vegetables and a bowl nearby in a kitchen.
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Baking Soda – Cleaning Agent

A bottle of vinegar and a jar of baking soda labeled respectively, positioned next to a sponge and scrub brush on a wooden surface.
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Unleash the power of baking soda in your home! It’s perfect for scrubbing away tough stains, polishing silver to a mirror shine, and keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh without harsh chemicals.

Vinegar – Weed Killer

Weeds growing between the patterned paving stones in sunlight.
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Ditch the toxins and grab some vinegar to tackle those pesky weeds. Just a splash can wilt them away, making your garden and walkways look pristine while being eco-friendly.

Cornstarch – Window Cleaner

A person cleaning a window using a yellow cloth, with a sunny garden visible outside.
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Turn cornstarch into your window’s best friend. Mix it with water for a cheap, streak-free solution that’ll leave your windows so clear, you’ll forget they’re there!

Lemons – Sanitizer

A group of lemons cut in half.
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Lemon isn’t just for water or tea; use it to naturally sanitize and deodorize cutting boards and countertops. Its fresh scent and antibacterial properties make it a kitchen must-have.

Olive Oil – Furniture Polish

A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a white blouse, smiles while wiping a wooden table with a yellow cloth.
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Give your furniture a treat with some olive oil. It not only cleans but also conditions wood, leaving a healthy glow that commercial polishes can’t match. Plus, it’s all-natural!

Coffee Grounds – Fridge Deodorizers

Woman plugging her nose from bad smelling food.
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Before you toss those used coffee grounds, place them in your fridge as a natural deodorizer. They’ll neutralize odors and keep your fridge smelling as fresh as morning brew.

Rice – Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Man grinding coffee beans with an electric grinder in a kitchen setting.
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Clean your coffee grinder with rice! Grinding a handful can clear out old coffee residues and oils, ensuring your next batch tastes fresh and pure.

Sugar – Flower Preservative

A vibrant bouquet of multicolored freesia flowers in full bloom against a soft green background.
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Keep your blooms brighter, longer with a pinch of sugar in their water. It feeds the flowers just enough to perk them up and extend their vase life.

Salt – Grease Fire Extinguisher

A wooden bowl filled with salt and a scoop on a concrete surface.
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Keep a jar of salt near your stove as a safety hack. In the heat of the moment, it can smother a grease fire fast, making it a kitchen safety essential.

Tea Bags – Mirror Cleaner

Two tea bags on a wooden table with a cup of tea in the background, in a softly lit environment.
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Brew a second life for used tea bags by using them to clean your mirrors. The natural tannins help remove dirt and grime, leaving a streak-free shine that’s simply brilliant.

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